Turn on Vizio TV without Remote [3 Methods]

Turn on Vizio TV without Remote

The most significant benefit for smart TVs in comparison to traditional TVs is that they can be controlled with no remote. Many smart TVs have their own apps for smartphones to manage the device. For Vizio brands you can switch off any Vizio TV without the use of a remote with ease. Although it is true that the Vizio Smart TV comes with two different types that are smart televisions it is possible to turn on the TV with out the remote control.

How to Turn On Vizio TV without Remote

If you alter the setting for the picture on the Vizio TV to adjust the settings for your TV, you can get the most optimal streaming experience. For the most user-friendly navigation experience, Vizio TV offers a variety of ways to control using the remote. You can browse for apps, modify settings for users and make the necessary adjustments. There are three ways to switch off Vizio TV without a remote:

  • Utilizing the Television Buttons
  • Utilizing the Smartphone App
  • Through External Devices

How to turn on Vizio TV without Remote using the Television Buttons

Each Vizio Smart TV features physical buttons on it. It is important to locate the position of the buttons. They are located on the back of the television in the lower right or lower left.

You can also find buttons for power. There are the volume, channel and and input switches. They can be used when you have lost the remote. If you don’t buy a replacement remote, you can make use of these buttons.

How to turn on the Vizio TV without a Remote by using the Smartphone application

The VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app is available in both the Google Play Store as well as the app Store. It is possible to use the app to manage the settings of your Vizio TV. Download the app to your phone from the appropriate store. Install the latest version of the firmware on your Vizio Smart TV to the latest version . Use this app if you’re experiencing issues with pairing.

(1) Open the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app on your smartphone.

(2) Go to Devices and click Add in the upper right corner.

(3) Hold your smartphone close to it to the Vizio TV to connect the app to your TV.

(4) When it’s paired, click on the control icon at the lower part of your screen.

(5) You will see the remote layout. Press to the button to power up your TV. button to power off your television.

(6) With the application, you are able to manage your Vizio TV easily.

Be aware that the app is only on Vizio SmartCast TVs. You aren’t able to control Vizio models launched prior to 2015 using the application.

With Vizio’s SmartCast Mobile app, you can adjust the volume and completely set your Vizio TV with out having to use the remote. On some Android smartphones there is a included remote control app that you can use to manage electronic devices. For instance, there is the Mi Remote app is available for Xiaomi is a great app for Xiaomi smartphone. It is also possible to use those apps to switch off you Vizio TV.

How do you turn on the Vizio Smart TV Without Remote Utilizing External Devices

Gaming consoles such as PlayStation or Nintendo Switch can also be utilized to turn off the Vizio Smart TV. When you connect these consoles to the TV you will be able to switch on the TV with the need for a remote.

Utilizing PlayStation

(1) Connect your PS4 console to your Vizio Smart TV by using the HDMI cable.

(2) On your console, click the Settings.

(3) Select the System option.

(4) Scroll down until you reach the Allow HDMI Device Link and select the box.

(5) After this, each time you switch on your console it will switch on you Vizio TV.

Using Nintendo Switch

(1) Using the dock and connecting to your Nintendo Switch to Vizio TV.

(2) Open the System Settings on your Nintendo.

(3) Go to the TV Settings in the left pane and then turn off the Match Power State of the TV..

(4) When you reboot your console, it will be able to turn into your Vizio TV.

Since there’s no HDMI-CEC on Xbox consoles, you are unable to utilize the console to switch off Vizio Smart TV. Vizio Smart TV. There are a few ways to start you Vizio TV without a remote. Make use of these tricks for controlling your television even if you’ve have lost the remote. If you know of a way to power on your smart TV without the use of a remote, please share it with us in the comment section below, and let others know.

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