Top 10 Sites like 123movies

Searching for sites like 123movies? Here you get a list of sites which provide the HD quality TV shows and movies for you.

123movies has a big movies and TV shows collection to watch, but sometimes, your favorite show might be not available on the 123movies. At that moment, if you have other websites like 123movies then it helps a lot.

It also happens that you have limited time and want to watch a movie, and site is down. In such case, a list of sites similar to 123movies would be a huge help. Access below that list and say thanks later.

10 Best Sites like 123movies

 Movie watching is best enjoyed with your friends. That is not to say, movies cannot be enjoyed alone. We will share so many great alternatives to 123Movies (now, gostream). You will not need to search anywhere else to search for websites like 123Movies.

1. Crackle

Crackle - websites like 123movies

Crackle is a venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment and because of that, you can be assured that it is legal to watch movies and tv shows on this website. Viewers can watch full-length online movies and TV shows for free. You can also register for an account on Crackle.

Although registering is not necessary to watch movies/tv shows on Crackle, it will help you avoid the “age filter” when watching R-rated movies. If you continue to enjoy Crackle without registering, it will always ask you to verify your age before watching R-rated movies that are not meant for children or teenagers under a certain age.

Resolution of most videos on Crackle are 360p or 480p, which is not very high quality – but it’s legal and it is free. It covers almost all genres – Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, and many other genres are well covered on Crackle.

Because it is free, Crackle tends to insert ads during the TV shows or movies to get some income. They also have Android and iOS mobile apps for you to enjoy movies on the go.

If you are looking for sites like 123Movies, and don’t mind the small commercial breaks, then Crackle is a good option for you to explore.

2. Popcornflix

Popcornflix - websites like 123movies

Screen Media Ventures owns and operates Popcornflix, PopcornflixKids, and FrightPix. The first one is a highly-organized general movies streaming website. The second one is an identical version of the first, except their content, is primarily curated for kids. FrightPix hosts movies specific to only the horror genre.

Popcornflix has some creative movie categories like Critically Acclaimed, Wild West, Bros Movies, Extreme Sports, and Rockstars. The Popcornflix staff go the extra mile and even include short or long movies from film schools and even popular web series enjoyed by viewers all over the world.

With iOS and Android apps from Popcornflix, you enjoy your movies even when you are traveling.

3. Yidio

Yidio - websites like 123movies

Yidio is a movie streaming website that offers movies in a great range of genres – over 40 genres like Comedy, Action, Kids, Drama, Horror, Kids, Sports & Fitness, and others. It also has a special focus on documentary content. There are plenty of sites like 123movies, and Yidio which provide a wonderfully organized selection of movies and tv shows.

Yidio’s main focus is great content for its viewers. Apart from self-hosted movies, Yidio also provides links to other websites like Crackle, or Netflix for watching movies.

Just like Crackle, you won’t need registration to use Yidio. If you do register, Yidio lets you maintain your watch list and sends reminder emails for the same. It also reminds registered users of latest movies or TV shows, and new news pieces released on the platform.

Yidio may not be owned by a studio but it does its best to at least appear legal by linking its movies and TV shows to popular platforms which are legal.

4. YouTube

YouTube - websites like 123movies

Because YouTube is legally owned and operated by Google, many people think they might not have full movies. But make no mistake, several movies and documentaries are uploaded to Google. Their team does exhaustive verification of each content uploaded on the website and instantly removes any movies that violate copyright laws.

While YouTube does not provide a separate section of free, full-length movies, you can always apply the “movie” filter in advanced search options. A third-party website like ZeroDollarMovies provides an organized catalog of free movies on YouTube.

You can also find free TV shows on YouTube. There is a paid movies channel as well. You can find movies and TV shows of all popular genres on YouTube and they are legally uploaded by users and often by media production houses as well. So, even though very few of them have 720p quality and above, you can always be assured that you are not watching movies illegally.

5. TubiTV

Tubi TV - websites like 123movies

TubiTV provides a massive collection of movies and TV shows of you to watch online for free, which it sources from a partnership with Starz and Paramount Pictures.

If you are looking for ad-free entertainment, very few websites will provide ad-free content because they wish to recover operating expenses and therefore they serve ads; TubiTV is no different.

TubiTV makes it easy for you to watch TV shows online through its stacked interface for all episodes in one season. If you can’t watch the full movie at once, TubiTV saves your progress. For availing progress tracking feature and to watch videos without any age filter, you will need to register for a free account.

Apart from a large collection, TubiTV has several creative genres like Fan Favorites and Indie Films for freely watching movies online. For TV shows, TubiTV organizes content into categories like Crime TV, Can You Handle This Reality and even Korean Drama.

6. SnagFilms

SnagFilms - websites like 123movies

More than a website to watch free movies online, SnagFIlms is a social network to watch thousands of documentary films by filmmakers across the world. They also have a limit but creatively organized TV show collection. The TV Show categories at SnagFilms includes Guilt-Free TV, Kids and Family, Comedy Series, and even World History.

