An image is worth a thousand words and that is especially true if you are trying to sell something. If you have a business or a blog, it is important to know how to attract attention. A visually appealing design might be exactly what you need if you are looking for new customers or new readers.

Use Burst By Shopify And Improve Your Projects With High Resolution Pictures

However, while a good photograph can be crucial for the marketing process, it is very difficult to find a photograph that suits your needs. Not to mention, a quality photograph can be quite expensive as well. However, stock images are another alternative. But things can get tricky here as well. While they are free, it is not easy to find something that has the subject that you need, and not all of them are appealing enough to use.

Here is where Burst by Shopify comes into the picture. Burst is a new free stock photo site that comes with plenty of royalty-free images. You can find photographs of various subjects and they are all available for free so you can use them any way you want.

How Does Burst Work?

Burst by Shopify initially looks like a photo gallery. Opening the site will allow you to search for any subject you want. You will also see the most popular searches and you can browse through various collections.

After you find a photo that you like you can simply press the download photo and it will be saved on your computer. Burst also comes with photo kits for business ideas. For example, if you were thinking about selling clothing, Burst will show you a collection of photos for this kind of business. Then you can download all the photos in the kit at the same time.

Copyright And Credit

When it comes to copyright, you should know that all the photographs can be used freely, without worrying about crediting them. Nevertheless, you can always show your gratitude to the artists. You can see the photographer for each pictures so you can always send them a short thank you message, or you can even credit the artist on your page.

The photos can be then used for any purposes. If you are thinking about using them for your business or even printing the images on shirts or other objects, you should know that you are allowed to do that. You can also use them for websites if you are a developer or if you have a blog.

The photographs can always be edited any way you want, which means that you can even add your own logo on them and distribute them. They can be used anywhere, from websites to flyers or graphics.

Additionally, if photography is your passion and you are feeling generous you can always contribute to the website. Burst is always looking for brand new pictures and you can submit yours by sending them to their email address. The photographs need to be high resolution and they should have subjects that match popular trends.

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