10 Best YouTube Tag Generator Tools To Boost Ranking/Views

We have gathered top and popular YouTube tag generator tools for your YouTube videos. This will help you to generate tags for YouTube videos within few seconds without costing you a single penny.

In case, if you are  new to YouTube/an experienced YouTuber you must have best YouTube tag generator tools to tag for your YouTube videos. However, this tags will help you to get more and more views to your uploaded video.

As we have combined and showcased the best YouTube tag generator tools at one place to safeguard you from many relative searches.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


What Are YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags are the keywords that we insert into the description box of the YouTube video while uploading videos. These tags are the part of YouTube metadata all along with title and video description.

For proper YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tags are essential thing. As YouTube is unable to read your YouTube video, the tags, meta description plays as an important role to specify what is your video about.

Depending on the tags that you have put in your description box, YouTube will rank your video. However, the views also plays a major role to rank your video.

The YouTube tags are phrases that are helpful for providing YouTube and Google what the video is about. However, the YouTube tags are priority ranking factor in search algorithm of YouTube. The YouTube tags will help you to rank your targeted keyword. If the viewers are watching a related video to your tags then your video will show up on the sidebar area of the YouTube.

Note: If you are very good at SEO (tags and other) but if your video is not so interesting then your video surely sucks and will not rank good. So along with using SEO tactics, you have to make video interesting. Because number of views will make the video to show up in the recommended videos.

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Why YouTube Tags Are Important?

The tags gives an opportunity to give information about the video like category, video topic is about, to associate with the relative content videos, overall amplifies your video search.  YouTube are more prominent one as this will help YouTube to grasp your Video’s context and content.

Best Practice To Use YouTube Tags

Here you will know about how to use YouTube tags to rank higher or to show in the recommended videos list in the YouTube side bar. Read more to know more about the best practices of the usage of YouTube tags.

First Tag

While focusing on the YouTube SEO, especially YouTube focuses on the top first few tags of your video. So, you have to use the first keyword which is more appropriate to your video (the video is about or keyword you want to rank).

Use Focused And Broad Tags

We all know that the focused tags are important for your YouTube video. For example, focused tag is “how to start a YouTube channel”.

It is important to broad tags to help YouTube to know the context of your YouTube video. For example, your video is about and primary keyword is “how to start a YouTube channel”. You have to use the variations like YouTube channel, YouTube channel creation, and so on.

Don’t Use More Tags

You should not use more tags as that will cause confusion in raking or recommending your YouTube video. Use only few tags approximately less than 10 tags that are relative to your video for focusing on the targeted viewers.

Use 2 – 3 Word Tags

Most of the time use 2 – 3 words tags that is optimal range as most of the people uses that range of words.

It is not compulsory to use 2 – 3 words but instead of single word tags use 2 -3 words tags for better ranking / in the list of recommendation videos.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

To find the keywords/tags for your YouTube videos we have gathered all the top YouTube tag generator tools at one place. As we have used the tag generator tools manually and given you all the details for your quick reference of the tool. After going through the content pick one of the YouTube tag generator tools and get your required tags for your videos.

1. SEO Chat

This is one of the best YouTube tag generator tools as this gives you lot of tags that you can use for your video. It gives you more than 100+ resulted tags.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  • This has the export option to download and view the results on your desktop as a document.
  • It has run part 2 bulk suggest and run part 3 bulk suggest to get even more relative searches.
  • You can view almost 100 results in a page. However, for 3 searches at the most you can get 300 tags.
  • You can opt dual tag generators like YouTube and Google or YouTube, Bing, Google, Amazon or only YouTube. This will provide you variant results.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

Website Url: https://tools.seochat.com/tools/suggest-tool

More Tags Generator Tools For: Google, Bing, Amazon

2. Keyword Tool

This is a simple interface that help to get tags for your YouTube video. The best thing is that there is no need of any sign up. If you are not sure about the keyword, just type what is your video content about in relative searches you can get the exact tags for your video.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  • You can search tags for not only YouTube but also for other platforms like instagram, twotter, and so on.
  • It helps to confine your search to location and language.
  • This has the filter results option to get the required tags list.
  • You can also use negative keywords option to exclude some of the results.
  • It also has questions, prepositions, and hashtags options that you can search using this tool.
  • You have to select the keyword with a up-tick and the picked keywords can be exported to your desktop.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

Website URL: https://keywordtool.io/youtube

More Tags Generator Tools For: Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play store, Instagram, and Twitter.

3. Tags YouTube

This is a simple interface with unique YouTube tag generator tools. This is variant from other as this is precisely for YouTube but you will get few other tags which are felt as useless. The top rated tags are shown on the top of the results and going down the less important tags are given.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  • On giving the keyword on the provided space and clicking on the get tags option. you will get all the tags related to YouTube according to the input keywords.
  • The best thing is that you can click on the list of the tags to get it into box of selected tags for the sake of filtering.
  • So, finally go through the selected tags whether every tag is perfect for your YouTube video. If you want to remove any of the tag from the list, click on it to move it back to suggested tags.
  • After finalization, click on the copy tags option to move all to the finalized column.
  • You have an copy option in the finalized tags as copy tags, click on it and paste into your word documents for saving the tags.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

Website URL: https://tagsyoutube.com/home

More Tags Generator Tools For: No (But tile and description generators)

4. Rapid Tags

It is one of the best YouTube tag generator tools as this provides the few possible relevant tags according to the search keyword. There is no need of registration and there are no pop – up ads while using this tag generator.


