Top 10 Best Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

Top 10 Best Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

The best beat making software for free is a hot topic of debate at most of the beat making forums. There are numbers of beat making software available over the internet and to choose best beat making software for PC becomes difficult. So here we brought the solution of your dilemma to choose best beat making software.

Many aspirants want to do something creative, but due to lack of resources and money, they cannot make that type of music which they want. For them, many free beat making software are available online.  All you need to do is to read this post about the best beat making software free and choose the one according to the OS for your PC.

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10 Best Beat Making software for Windows and Mac

Top 10 Best Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

Here is the list of a few best beat making software for MAC, Linux, and windows.

1: FL Studio

f l studio

FL studio is a well known and easy free beat making software for Mac and windows. This software is perfect for the beginners to start their experiments with beat making. It’s easy-to-use interfere has made it popular from the last fifteen years.

This one is one of the best beat making software free, but its advanced version is even better. Its Fruity edition has all the basic elements which you need for beat making. But if you are new then prefer the basic free version of FL studio. It’s a recommended free beat making software for Mac and windows. Go for it for a paid experience at free of cost.

2: MuseScore


The biggest USP for any software is its user-friendly interface. It applies perfectly to the case of MuseScore. The user interface of this software is so easy that even beginners get familiar with its functions easily.

This one is also one of the best and free software for Mac and Windows. You can create new sounds in this software through keyboard and mouse. It also provides you the facility to change the format of your music file into Wav, OGG, etc.


garage band

The software works well on all Mac OS. Apple GarageBand provides the best platform to the beginners and the proficient musicians to create the different sounds.

GarageBand has everything which a beginner needs starting from sample mixing options, sound library, lots of effects and iCloud sharing.  If you are a Mac user, then this one is the best beat making software for you.

4: Hotstepper

Hotstepper beat maker

If you are looking for the beat making software free download for Windows 7/8/10, then Hotstepper can be the destination of your search.

Hotstepper is available for Windows 7/10 & Windows 8.1 at free of cost. This beat making software has 12 sound channels and several sound samples to help you to create a unique and exclusive sound.

This software also offers you to adjust the pitch and velocity of sound along with many other facilities which you are looking in a beat making software.

5: Musink Lite


Musink Lite is another one of the best beat making software. Musink Lite comes with ease of using and speedy results.

It takes care of music rules, so you don’t need to bother about them. It can also publish your scores in .pdf format or make a series of of .PNG files.

Musink comes with a guidebook to help the beginners. Its free version has some very good features, and its premium version has even better features.

6: Drumflow


If you are looking for some more options after using above mentioned free beat making software, then Drumflow is perfect for you.

Drumflow is the next software in the category of best beat making software for PC. This beat creator software is available at free of cost. It performs well on Mac and windows. With the help of Drumflow, you can adjust the pitch and tone of the music.

It has sample files for the users which can be modified. It’s a worth trying free beat making software.

7: ACID Xpress

ACID Xpress

Acid Xpress is another great yet free beat making software for Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 computer. The highlight of the free beat making software is that it supports almost every format of music file including MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, WMV, RM, WAV, AIF, PCA, and AC3.

This software performs on the command of undo, redo cut, copy, paste which increase the level of user-friendliness. From this software, you can directly share your music files on the SoundCloud. Its free version works only for 30 days after that you will have to buy the premium version of Acid Xpress.

8: Ordrumbox


This best beat making software for Mac, Windows, and Linux is pretty simple to use. This is advanced software to give you an extraordinary experience of beat making.

9: Hydrogen


Hydrogen is the next software in the series of best beat making software for PC. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Here you can create and modify the music tune very easily. To operate this software user don’t need to have professional knowledge. Its user interface is intuitive which can attract you easily.

10: LMMS


LMMS is an abbreviation for ‘Let’s make music,’ and it’s free for the beginner and proficient beat makers. Here you can any task related to your music without putting much effort.

This best beat making software for PC is compatible with Mac, Windows 7/8 and Windows 10 and Linux.

Its built-in compressor, Built-in visualization, bass-enhancer, and EQ are the best features of this free beat making software. Since, it’s a freeware, you can give it a try. I am sure you will love LMMS.

So, being a musician is not that difficult now. You can also try your hands on the above mentioned software and can create some unique music.


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