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Since we all know that spotify is the world leader in the music app industry. Whether you want to listen music on your phone, pc or any other device. It is available for everything. You can run this app on any platform. This is also one reason of its huge popularity. One more amazing thing about spotify is that it can also be used on browser level which we called the Spotify web player.

Spotify Web Player Download

The player is quite popular in the online world. The people  who don’t want to download the desktop version of spotify, this is the best choice for them.

Using web player is very easy. You just need to open it over chrome browser and get login into your spotify account.

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As I said earlier, you can run it on any platform whether it is Macbook, Iphone, pixel book, windows pc, etc. If it is not running on Safari browser then don’t worry. Spotify is no longer supporting this browser.

Let know more about the Spotify Web Player…

Spotify Web Player: A Brief Intro

Spotify web player is a browser based  player that you can run on the chrome browser. It allows you to enjoy the music anywhere as You can do on the spotify app. Many users who don’t want to download any app to enjoy the music. It’s a boon to those people. You don’t need to download any desktop app. Enjoy the music of any Artist or Album right from your browser. It gives you multiple features that you would find on the different music apps.

My Few Observations regarding Spotify Web Player

  • It simplifies the online music listening
  • Feasible for those who don’t want to download the desktop version
  • The web player process slow compare to the desktop version
  • The desktop app supports the media button of keyboard (Play/Pause).
  • The desktop app allows playing music from local disk, offline syncing, etc which are not yet available in the web player.

These things attract me towards the Spotify Desktop app.

Download Spotify Web Player

You can download the web player from the official website of spotify.

Click on the below link to get web player for you. Many OS versions are given there. Download as per your requirement.

This is the tutorial to get the spotify web player for iphone, mac, windows, Linux, chromebook, etc. If you loved it, please do share it with your friends.

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