The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 – Release Date & Interesting Talks

The devil is a part timer or also known as Hataraku Maou-Sama is a Japenese adaptation from Whitefox and is written by Satoshi Wagahara. This anime series with its last episode leaves a great impact over viewers in which everything has been portrayed in an interesting and humorous way with a great style of narration which really surprised and speaks through the demon king eyes and a protagonist Sadao Maou in this anime series.

In the world of anime there are lots of such anime with the more interesting screenplay and layout but still, some become more favorable to the anime lovers that they wish for the second season of same, similar happens with The devil is a part timer. In the Japanese industry, this series gain lots of fame and has built up a very strong fan base due to which viewers want to see The devil is a part timer season 2, with these hopes rumors, are also trending very frequently with more possibilities of the second season. In the first season, there were total 13 episodes but it seems they were not enough and a lot of people calls for another season. After the release of 18th volume in January 2018 now everyone is wondering whether the second season will come or not, in 2017 the last tweet came from its creator Satoshi Wagahara who says fans waiting for The Devil is a part timer season 2 should not lose their hopes.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

A brief plot of The Devil is a part timer

A light novel series “The Devil is a Part Timer” was created by the Satoshi Wagahara in February 2011 and this novel series was adapted by the manga series with complete 18 volumes later in 2013 this was adapted as anime series. The anime series was run by AT-X with total 13 episodes from which its last episode got aired in June 2013 on 27. It is one of the most popular and best rated anime show on MyAnimeList with a great fan base.

If we talk about the plot of the first season, it starts from the protagonist of this series who is a demon lord king and wanted to win a stereotypical world of fantasy named as Ente Isla but he fails in his all attempts by the hero Emi Yusa. To become more powerful among the entire population on the planet he takes help from his four generals named as Alciel, Adramelech, Lucifer, and Malacoda but at during battle Emi Yusa killed Adramelech and Malacoda.

By these two deaths, Satan got furious and succeed in escaping with Alciel through a portal which opens in the modern day of Tokyo. After reaching in this new world he found that magic is useless and he has to lead a normal life of a human being forcefully. Then he finally becomes Sadao after adopting his identity while on other hand Alciel becomes the sidekick of Sadao named as Shiro. Then in a food restaurant named as Mgronald he takes up a job in this fast food corner, Satan has some of his magic still life and save it for his return to Ente Isla. Very soon after some time, Sadao comes up with confronting by a scarlet haired girl who attacks Sadao and later that girl comes up to be hero Emilia. As they both cannot do any magic so they come up by quarreling like a couple. For his sake, Sadao stops this and ignore Emilia and start leading his normal life. By using magic Sadao saves the life of many people during an earthquake which shocks a lot to Emilia.

As Emilia do not want him to leave alone so he keeps stalking on him and then both of them learns later that they both getting targeted by someone who wanted to kill them. In the whole first season, this is still hidden whether who wants to kill them. So, in this way, the first season of The devil is a part timer ended successfully.

The character of The Devil is a Part Timer

Apart from the lead characters there are various other important characters also in this series and these characters will be going to remain same in The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2, let us introduce you with these characters they are :

  1. Emi Yusa – The main heroine of this anime series
  2. Sadao Maou – The demon king who is a protagonist
  3. Hanzo Urushihara – Known as the Lucifer
  4. Shiro Ashiya – On of the General of Satan
  5. Suzuno Kamazuki – Neighbor of Sadao
  6. Chiho Sasaki – Friend of Sadao who is a student of high school

In the second season there are probabilities that we will see the more concentration of demon king on his ambitions and will be going to use his magic for the welfare of other people and in their development, as he shows up negative image in the first season it is possible that in the second season he will come up with positive image.

Expectations for the second season

This second series of The Devil is a Part timer going to be very craving for the viewers and there are more chances that this season is going to be very successful. After the hit of the first season for this series, fans are waiting eagerly for the second season and it is believed this series The Devil is a Part Timer Season 2 will also become a great hit. But there are still doubts whether the second season will get aired or not. As the first season only got aired from first 9 volumes and other 9 volumes are still remaining to be produced. As there is enough material for the second season of devil part timer so we can hope for its release.

There may be probabilities that the studio White fox is not having enough budget for the production and release of the second season. There are various online streaming sites from where you can watch the second season like as of Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. So, let us wait for its release and to discover more interesting facts in this second season.

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