The Ranch Part 6: Cast and Release Date

The Ranch is an American comedy web series. The center of the show is the family of Bennetts. The main characters are the Bennetts’ two brothers, their father,and his divorced wife, also a local bar owner. Every Season is divided into two parts,and there are ten episodes in every part. The first show was premiered on Netflix on 1 April 2016. Here, we’ll be talking about The Ranch Part 6 release date and other information that we have yet.

The Ranch Part 6: Release Date and Trailer

The Ranch Part 6 Cast and Release Date

The Ranch Part 5, i.e., the first half of season 3was premiered on Netflix 15 June 2018. We suppose the sixth part (The Ranchseason 3 part 2) is already wrapped up filming and soon will premiere on Netflix probably later this year. But there hasn’t been an official date for the premiere of The Ranch Part 6.

Just like the official announcement, there hasn’t been any official trailer of the sixth part yet. We are expecting to watch the trailer sometime before the premiere of the upcoming part.

The Ranch Part 6: Cast

Most of the cast of the series will be back for the sixth part. Ashton Kutcher as Colt Reagan Bennett, Debra Winger as Margaret Bennett, Elisha Cuthbert as Abigail Phillips, Sam Elliott as Beau Roosevelt Bennet. There won’t be any addition in the cast.

However, Danny Masterson won’t be there as Jameson Ford Bennett as,after the fifth part of the show, his character has been calledout. The reason behind this is that he has been allegedly accused of rape from two women. Other than that, there probably won’t be any changes in the cast of the series.

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