February 4, 2013

We're giving away a Donuts 45 box set

Update, Feb 11th – Thanks to everyone who left comments. These have been great to read. We have randomly selected a name for the box set, and the giveaway is now complete.

Long story short: we're giving away a copy of J Dilla's Donuts 45 box set here on Drip.

Our entire stock of these 45 sets sold out in the pre-order phase, and this is one of the only copies we have left here at Stones Throw HQ.

Just leave us a comment - tell us about your favorite Dilla track, or the first time you heard Donuts, a show you saw of his, or a show you missed of his - anything along those lines. We'll pick a name at random from the messages on Feb 11th, and send you the box set. Simple as that.

Long story long: This box set came together after a casual suggestion by House Shoes last fall. We've been pitched Donuts-related ideas before - long form videos, buttons that play music, edible records - you name it. But Donuts on donuts struck us as an idea too good to resist. We wanted it, and we figured others might want it to. Revisiting the album during the course of releasing this box set has been a thrill. Donuts has been one of the most important records in our label's history, both personally and professionally, and it's been great to see how the album continues to inspire people, and all of the ongoing love for the music of the late, great J Dilla.

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