Top 10+ Apps To Listen To Music Without WiFi or Internet

Finding out a perfect music app is more challenging nowadays, as there are hundreds of advanced music apps available in the market for different types of mobile platforms. If you’ve been a big-time music freak and looking for a way to get an app which can handle all of your music related tasks, then you are landed at the right place. Today, we will list down some of the top apps to listen to music without WiFi or Internet connection. The following apps are highly recommended by the experts and they are there on the list with most number of downloads in the global chart.

Most of the people who are fond of listening to different types of music are looking for free music apps that don’t need WiFi. There are a huge number of music applications available in the market which requires your phone to be connected with high-speed Internet connection. Just to give you a shy of relief, we are presenting to you a list of music app you can use without WiFi.

Most of the listed apps have an option to add subscription for some extra features, however you can make use of all these apps for free as well. So just follow the list and leave your data behind, take your music anywhere you go with the most suitable music app. Let’s get on to the list right now!

Top apps To Listen to Music Without WiFi or Internet

1. IHeartRadio


IHeartRadio is known as one of the best music streaming platform which is available for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms. Basically, it’s an online music streaming application which requires a proper high-speed Internet connection. However, most of the users of this application are not aware about the built-in Downloads feature. Yes, iHeartRadio application has a Download feature available which lets you download the tracks from the Internet.

Download feature on the iHeartRadio app is available with its premium version. The Download option is not available on the free version. You may not mind paying a few bucks for this useful feature on the iHeart Radio app. IHeart Radio app covers over 800 Radio stations in the United States. Users will also be able to curate their own playlists with channels, artists, genres and more. You can install this app on a respective device from the following links.

2. Pandora


Pandora is also a very popular online streaming application which is available on both the platforms. The application was one of the most trusted and oldest online music streaming apps in the market. The app is still on the top list of the most popular music streaming apps as it serves the most decent user interface for all types of users.

Pandora comes with a personlized music finder feature which lets you find out the music of your own choice. The app lets you access millions of songs from thousands of radio channels available. Additionally, the app offers some more useful features which makes listening to songs a fun task. Additional features such as Alarm clock, music finder, personalised playlist etc. You can make the most of this application by creating your own personalised playlist.

Just like every other apps, the Pandora app is available with two different versions, Free and Premium. Free version doesn’t let you download the music from the Internet. You have to pay a few bucks to get a Premium edition of the app which will give you an abilitiy to download the songs and listen to them offline without the need of an Internet connectivity.

3. SoundCloud


SoundCloud is quite popular music platform as it doesn’t let you listening to just music, but you can also upload your own music to your personal channel. The platform has millions of users from around the globe. The app combines music streaming platform with social media which lets you listen to your music and shares it with your friends. You can integrate your social media accounts to SoundCloud easily.

The app lets you create your account and listening to music while on the go. You can also follow artists, playlists and more from the app. You can explore and listen to your favourites songs from millions of tracks which are available on the platform. You can get the app for a respective device from the following links right now!

4. Spotify


Spotify is another app which requires no WiFi or Internet connectivity to listen to your favourite tracks and music with its premium edition. The app has over 20 million tracks which you can access and listen. Spotify also lets you engage with your real friends while listening to your favourite music tracks. The platform lets you integrate your Social media accounts as well. Once you integrate your Facebook or any other social media accounts to Spotify, you can start sharing your music with your real friends.

Spotify is the place for the people who like to explore new music. You can explore the Spotify’s platform for free with online music streaming service. However, by subscribing to the platform, you will be able to download and listening to your favourite music offline from anywhere without Internet connection. Download Spotify right now!

5. LiveXLive


LiveXLive is a new online music streaming platform which is gaining more popularity day by day. Just like the popular iHeartRadio app, LiveXLive application too has online radio stations for streaming. Hundreds of radio stations from around the world suit well for the people and their diverse music taste. The platform has a Talk Radio feature which lets you speak and find the music or artist or anything on the platform.

