Weakest to Strongest Gods of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super

Sidra and Mojito

The Gods of Destruction are also known as the Destroyers, these are the deities which are destroying races, planets, and threats which will risk up the development of universes. Gods of Destruction are completely different from the Gods of Creation. There were total 18 gods of destruction and angels but now only twelve are remaining. Today we are here going to rate these Gods of Destruction from weakest to the strongest one which based upon the reviews and watching.

1. Quitela

Quitela - – Dragon Ball Super

It is the God of Destruction from Universe 4 which is accompanied by his martial arts teacher and attendant known as Cognac. He is termed as the weakest one because he sends different spies for gathering information of other universes and collect different options like about their progress, warriors etc. He also seemed as the scared one as he manipulates other creatures for leading Universe 7 towards the disqualification.

2. Sidra

Sidra and Mojito

He is from Universe 9 and known as the God of Destruction of that universe who is accompanied by his teacher and attendant Mojito. He is termed as the weak one because in previous battle it was said that Sidra is more powerful than Frieza and can destroy him but he was unable to even harm Golden Frieza which shows that he is weak.

3. Rumsshi

Rumsshi Dragon Ball Super

Rumsshi is known as the God of destruction belonged to Universe 10 who is partnered by his martial art teacher named as Cus. He is one of the lazy god who always wanted to be praised and is not interested in destroying any planet as according to him it needs lots of effort and pain.

4. Arack

Arack – Dragon ball Super

Arack is the God of destruction of universe 5 and is being partnered by his teacher and deed named as Cukatail. Well, his powers are not  depictable but it has been seen in a friendly fight between Arack, Iwne, and Liquiir that they all are almost equally strong because no one wins or lose the match.

5. Iwne

IwenA - Dragon ball Super

Another name which comes in this list is of Iwne who is known as the God of Destruction of Universe 1 which is being partnered by his martial arts teacher named Awamo. As already mentioned he has also seemed in the fighting with Arack and Liquiir in a friendly match where it is impossible to conclude which one is stronger and which one is weak. They all three shows almost the same power.

6. Liquiir

Liquiir – Dragon Ball Super

Liquiir is known as the God of Destruction for the Universe 8 who is partnered by his teacher Korn. There is not much to say about him as he does not get indulged in any non-obvious activities. He last was seen in the fight with Iwne and Arack where he shows is power pretty well and do not allow anyone to win.

7. Mosco

Mosco – Dragon Ball Super

He is the another God of Destruction of the Universe 3 which is accompanied by his martial arts teacher and partner Campari. He is a peaceful god and does not found in any grudge against universe 7 like his other companions. He is a powerful god who participated in the Tournament of Power and scores very good.

8. Helles

Helles – Dragon Ball Super

Helles is one of the strong God of Destruction of Universe 2. Her martial arts teacher known as Sour accompanies her in every situation. She is the one who destroys everything which she found unpleasant or ugly. The universe 2 is the one which is having second highest mortal level among all eight universes which participated in the Tournament of Power.

9. Champa

Champa – Dragon Ball Super

Champa is known as the God of Destruction of Universe 6 and is partnered by his martial arts teacher named as Vados. According to his teacher, he is a strong god than others but his twin brother Beerus is more stronger than him.

10. Beerus

Beerus – Dragon Ball Super

Beerus is the twin brother of Champa and known as the God of Destruction of Universe 7 who is partnered and accompanied by his martial arts teacher known as Whis. He is the God who has maintained his position under top 3 strong gods in the universe of Dragon Ball.

11. Belmod

Belmod – Dragon Ball Super

Belmod is the second strongest God of Destruction belongs to the universe 11 who is accompanied and partnered by his martial arts teacher named as Marcarita. He is one of the peaceful god who does not forgive or abide evils and wants to situate a good environment with peace. In the Dragon ball, it is seen that Belmod is having a good relationship with the Khai, as he is bit cruel but still belmod listen to him and asks him for the decisions.

12. Geene

Geene – Dragon Ball Super

The last and most powerful God of destruction is Geene who is from the Universe 12. Martinu who is the martial arts teacher of Geene always supports him and accompany him in every situation. He is known as one of the most competent god in the universe who has the power of giving birth to Time travel by using his mortal hands. These hands perform their job without any mercy and discrimination. He is one of the smartest god and has also defeated Beerus in a wrestling match. Geene is the one who has different skills of fighting with the smartest tricks which helps him to win any battle.

The above list is just based on the opinions and ratings you might get different Gods at different positions somewhere else which does not predict that anything is wrong.


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