Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Season 4: Release Date, and Other Updates

Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Season 4 renewal was announced on 28 February 2017 even before the premiere of the third season. It’s an American animated TV series which follows the adventure of Star Butterfly, who came to the Earth to learn to be a worthy princess to the royal throne in another dimension. The three seasons of the show were aired on Disney XD and the fourth season will be broadcast on Disney Channel. Here’s everything we know about season four.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Season 4: Release Date

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4 Release Date, andOther Updates

In the Comic-Con at San Diego in July 2018, the first look of the upcoming season was revealed along with the announcement that season four will be premiered in 2019. We still have our eyes on the announcement of the exact date as there’s no news about it yet. As the third season concluded on 7 April 2018, we sure can wait for around a year for the next season.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4: Cast

Well, all the main characters and their voice-overswill be seen again in the fourth season including Eden Sher as Star Butterfly, Adam McArthur as Marco Diaz, and Alan Tudyk as Ludo with other cast members.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 4: Other Updates

If you are wondering how many episodes will be there in the upcoming season, then it’s a bit tough to speculate as there were 13, 22, and 21 episodes respectively in the previous three seasons. The show generally follows a format of 11 minute long two segments in every episode and sometimes a full 22-minute long story. Once the release date, trailer, andnumbers ofthe episode will be announced, we’ll update this article with the latest news.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil: Plot

The story’s central character is Star Butterfly who’s a magical princess of the Butterfly Kingdom of the dimension of Mewni. On her fourteenth birthday, she is given her ancestors’ wand,but she accidentally sets fire to the castle. Her parents decide to send her to earth so that she can learn to be responsible and complete her magical training there.

On earth, she comes as a foreign exchange student and becomes friend with Marco Diaz. She starts living with his family. There goes a series of adventure for the viewers while they both deal with everyday school life and also protect the wand from Ludo, the main villain of the show. A lot of things changes and the storyline grows as they grow from season one to season three.

We are really excited about the fourth season, are you?

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