Spotify Customer Service Number

Spotify Customer Service NumberWhen you dial any customer care number, most of the times, you will be asked to hold for some time. They customer care executives give excuse of checking your information. This might also happen when you dial spotify customer service number. The executive can ask you to wait for some time. But the bad news is that spotify doesn’t have any customer care number on which you can talk over. Even they don’t have 800 toll free number where you can get the problem solution without paying anything.

Many spotify users look for the phone number to talk with the spotify customer care executive but they find nothing because there is no official number for the spotify customer care.

You might have common spotify issues like can’t find music, login error, cancel subscription, billing/refund issue or any other problem. Rather searching for their contact number, you should try to contact them via email, community, or their twitter handle. I must say that Twitter is the best platform to connect with any brand related to your problem.

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If you want to get the resolution from the spotify users then join the spotify community and ask your question there. You will find the answer by the community members. Most of the times, you will get the solution.

Still you have the question – how to connect with the spotify customer care?

Then here are my 2 cents for you. I would like to let you know that there are few ways to connect with spotify. Through my research on Internet, I found those ways.

Spotify Email Support

It might be quite disappointing to know that the giant music app company doesn’t offer any directly calling support for its customers. Fortunately, you can contact to the support via their mail id You don’t have a live chat support, but you got a person who is noticing your problems at another side and liable to give you proper solution.

Contact support via Twitter

In today’s time, every brand has existence on the Twitter. You can connect with them on their Twitter handle. Simply go to the Spotify care Twitter handle and tag them or send a direct message with your problem. No any brand will want to ruin its customer experience. So they will surely connect with you.

Spotify Community

Spotify has a large community which has lots of active members. If you want to get the help from the community members then get a community account and post your problem there. The members will respond on it.

Don’t find it

If you are searching for spotify phone number or live chat support then forget it. Unfortunately, they don’t have any live chat support for the users. Please don’t waste your time. I have provided you the best possible ways to connect with the customer support of spotify. To get the problem resolved, try to connect with those means only.

My favorite

If you want to directly contact the spotify support team then Twitter should be first in your list. It takes less time and you get solution from the support. Try it once and share your experience.

If you are using any other method, which is giving you best results in contacting with the spotify team then please share with us. Our blog audience will also get benefited with it.

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