How to Install and Watch TNT on Vizio Smart TV?

How to Install and Watch TNT on Vizio Smart TV

Turner Network Television, commonly called TNT is an American basic television channel established in 1988. It concentrates on drama series as well as sports. The most popular shows that air on TNT include Animal Kingdom, All Elite Wrestling and many numerous others. When it first started, TNT focused on drama shows. In the course of its changes, the channel began to show feature films as well as other sports. You can stream the TNT app to any Vizio smart TV without difficulty.

There is a large following for AEW wrestling, which is broadcast on TNT. In order to stream TNT to your TV via smart, you just require a subscription to an internet-connected cable provider. Another way to stream TNT is to purchase an account on streaming services such as Hulu or Sling TV.

Stream TNT on Vizio Smart TV

TNT application isn’t available on the Vizio App Store. The only method for you to play TNT to the Smart TV is to cast it through your mobile or personal computer.

What is the best way to cast TNT to Vizio’s smart TV from Android

1. Make sure your smart TV is connected to the network with WiFi.

2. Additionally make sure to also connect the Android phone to that WiFi network.

3. Get your TNTapp from the Play Store. TNTapp on the Play Store.

4. Log into your account on the TNT app using the cable provider you use.

5. Play any video you want and then tap the Cast icon.

6. A list of all devices that are available will appear on your screen.

7. Select your Vizio Smart TV to cast it. Now , the video will show directly on the Vizio Smart TV.

8. To stop casting to stop the casting, click on the icon for the Cast icon, then choose the Stop button..

How do I Make TNT to Vizio’s smart TV Using PC

1. Visit TNT’s website. TNT site with your Chrome browser running Windows or Mac.

2. Log in with the TV account you have signed up with.

3. You can watch any movies or television shows you like.

4. Click then on to the 3-doticon.

5. In this section, choose the Cast option.

6. Choose the Vizio Smart TVfrom the list of devices available.

7. You will now be in a position to stream TNT via the Vizio TV.

Here are steps you can follow to stream TNT on your Vizio TV. You can download TNT on your TV. Install the TNT program and start streaming the entire video content to Your Vizio Smart TV. If you encounter any issues in using the TNT app please let us know via the comment section.

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