  • On searching for the keyword, you will get few results less than 20.
  • Click on the cross mark (X) to delete the tag from the list
  • If you want to make word changes on the tag, click on edit button and enter or remove words.
  • After everything is done, click on the copy button to save them in the notepad/word document.
  • This has other tools like tag analyzer which helps to know the traffic for the given keyword, engagement, and channels relating to this keyword.
  • The search ranker help to view the video search rankings. You have to paste your YouTube video link to use this feature.
  • In Demonetization tool, you have to place your video link and the tool suggests the common words that causes demonetization.

Website URL: https://rapidtags.io/generator/

More Tags Generator Tools For: No (Tag analyzer, search ranker, remonetizer)

5. KParser

This is one of the complete package tool for YouTube tag generator tools. You can search using advanced filters and option to get the tags that are suitable to your YouTube video.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  • You can make your search unique and complete on selecting the location and language.
  • Go to advanced settings to make your search more refined on selecting additions, scan depth, include, and exclude words.
  • On the left of the resulted tags, you can see the one word with number to present how many words are related to it. Click on the word to see all the related tags to the word at one place.
  • You can see the tags and their Kparser rank for free. To view search volume and cpc you have to take Kparser pro version.

Website URL: https://app.kparser.com/#/

More Tags Generator Tools For: Google, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, Yandex, Google play, Fotolia, Fever.

6. Keyword Keg

The keyword keg is one of the best YouTube tag generator tools as this help to filter search according to country and language.


  • You can use the strict mode to enable to show the results that exactly matches the keyword.
  • There are options to select the country – for focusing on specific location, you can search for variant API’s like google, twitter, ask amazon, and so on.
  • You can select the result types as alphabetical, questions, product info, and so on to refine the search results.
  • This shows the first three results for free with all the details like keyword power, SEO difficulty, off – page difficulty, on – page difficulty, value, comp, cpc, and volume of search. To view more you have to purchase a plan.
  • You copy only the tags or both tags and metrics to save to your word document.
  • In case, you can also use the export option to save the file in the form of CSV, excel, and PDF.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

Website URL: https://app.keywordkeg.com/

More Tags Generator Tools For: Twitter, Bing, Ask, eBay, Play store, amazon, Alibaba, yahoo.

7. Uber Suggest

This help you to search tags for your YouTube video along with the CPC of the tags. There are many other features that will help you to pick the appropriate tags to your YouTube video to rank higher.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  • You can enter the keyword along with the location (Your targeted audience).
  • Here, you will get information like search volume, SEO difficulty, cost difficulty, and CPC (cost per click).
  • For each tag you can in-detail about the volume of search, CPC, PD (Estimated competition in paid search), and SD (estimated competition in organic search).
  • When you click on a particular tag result, you will get overview of that tag in the search engine’s like estimated visits, social shares, and Google serp.
  • You can export the analytics of particular tag / keyword or whole research keywords with the button export to CSV. You can copy to clipboard a particular tag.

Website URL: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

More Tags Generator Tools For: No (But the same tool is useful for all)

8. Keyword Tool Dominator

It has the unique interface to get the tags for your YouTube videos. This is the best tool for beginners and free to use without requiring any sign up.


  • You have to enter the keyword in the given field and click on enter / search button.
  • But the issue with this tag generator tool is that this gives only 3 searches per for free without any signup.
  • You can see the number of the tags that have been generated from the search.
  • The rank and keyword tags are given and you have to uptick the selected keywords.
  • After completion of all selected keywords, click on ass selected to your keyword list.
  • From the your keyword list column, click on download selected keywords.
  • Under keyword tools section, you can see Esty, Bing, Google shopping, eBay, and Amazon keyword tools.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

Website URL: https://www.keywordtooldominator.com/k/youtube-keyword-tool

More Tags Generator Tools For: Google, Bing, Google autocomplete, Amazon, eBay, and Esty.

9.  Search Prints

The search prints YouTube tags generator tool is the simple tool for generating tags for your required keyword. This is not the accurate one with all the fine results but help you to get some YouTube tags.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  •  You have to initially enter the keyword into the given field and click on enter button for search.
  • Next, you can see many results that are relative to your given keyword.
  • The lowest search volume, highest search volume, adwords competition, cpc, updated at results are given for some of the resulted tags but not for all.
  • Under tools section, you can see many other tolls and tag generators for Google, Bing, and so on.

Website URL: https://searchsprints.com/youtube

More Tags Generator Tools For: ASO, Bing, eBay, Google, Amazon, and Google play.

10. YTube Tool

This is variant from above all YouTube tags generator tools as this generates tags with the help of the YouTube video URL.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools


  • You copy the video link and click on the find the tags option to generate tags .
  • If you have done a video and want to know tags of the highest watched video of the similar category to add those tags to your video then this tool will surely help you out.
  • This will extract the tags that have been used in the video.
  • Under tools, you can see tools that are useful for YouTube thumbnails, description, and title.
  • You can click on the copy the tags for YouTube option to save it to your notepad/ directly use them in your video.

YouTube Tag Generator Tools

Website URL: http://ytubetool.com/

More Tags Generator Tool For: YouTube title and descriptions, and YouTube thumbnails

Wrapping YouTube Tag Generator Tools

The best YouTube tag generator tools are gathered and we have checked them manually. If you still have any queries regarding their usage or any other, please feel free to place them in the comment section.

As manually getting the tags without using a tool is impossible to do and so i have come up with an innovative tools that helps you to get the tags for your videos.

However, these tags are not the primary thing to rank, several other factors like views also plays a major role. If you know in – detail about how to use these tags, the rest of all will be a cake walk to you.

We hope that you had picked your favorite tool from the list. If you know any other best YouTube tag generator tools other than above list, let us know in the comment section. Always sharing thoughts and information will acknowledge others which may useful for them in some way.

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