Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Release Date Confirmed 2018

In 2017, Tokyo Ghoul was one of the most sold manga series and anime series in the media franchise which shows the popularity and craze of this anime among fans. The Tokyo ghoul season 3 was ended on the 19 July 2018 and since after that fans are waiting for the coming season which is Tokyo Ghoul season 4, there is a good news for all those lovers who are waiting desperately that the production team of Tokyo Ghoul has officially announced the release date for this anime. As it has not been very much time but still fans were looking for next season for one year.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Release Date

tokyo ghoul season 4 release date

As per the confirmation was given by production team the next season of Tokyo Ghoul is going to air in the first week of October 2018 which is not so far. There is no official declaration of the release date but is confirmed to get air in the month of October.

There are possibilities that in Tokyo Ghoul season 4 we are going to cover the endings of season 3 and as per the sources in this season Kaneki Ken is going to have his memories back and will be promoted for higher rank after that incident. The whole story of 12 episodes is going to revolve around this. As the popularity of this anime is very vast it is expected that Tokyo Ghoul season 4 is also going to have great success. For fans there is one more good news, in the season 4 there are also hopes for the next season which means it possible that we are also going to see the season 5.

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