What Languages Does Alexa Speak?

What Languages Does Alexa Speak

Homes that are bilingual and not English-speaking should have smart home devices, too. This is why Alexa keeps adding new languages and multilingual support for its range of Echo smart speakers.

The article below will find out the different languages Alexa can support, as well as how you can change the languages of your Echo and how to use Alexa’s dual mode.

What Languages Does Alexa Speak?

Alexa is currently proficient in nine languages, however only two languages are supported in all countries. The Echo could also support one specific dialect from English, Spanish, or French.

EnglishUS, UK, Canada, Australia, India
SpanishUS, Spain, Mexico
FrenchFrance, Canada

You are able to select any of these dialects and languages no matter where you are. But only the local spoken dialects and languages that are supported within your region will work in conjunction with the other Alexa features.

In the United States, only US English and US Spanish are supported fully.

Making sure you choose the correct dialect can help Alexa comprehend words with different spellings (like aluminium and the term “to schedule” for instance in English). Alexa can even alter its behavior according to the dialect you choose to set.

Dialects can also help Alexa identify slang and regional thematic variations.

In UK English You take a vacation. In the US we take a vacation. Alexa should be aware of the distinction.

How to Change Alexa’s Language

It is recommended to select a language at the time you set up your Echo. Once you’ve done that, you’re able to alter to another language at any point using the following instructions.

You should be able to switch the language by using voice commands, such as “Alexa, speak Spanish.” However, these aren’t working to do anything other than switching the between the two modes.

Instead, we’ll make use of the Alexa smartphone application instead.

  1. Start your Alexa application on your phone.
  2. Go to the Devices Tab.
  3. Choose your Echo & Alexa option from the grid that is located at near the top.
  4. Choose the Echo device on which you would like to change the language.
  5. Click the cog icon on the upper right hand corner to launch your Device Settings page.
  6. Select the language option. It is possible that you need to scroll to the bottom to view it.
  7. Choose the language you wish to use.

If you’re looking to pick a language, it’s recommended to pick one from the Supported Languages list at the top of the page.

The languages that are supported will differ depending on the country you’re in. In the most cases you’ll have four languages or languages pairs to select from.

Alexa Bilingual Mode

Bilingual mode lets Alexa to speak two languages at the same time. Your Echo can even react in the same dialect as your individual’s request.

This is a great option in homes where no one has an identical language. If you’re trying to learn a new language, however it can be difficult trying to achieve Alexa to communicate to your native language in a non-native.

You can set Alexa in bilingual mode by using an instruction like “Alexa, speak English and Spanish.” Alexa will then ask you to turn all of your devices into bilingual mode, or only the one you’re talking to.

Alternately, you can enable the bilingual mode by choosing one of the dual-language choices when you set the language of your device. For instance, English/Espanol will set Echo to be able to comprehend and speak simultaneously in English as well as Spanish.

The app lets you select bilingual mode for only one device at a given period of time. It’s best to use voice commands when you can.

The first language of the bilingual selection will be the language of choice. In other words, if you choose English/Spanish, Alexa will speak Spanish unless you speak to the Spanish in English.

To disable the bilingual mode, simply inform your Echo which language you would like to switch off. Make a request like “Alexa, stop speaking Spanish.”

If it had previously spoken Spanish and English before, this can cause it to only speak English.

You can also disable the bilingual mode within the app by choosing the single language option instead of choosing one of the bilingual choices.

What’s Next?

Alexa’s wide range of languages and the ability to switch between languages is an advantage over other brands of smart speakers. Everything from executing Alexa Spotify command or the ability to add contacts on Echo is much easier with the ability to talk to the device using the preferred language.

It is expected that Amazon to add many additional languages for Alexa soon. The support for bilinguals was added in the year 2019 and the latest models have finally received an Z-Wave hub (although I’m in the waiting game for Alexa to receive Z-Wave). More languages and multilingual options are certainly coming soon.

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