What Western people think about Indian Film Industry?

With the advent of internet and all, the Indian cinema has improved its reach worldwide. Now the people from other countries especially from the western started watching Indian movies. They were doing it earlier too but our movies were not being released worldwide in the past time, but now the scenario has been completely changed.

The foreign directors have admitted that Indian actors have the potential to prove themselves. They just need a right platform for it. In the recent time we have seen that many actors started working in foreign films which is a great sign. We feel proud when a movie wins lots of Oscars in different categories.

priyanka chopra in quantico (1)

The movie name was Slumdog Millionaire. Most of the actors in this film were Indian and Indian Singer A R Rahman won the Oscar award. IT’s was an amazing thing. There are many Indians in the western cinema who are doing great and moving the head up of its country and ours tool.


deepika paducone in fast n furious 8 (1)

These things show that how the people from other courtiers think about us. They are getting positive vibes from the Indian cinema.  Having the Indian actors in western films prove that the directors accept that Indians can also work in foreign movies. As well as many Indian movies are being loved by the western countries’ people. They love our songs and sings them, dance on them in live shows. It’s a great sing for shining india.

We should make it sure that It will never end and we will increase the respect of India and its people around the world and each one from foreign countries will accept the Indian talent.  It’s a starting only, we need to do hard work to go ahead in this way.

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