Vizio TV Won’t Turn On? 7 Simple Ways [2022]

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On

A TV that isn’t turning on is about as valuable as a 50-pound weight of paper. In the event that you’re Vizio TV stopped working altogether or doesn’t come on using the remote There are a number of simple fixes that will usually will solve the issue.

In this article we’ll look at the exact you should do in the event that you’re Vizio TV won’t turn on and we’ll also discuss fixes for the TV as well as the remote.

1. Check the Power Indicator Light

Before we address the issue first, we must find out if the TV is in fact not working.

The model of your television The power light could be a rectangular shape along the bottom edge of the screen depending on the model of your TV, or it could be integrated into the name of Vizio in the lower part of the screen.

Find and then press to power on the television. This is the button, not the remote in the event that your remote is the reason for the issue.

If you hit the power button look for the power light.

  • When the light is flashing from white to orange and continues to flash for more than 2 minutes, your TV has to be checked via Vizio assistance ( solution 7 below).
  • In the event that the light turns on, but the picture isn’t displayed The issue is the display, not the power source. Solutions 2 3, 4 as well as 7, and Below are all worth considering However, you may have to reach out to Vizio Support ( solution 7 below).
  • If your light isn’t on in any way The issue is likely in your device’s source of power. Try the following solutions:s 2 3 4 and 7 below.
  • For some new Vizio models the indicator light appears transparent in the event that your TV’s power is turned off and disappears when the television comes on. In this instance you need to get in touch with Vizio support if the indicator light isn’t dimming when you press the power button ( solution7 below).
  • When the indicator light appears in normal circumstances when you press the power button on the TV, but it doesn’t light up when you use the remote, it’s likely something wrong with your remote, not the television. Try options5, 6 and 7 below.

2. Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

Most often, software problems cause your TV to not be able to turn on properly. Similar to most electronics the most efficient solution to handle these issues is to restart the system.

But, hitting the power button will not actually turn off your TV. Instead of shutting off, the TV goes into standby mode after you press the switch to turn off. This lets the TV be turned on more quickly, however, it could allow bugs in software to build up over time.

There’s a way to get the Vizio TV to reboot fully. Here’s how:

  1. Disconnect your TV’s power from your wall.
  2. Wait two minutes.
  3. Reconnect your TV and switch it on.

Did your television turn on properly following that? If not, we’ll go to another possible solution.

3. Test the Power Outlet

It is essential to ensure that your TV is getting electricity from the outlet on the wall or surge protector. You’ll require the aid of a lamps or similar devices, something mobile you can check to confirm that it is receiving the power it needs.

Unplug the TV from the wall or surge protector , and connect the lamp into its socket. Try turning the lamp on.

If this works, then the outlet is perfect. In the event that it doesn’t, try running the TV with an alternative outlet. It is also possible to examine the breaker box to determine whether the outlet’s breaker failed to turn off.

After we’ve confirmed that the outlet works then plug in the TV once more. Make sure that the cord is securely connected to the wall and to the TV panel. If you’re using a surge protector, be sure it’s switched on.

The power button is pressed on your television again. Hope that it worked. the next option is more extreme.

4. Factory Reset Your TV

In general, you can reset your Vizio TV via the menu System. But, it’s not possible to do this if your TV isn’t turning on.

Vizio TVs are able to be factory reset with no access to the TV this is exactly the procedure we’re planning to make use of.

As this is a full system reset it’s likely erase all your apps, data from applications as well as user settings. That’s the reason I highly suggest you to test the earlier methods first.

Before proceeding, make sure you’ve got your passwords and logins on hand for each of your applications. You’ll require them to be able to access your apps once the process has been completed.

The process will be difficult without a functional display. In most cases, you’ll receive an on-screen prompt that outlines the directions, however it’s possible to proceed without the visual confirmation. It could take a few attempts to find the right timing.

  1. The TV should be turned on by pressing an on-screen power button (not located on your remote). Even if your TV doesn’t start up properly it is possible that this method will be effective in the event that the panel is getting power.
  2. Hold and press the Input and Volume buttons on the TV for about 15 minutes. For the majority of Vizio models the buttons are located found on the right opposite side of the panel.
  3. Take both buttons off.
  4. Simply press while holding on the Input button until you have a further 10 seconds.
  5. Give it about one minute to determine whether the panel has reset. If not, repeat the procedure again.

After the panel has reset the panel, it is likely to be back in operation.

If the reset did not fix the issue, or you are unable to achieve the reset with no display you’re out of options that you can tackle yourself. You might need assistance by Vizio’s support staff to get the reset working.

5. Power Cycle Your Vizio Remote

The Vizio remote can need to be reset, much as the TV. If the remote won’t turn to your television, this is your first choice.

Because the remote is powered by batteries, the method is different from power cycling a TV but the fundamental concept is similar.

  1. Take the batteries off the remote.
  2. Press and hold the power button for at most 15 seconds in order to remove any remaining power remaining from the device.
  3. Replace the batteries in the remote.

Then try turning your TV with the remote. The majority of issues with connection between the remote and the TV will have been solved by this solution. If your TV doesn’t start, there’s one more option.

6. Replace the Batteries in Your Remote

It’s the obvious choice. Even if your remote’s battery recently, you might want to consider to replace them with a new set.

Vizio remotes can devour batteries very quickly, especially in the event that they have a button that were attached to something like the cushion of a sofa pressing against it. It’s possible that you’ve purchased a bad battery which didn’t have a lot of power at all.

After replacing the batteries, turn off your Vizio TV using the remote once more. If it does not work, the remote might need replacing. Before purchasing an entirely new remote you must make contact with Vizio particularly when the TV is still under warranty.

7. Contact Vizio Support

Check your warranty before you contact Vizio. The majority of Vizio TVs have a an unrestricted 1-year warranty, but this warranty is only valid for 90 days when the TV was purchased for use in commercial settings.

Vizio support offers text messaging, live online chat, as well as phone support options. Choose the one you like best and the level of service is nearly identical on all of the three.

The remote or TV may require repair or replaced. Based on the status of your warranty and the reason for the issue, the repair can range from no cost to as costly as the cost of a brand new Vizio TV.

What’s Next?

The Vizio TV can work without having a remote that works or even make use of an internet-free smart TV. But it’s not possible to use a TV that doesn’t be able to turn on.

If the fixes don’t work and Vizio assistance was ineffective It’s probably an appropriate time to look into an alternative television with a smart display as well as Android television. I’m sure that’s not something you want to hear, but I’ll try to make it as easy as it can be. Budget TVs , like Onn TV Onn Television brand are more efficient than they were in the past providing a viable option (short-term as well) for replacing your television without breaking the bank.

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