What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius Radio? [2022]

What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius Radio?

Newsmax in Sirius: With the advancement of technology and the technology used for listening to music has taken on multiple forms. However certain people enjoy the radio.

In this article we will cover how to find Newsmax in Sirius Radio. Read on for more.

Newsmax on Sirius XM

Since the introduction of Newsmax on Sirius XM Radio, it has been constantly prominent for its outstanding stories from time to time. Newsmax boasts that their site has an impressive 8 million visitors each month. This is just a sign of how Newsmax radio is kept up to present with current events in the United States and how the information is delivered first to the person who is using it.

There are numerous other radio stations, Sirius radio offers many exclusive content that isn’t found in any other radio channel.

About Newsmax channel

Newsmax is owned by the entire company Newsmax Media, is a conservative news source. With more than 80 million subscribers of the news channel it’s one of the most popular news outlets across the United States. Newsmax brings you the latest news on Politics, Current Affairs, The Congress, The White House, Sports, Economics, Science and Technology, Hollywood, Finance, Health Global news and much more.

The majority of users go to Newsmax to get live updates on what’s happening in the United States. It started out as an opinion-based website and, due to its increasing popularity, it was soon was able to be a news site.

Sirius Radio

Sirius Radio is a satellite Radio as well as an streaming radio service. It is operated by Sirius XM Holdings and is based at New York City. Sirius XM is its successor.

Sirius XM streams about 69 music channels, and 65 information, entertainment and sports channels to its customers. It’s a 24 hour streaming radio channel that is ad-free and free of censorship. In addition, users can choose from a variety of genres from.

Subscription fee

In terms of the fee to subscribe to Sirius XM Radio, there are several plans that we can choose based on the plans we prefer.

  1. Get the SXM app (Streaming Platinum) For $1 for 3 months and after that it’s $10.99/month
  2. SXM App + Car (Music and Entertainment) $3 for 3 months. After that it’s $17.99/month
  3. SXM App and Car (Platinum) for $3 for 3 months following which it’s $22.99/month

Click here for more details about the plans.

In addition to the plan mentioned You can also pick one of the many options such as inside your car For Business, Shop Radios, and many more. To know about the specifics, visit this link and then click on the subscription option on above. You’ll find a wide selection in the selection of which you can select the one you prefer.

Features of Sirius XM Radio

If you’re working or engaged in other daily tasks it’s still possible to spend some of time on the radio without having to spend hours in front of the television for entertainment.

These are some of the features available on Sirius XM.

  • Enjoy endless hours of music without commercial interruption
  • Timely podcast updates
  • Live updates on the most important games
  • Pieces of entertainment and other bits
  • Comedy shows
  • The ability to rewind or stop the live radio
  • You will receive personalized service based on the subscription you have chosen
  • Create playlists of your own according to your interests
  • Thumbs up and down to customize your Sirius radio account.
  • The ability to alter your music playlist to suit different situations such as workouts or great mood, party moods and many more.

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What Channel is Newsmax on Sirius?

You now know that you can get access to Newsmax via Sirius XM let’s find out the channel streamed. You can tune in at Sirius XM 125 (Patriot) to find Newsmax. Every single show you watch via this cable Newsmax network can be heard every single one the shows through Newsmax Radio too. In the newsroom, listeners also receive exclusive talk shows for an additional fee.

Pick a plan based on your preference from the many plans that are available. Then, start playing Newsmax radio while travelling or on a business journey.


The presence of Newsmax on Sirius Radio has made many people’s lives much simpler. Also, you don’t have to be in one location to be able to access the content via your Newsmax cable service. You can listen to Newsmax radio while on the move.


Is Newsmax on Sirius Radio?

Many people are shocked and ask whether Newsmax for Sirius Radio is accurate, the answer is yes. So you can listen to Newsmax on Sirius XM. Newsmax channel on Sirius XM on the channel Sirius XM 125 (Patriot).

The difference in Sirius, XM, and Sirius XM?

Don’t get confused by these three media. In the case of Sirius then only Sirius packages are available. To use Sirius XM radio, Sirius XM packages are available to purchase. Similar to XM radio only XM packages are activated.

To find out which car that you drive is compatible the radio, go to this page.

Is Sirius XM Radio free?

Since it’s a radio station that is subscription-based You can avail an trial period of free of 3 months. Choose from the available plans and you’ll get an unlimited trial that is free.

It is important to end your subscription prior to the due date in order to save the next month’s costs.

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