Once you create a free account on SnagFilms, you will be able to add movies or TV shows to your personal queue. You can also comment and add reviews to share your opinion of the movies with other viewers. There is also a grading system (from “A” to “F”) for videos on SnagFilms. This makes SnagFilms a very trustworthy platform to watch movies and TV shows online.

SnagFilms’ Collections is yet another feature loved by thousands of its users. Basically, SnagFilms editors curate documentary movies into handpicked collections. Users can add the complete collection to the library or customize to create their own library.

So, if you are looking for sites like 123movies but only for documentaries instead, the SnagFIlms is the one you can rely on. However, if you are looking for feature films, you may not find many options here.

And if you want to watch these documentaries on the go, they also have to apps for iOS, Android, Windows Store, and other major platforms. There are even apps for Roku and Boxee platforms.

 7. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents - websites like 123movies

Public Domain Torrents gathers movies that are available for free in the public domain, which means most of their movies are legal to watch.

However, this is not exactly a movie streaming site. You will have to download torrent files and use a torrent client like uTorrent to download actual movies. If you want to stream movies on Public Domain Torrents, they have a special category for such films called “Streams”. 

8. Retrovision

Retrovision - websites like 123movies

Retrovision offers a free huge library of retro (classic) films. You can explore hidden gems on this site – movies that may never be shown on TV but have received critical acclaim as well as praise from the audience. It also offers popular TV series like Sherlock Holmes (1955), Lucy Ball, Dragnet, and others.

Below the streaming video frame of each movie, you can read a review and also download them for later viewing. Upon registration, you will get email reminders for recently added movies. Retrovision is the perfect place to search for movies of the previous generation.

Because these movies were mostly made between the 1950s and 1980s (some are even older), the videos on Retrovision are not so high in quality.

You will be able to watch most of Retrovision’s movies and TV shows on your mobile through an Android app. This app also supports projection to a TV through Chromecast

9. Top Documentary Films

 Top Documentary Films - websites like 123movies

If you are looking for sites like 123movies, but instead of full-length feature films, you are looking for documentary movies, then Top Documentary Films is made for you. It hosts thousands of free-to-stream, high-quality documentary movies from all over the world.

The categories found on Top Documentary Films are some of the most creative ones I have found. Here are some of the documentary film categories:

  • 9/11
  • Arts and Artists
  • Drugs
  • Military and War
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • … and many more

Each movie on Top Documentary Films has a synopsis, a star rating, and user comments. With a free account, you can get recommendations for newly uploaded and movies that are trending directly in your email.

Top Documentary Films does not host any movie it lists. All movies are available for streaming on other popular movie streaming websites.

10. MovieZoot

MovieZoot - websites like 123movies

MovieZoot is one of the few ad-free movie streaming services available. It streams all the popular genres of retro movies. Since most movies are from the 1960s to 1980s, they are available in public domain and you don’t need to worry about the legality of it.

They have varied categories including Horror, Comedy, Thrillers, and many more. You find hundreds of classic movies featuring the most popular actors, actresses, and directors of the era on MovieZoot.

A free subscription to MovieZoot will give you updates when new movies are uploaded or new blogs are written.

Are online entertainment streaming sites like 123movies safe?

There are lots of websites on the internet which contain freeware, bloatware, or even scareware; they try to coerce visitors into downloading malicious code i.e. viruses on their computer.

This is always a huge risk with free movie sites. But don’t worry, we will show how to spot a fake streaming site quickly so that you don’t accidentally fall victim to scareware or bloatware.

Most of the scareware or bloatware get downloaded when users unsuspectingly click ads which show fake virus or spyware detection warnings. You can download browser add-ons like AdBlock which blocks all the ads on a web page, not just scareware ads. This will also improve your overall internet browsing experience.

Web of Trust (WoT) is another interesting add-on which shows you ratings for each website in the search result. If the WoT symbol is green, it’s a safe website. For websites marked as yellow or red, WoT will stop you from visiting these sites which are low quality or those sites which could contain malicious code.

Is it legal to watch movies and TV shows on free movies sites?

If you are one of those who insists on doing everything legally, you would want to check if the website has an “About Us” or “Contact Us” page. If the website owners are getting their content illegally, they prefer to stay anonymous and untraceable.

Some legal free movie watching websites will show movies and TV shows which are very old and hence have been released in the public domain for everyone to watch freely.

In this article, we shared so many options sites like 123movies. Some of them offer online streaming movies and TV shows for free.  Some of them also provide retro movies and there are also online streaming websites dedicated to only documentary movies.

All of them acquire movies from legal sources, however, due to minor discrepancies in their acquiring methods, it is difficult to give a 100% guarantee of the same. Have you used any of these sites like 123 movies? What do you think of their collection of movies and TV shows?

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