Young Justice Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Episodes, and Plot

Young Justice is an American animated TV series developed for Cartoon Network in 2010 for the first season.In 2013, after two seasons, Young Justice was canceled,and we didn’t hear about it until now. Warner Bros has announced this year that there would be a third season that is Young Justice: Outsiders. Here is everything we know about the third season of the show.

Young Justice Season 3: Release Date

The love of the fans for the series is the reason that we will get to watch another season of Young Justice. Young Justice: Outsider will release some time in 2019 on the DC Universe Streaming service. The trailer and poster of the series are already out,and we can’t keep calm about the news.

Young Justice Season 3: Trailer

The five-minutetrailer begins with a little recap of the previous story and then start off the with the development of the story for this season. The team will be united once again and will face a significantchallenge to stop the meta-human trafficking in Markovia.

Young Justice Season 3: Cast

You can watch all the main characters in the trailer,include Static, Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, with some new characters Thirteen, Arrowette, Arsenal, and Beast Boy.

Young Justice Season 3: Episodes

‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ could be the flagship series of DC’s streaming service. The third seasonof Young Justice will have a total of26 episodeswhich hopefully lead to next few seasons to add up in the series.

Young Justice: Plot

For those, who haven’t watched the show, there are massive spoilers ahead.

Young Justice follows the lives of teenage superheroesgroup, Young Justice. In the first season, these young superheroes got to form their team to run secret missions for the Justice League. They were trained by the senior superheroes and frequently clashes with the supervillains. The twist comes when it is known that there is a traitor in the team and is also a member of the Light (the main supervillain). With the apparent clash and fight, we get our dose of entertainment right.

The Season 2 of Young Justice set five years later from the first one,but the story is somewhat connected with the first season.The alien force attempts to takeover the earth with the hostiles (some of the Justice League members). Though the invasion becomes unsuccessful, the people’s faith transfers to Reach (an alien race that is allies of the Light and secretly looking to conquer the earth). The season ends with lots of fight and Young Justice saving the world once again.

The Season 3 sure seems like a long wait, but we are still happy and excited that the there is a next season at all.

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