How To Get Twitch on a VIZIO Smart TV?

How To Get Twitch on a VIZIO Smart TV

Many people today are interested in streaming and online gaming. Twitch is one of the most popular platforms where you can find millions of content. Twitch is an live streaming service that’s available on smartphones, computers, gaming consoles and smart TVs. How do you access Twitch on your VIZIO smart television?

If Twitch isn’t available on your VIZIO television, update it to the latest firmware version. Twitch can be downloaded on most smart TVs as they are compatible with Android and Linux OS.

Continue reading to learn how you can Twitch your VIZIO Smart TV.

Different Ways to get Twitch on your VIZIO SmartTV

Twitch is an online gaming portal that lets people chat in groups or individually. Twitch is available for many platforms, including Android and iOS, Xbox, VIZIO and other smart TVs.

There are many ways to view Twitch on a VIZIO SmartTV. There are many options, from the most cost-effective to the most relaxing. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can watch Twitch on your VIZIO SmartTV.

Method #1: VIZIO App Library

Download Twitch from your smart TV’s app library to access it. Twitch can be downloaded via the VIZIO Smart TV app library. Make sure your VIZIO smart TV runs the latest OS. It doesn’t matter if you have a VIZIO Smartcast or VIA; so long as the latest version is installed, Twitch should be able to work with it.

Twitch has recently changed its API policy but it is very selective about the platforms it supports. If your smart television meets the requirements to enable Twitch, the app should work on your TV.

This is how you can get Twitch on your VIZIO SmartTV with the VIZIO App Library.

  1. Connect your VIZIO SmartTV to a reliable WiFi connection.
  2. Use the remote control to press the button.
  3. Click on the Access Bar to launch the app store for your TV.
  4. Search for Twitch app and click on “Search.
  5. Tap on Twitch from the search results and then click on “Install App”.
  6. To confirm installation of Twitch, press “OK“.
  7. After the installation is completed, launch the app and create an account .

Method 2: Streaming Device

A streaming device is another way to access Twitch on your VIZIO SmartTV. You should be aware that not all streaming devices support . Roku, for example, does not support Twitch. Twitch, as you might know, is a subsidiary to Amazon. The Amazon Fire Stick device is the best compatible one to get Twitch over the long-term.

Here’s how you can get Twitch on your VIZIO SmartTV with Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. You can purchase a Fire Stick and plug it into your VIZIO SmartTV. Change the input source.
  2. Connect the Fire Stick with a reliable Wi Fi source.
  3. Click on “Find” from the Fire Stick’s Home screen. Next, search for Twitch app.
  4. Tap on Twitch to open the result and click on Download button.
  5. After the download is completed, click “Open” to create an account and access your favorite Twitch streams.

Method 3: Use the Browser App

You can also view your favorite channels via your web browser even if your VIZIO SmartTV does not support Twitch. This is the easiest way to get Twitch working on your smart TV. You don’t need to download any app. This method will keep you connected even if your VIZIO SmartTV is running out of storage or is not compatible with the Twitch app.

How to use Twitch with a VIZIO SmartTV via a browser app

  1. Connect your VIZIO SmartTV to reliable WiFi, and then launch the web browser from your TV.
  2. Visit the Twitch live page to sign in or create an account .
  3. Click on your favorite streamer to catch all the action.


Online gaming and streaming are on the rise. It’s a great way to enjoy your favorite content on large screens. There are many platforms to choose from, but Twitch is the most popular among streamers. As you can see, Twitch is available on many platforms if you have a VIZIO SmartTV. Find the best method for you and start Twitch on your smart television.

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