6 Well Defined Ways To Update A Vizio Smart TV

6 Well Defined Ways To Update A Vizio Smart TV

Vizio was once the leading manufacturer of smart TVs brand that offered a variety of smart TV models that meet the needs of all budgets. From their design and build quality to their rich viewing experience, even their basic VIZIO smart TV was able to provide everything. If you’re a fervent VIZIO customer, you’ll be able to agree.

It’s essential to upgrade your smart TV from VIZIO to the most recent version just like every other device to take advantage of the new features that come with every update. This article will cover the steps to upgrade your VIZIO Smart TV, either manually or automatically.

In addition, you’ll get to learn about the other aspects associated with VIZIO televisions that are smart. Without further delay now, let’s get to the most important part.

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What to Know Before Updating the Vizio smart TV?

The procedure for upgrading the VIZIO Smart TV is different for every model, based on the operating system it runs on, as well as its release date. So, it is essential be aware of all these features that your TV is running prior to beginning the process of updating it.

  • VizIO SmartCast TVs launched in or after the year 2018 will get all updates. You can, however, make updates manually upon demand.
  • VizIO SmartCast UHD TVs that were released between 2016 and 2017 can be automatically updated However, you can do it manually if the TV receives the most recent update.
  • VIZIO SmartCast HD TVs launched between 2016 and 2017 cannot be manually updated. They are only automated updates.
  • VIZIO VIA and VIA Plus TVs made available up to 2017 will only be upgraded by automatic update. The manual update is not available for them until the moment.

That’s the way to learn the best way to upgrade to the latest version of your VIZIO smart televisioneither by hand or by using an automatic update. In both cases you need to know the steps to follow in the procedure.

From the above data we can observe that most models of VIZIO Smart TVs are upgraded in a way that is automatic. Therefore, let’s talk about the first.

How to Update A Smart TV from VIZIO Automatically?

You can look for the following information to upgrade your VIZIO Smart TV.

  • The VIZIO Smart TV will automatically look for updates on a regular basis. All you need to do is to be connected to the internet connection.
  • If it detects an update that is new it will queue to be installed and updated after you shut off the TV.
  • If you switch off the television in the middle of the updating procedure, the process will be stopped and a queue will be created. The process will resume after you shut off the TV.
  • Once it is updated, your TV is complete. There will be a message that reads, New Update Was installed at the top of the screen when you switch on your TV.

Therefore, in conclusion that there isn’t any additional procedure for the entire procedure. It is believed to be the simplest method to update your VIZIO Smart TV. Be aware that older versions of the VIZIO Smart TV can only be updated using an automatic setting.

However, there is a second method to update also. The next step is a thorough explanation of how to do it.

How To Update A Vizio Smart TV? The Manually Method

Before you begin the process, be aware that this feature is only available only on TVs with the most recent firmware. In this regard, we will discuss the steps needed to update the firmware of VIZIO Smart TV by hand:

  • To begin, press the V button to turn on your remote. The key can be found just below on the button for OK.
  • There are a variety of options available on the screen under the TV’s settings. Select the System option in them.
  • Then, select then the Check for Updates option.
  • Following this the TV will begin searching for updates.
  • If there’s a updates available, confirm that you’d like to download it. Let the installation process finish.
  • You VIZIO Smart TV is able to download the latest update, reboot by itself and install the update and then restart.
  • Following the final restart after which the TV will be upgraded, and you will be able to utilize it as normal.

Important:Don’t turn off your TV during the process. If you do, your TV will not update.

Can Older Vizio TVs Be Updated?

As previously mentioned as mentioned above, older Vizio TVs can be upgraded. VIZIO SmartCast UHD 4K TVs as well as VIZIO SmartCast HDTVs were released in that same time frame, i.e., 2016 and 2017. There is a distinction between the two.

Only the latter model is able to be updated in manual and automatic mode. But the SmartCast VIZIO 4K UHD TVs are updated automatically but only.

In the meantime you may be thinking what you can do to upgrade an outdated VIZIO TV. We’ll go over that subject only.

How To Update An Old Vizio TV?

To upgrade your older Vizio TV, follow the instructions below.

  • Switch on the television.
  • Go to the Settings.
  • Choose the option Support.
  • Click on to open the Software Update option.
  • Then, click Update Now.

Your TV will be updated after you have completed all steps. This process will take some minutes or seconds, based on the speed of your internet.