LiveXLive application is available in two different versions, free version and a premium version. You can explore the best of music through this platform with its premium version. You can subscribe to this platform and can get rid of those annoying advertisements. Additionally, you would also get a Downloads section on the app once you subscribe for the platform. Download your most favourite tracks and listen to them when there’s no Internet connectivity around. You can get the LiveXLive app from the following links right now!

6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is undoubtedly the most popular Music Streaming Service available in the market which is a product of the giant, Google. Google Play Music lets you store over 50,000 songs on the platform with active subscription. The platform is available with two versions, free and premium. You can subscribe for the membership which will give you additional features to explore and save the music of your choice.

Google Play Music lets you make use of the platform on different devices with the same account of yours. You can explore your music from the web version as well. The platform is easy to use and serves the most decent user interface. By subscribing to this platform, you will be able to download the songs and the music which you want to listen to offline when there’s no Internet connectivity around. It’s really a great platform for the music lovers.

7. Shazam


Shazam is extremly popular online music streaming platform with millions of its users worldwide. The platform has become an industry which has over 100 million monthly active users are making use of this platform on a regular basis. Shazam is not just a music streaming platform, the users also search for lyrics, identifying the song and much more. The application lets youidentify the song easily when you take your mobile phone closer to the music. It’s an innovative platform which is quite essential for the music freaks.

You can listen to songs from a huge range of tracks available on the platform. The app has simple and easy to use interface designed for everyone. If you buy music from the platform, you will be able to listening to the songs for free without the Internet connectivity.

8. Napster


Napster is receiving good feedbacks from the users who have been using it since for a long time. Over the past few months, the platform is gaining more popularity. You can get full access millions of tracks, music libraries, playlists and more. You will also be able to search for your favourite tracks from the platform.

Furthermore, the platform also lets you create your own Playlist. Listen to your favourite songs which are saved in the Playlist to save your time. The app serves intuitive UI for everyone and anyone can use it like a pro. Download the app right now from the following links.

9. Apple Music

apple music

Apple Music is a built-in music streaming service for the iOS devices. Apple provides this service for free for the users. If you’ve been a music lover, you will be able to explore a huge range of music libraries from around the world. You will get the music of your choice in a matter of seconds. Apple Music also lets you listen to your tracks without the need of the Internet connectivity. Just explore the songs from the platform, search for it and get it downloaded.

You will be able to explore the entire platform for free if you don’t want extra features. However, you will get offline listening section with its subscription. You can subscribe to Apple Music with its monthly plan. Grab Apple Music right now from the following link.

->> Download Apple Music for iOS

10. Tidal

tidal music

Tidal is also a very popular app which lets you listening to music without the need of WiFi or any Internet connectivity. Tidal app is not just for listening to the music, but the platform also lets you watch music videos together. The platform has a huge range of music, curated playlists and much more. You can get entertained easily by exploring the platform and can have a gold time.

People who have used this platform shared good feedbacks which makes it worth download and test app if you are really looking for a new offline music app. Tidal app is available for free for both, Android and iOS platforms. You can install the app and can test it out on your device from the following links now!

11. Deezer


Deezer is a new app in the music streaming industry. The app is gradually gaining more popularity day by day. It serves the decent user interface to have your music in the pocket.

Deezer application is available for Android and iOS platforms. The app provides you a set of fresh features which you may have not explored on any other apps.

Deezer lets you explore a huge range of music from around the world. The platform also lets you download your favorite music on the go.

Additionally, you can also add the lyrics to this platform which helps you to sing your favorite tracks while listening to it on the platform. The application comes with a variety of functions and versions. Once you get the app, you can opt for a service which will add additional benefits to the platform. Get the app installed from the following links to your Android or iOS device right now!


These were all the best apps to listen to music without WiFi or Internet connection. The above listed apps are quite popular as they serve the best of UI. With premium version or subscription, you can get a Download section or will allow to download the music. When you are connected with your home WiFi, download your favorite tracks and listen to them while travelling or exploring new places where Internet connectivity is not available.

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