Also, do not switch off your TV while you’re working.

Quick Tips:Sometimes, you might be able to see a minor hang issue on your TV after installing the upgrade. This is nothing to worry about, as it’s fairly common. The most important thing to remember is that you could reset your TV’s factory settings to resolve the issue. This will return your TV back to the same place it was before the updates.

How To Update Your Vizio TV Using USB?

Yes You read that right. You can indeed update your Vizio TV using USB. Follow the steps listed below to complete the procedure.

  • In the beginning, you must connect first to connect your USB Flash Drive to your device.
  • Then, start any of your desired web browser.
  • Go to the VIZIO page.
  • Choose Support from the menu at the top.
  • Choose the Find Your Firmware option in the menu.
  • After that, you must type in the model code of the TV in the search box. So, you’ll be able to find the firmware update for the TV. Make sure to put in the correct code.
  • Download the firmware file from the screen onto your USB.
  • Finally, rename the file, then press enter. After that, unplug the flash drive.
  • Make sure to turn off your TV, then reconnect the cord and then turn it back on.
  • The next step is to connect this USB flash drive on your television.
  • The indicator bar appears in the screen. It’s the colors of red and blue. It’s located at the lower part on the left side of your screen. It is a sign that your television is properly updated. You should wait for a couple of minutes or seconds to finish the update.
  • Switch off the TV and take your USB Flash Drive from the TV. Then, turn back on the TV.
  • Examine your TV using the aid of Info Button to confirm that all the latest updates were installed.

This is how you can upgrade your VIZIO Smart TV with the aid of an USB Flash Drive.

Do VIZIO TV Have An Automatic Update Function?

Of course, VIZIO TV has an Automatic Update feature. If there’s a new update, the TV will be able to install it automatically. However, this will not happen while the TV is in use so that your time on the TV isn’t disturbed.

Once you have turned off your TV it will begin searching for updates and begin installing it. If you turn on your TV during the process the installation will cease and will resume once the TV has been shut off.

All you have just connect your television to an internet connection and it will then automatically install all needed and available updates.

How Can I Reset the Vizio Smart TV?

In the event of a technical problem or other reason it is possible to reset your VizIO Smart TV. To do this you can do it in two ways. These are:

  • Soft Reset Your VIZIO TV

This should be the first choice you look at. It’s because it does not change the TV’s default settings. It just addresses the issue at hand that could be causing the issues. For a soft reset the VIZIO TV follows the steps listed below:

  • Can you switch off your television and unplug it? This can resolve any issues that could arise because of the excessive amount of data on your TV.
  • It is necessary to wait some time and allow time for the television to restart and resolve any small issues. It’s the same process with mobile.
  • After giving it enough time, make sure to turn it off.

Then, you can restart your activities prior to starting the reset softly, and it should function perfectly.

If the process of soft reset method does not resolve your problem, it is recommended to look at the alternative option, i.e., hard reset.

  • Hard Reset Your VIZIO TV

It is best to only think about this option if you’re willing to erase all the information on the TV, including all settings and the configuration. It will then go to the settings and will be the moment you purchased the TV. The temporarily stored files are removed. If you decide to do this, you must follow the following steps:

  • Before proceeding to the next steps, disconnect the TV’s router. This means that you must disconnect your TV from its internet connection.
  • Then, look in the menu buttons on your remote for your TV and then press it.
  • Then, you can go into the computer.
  • Click to select the Reset option and Admin button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click”Reset TV” RESET TV option that appears on the screen. You can however put it off if you alter your mind, but do not intend to delete any of your settings and information.
  • Click on the REST and OK button Then, you will have the option to access your parental password. This is to confirm that you’re doing this intentionally. Finally, click reset and click OK.
  • The television will be shut off. It could take just a few second or more to finish the procedure. You should allow that much time for the television.
  • When the process is finished then the TV will be activated. It will also turn on if the system has been set to the default setting, as it was time when you purchased it, it will be turned off.
  • Then, plug in the router in again to connect with the Internet.

That’s how you reset your smart TV.


This is the place to start. You should have a good understanding of the process of updating your VIZIO smart television by hand or automatically. This is not all but the article above consists of everything you have to understand about this procedure.

The process of updating your smart TV is crucial because it installs the latest features offered by the manufacturer and removes the most common bugs and problems. If your TV isn’t upgraded, it could not function as it should for a variety of reasons, including features not working properly or it may hang when working.

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