How to Watch Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV?

How to Watch Sling TV on Vizio Smart Tv

Presently streaming live television channels as well as films using streaming services is a popular trend. There are many streaming services available and Sling TV is among them. Sling TV is among the top alternative to cable TV. In the present, Sling TV is a popular choice for cord cutters. It allows users to stream their most loved television shows and movies across a variety of platforms. Sling TV is similar to the applications such as Disney Plus, HBO GO, Hulu, etc… Readout How do I stream Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV?

What is Sling TV?

Sling Television (also known as Sling Television can be described as an internet-based subscription-based streaming service that is available across the U.S. It allows users to stream live television channels, movies TV shows, and videos on demand. Sling is part of Dish Network and it is managed via Sling TV LLC. It offers more than 200 streaming channels as well as 85,000 on-demand TV shows. In June the year 2019, Sling TV is rated as the No.1 streaming platform within the U.S. Sling TV has gained a large number of customers due to its lower subscription cost. It is the only service that offers month-to-month subscriptions. Long-term subscriptions are not included in this subscription. This application is currently accessible on various platforms, including Android, iOS, Xbox One, Firestick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and more.

Sling TV subscription plans:

It has three plans available,

  • Sling Orange costs $30 per month. it provides around 30 channels.
  • Sling Blue costs $30 per month. it provides about 50 channels.
  • The two Sling Orange and Sling Blue costosts just $45 per month.
  • Beyond the three plans above you can also access additional channels by purchasing add-ons, which range from $5 to $15/month.

Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV:

There is no official Sling TV application in the Vizio Smartcast App store. You’ll need a Sling TV compatible device to enjoy Sling TV video contents on Vizio Smart TV. Vizio Smart TVs have built-in Chromecast support. Through this function, users are able to project content onto a Vizio Smart TV very easily.

How can I connect Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV?

Sling TV mobile application supports the Chromecast feature. It is available for download in the appropriate app store. The procedure for installing it is same for Android or iOS users. If you would like to watch your favourite shows through Sling TV, install the Sling application and then create an account.

Step1: Power on your Vizio Smart TV.

Step 2: Stick your Smartphone and Smart TV onto the same WiFi network.

Step 3:Go to the respective app store, download and install the Sling TV application on your smartphone.

Step4: Open Sling TV app.

Step 5: Simply log in to your account or establish an account in case you do not have.

Step 6: Inside the Sling TV app, you’ll look for an icon for casting. Cast icon on the top.

Step 7: Tap the cast icon. It will display nearby devices that support HTML0.

Step 8: From the list you can select you smart TV from Vizio. that you would like to cast.

Step 9: Next, Choose your top shows you’d like to stream via the Smart TV.

Step 10: Play the video The video starts streaming on your TV too. You can make use of the remote on your Smartphone for a control operate your Sling TV with Vizio TV.

“You can also do this method with the help of PC instead of using Smartphone”.

Alternative Ways:

If you’re not at all interested in casting, you are still able to access Sling TV via Vizio TV using other streaming devices that are compatible with Sling TV.

  • Xbox One
  • Chromecast
  • Firestick
  • Roku

Sums UP:

At present currently, as of now, the Sling TV app isn’t available on Vizio TV. Vizio TV. This is the most effective way to stream Sling TV on the Vizio smart TV. If you already have streaming devices or are looking to purchase streaming devices, you should go with the method of streaming devices. Set up your device to stream to your TV, and you can watch Sling TV. I’ve clearly explained the best way to stream Sling TV on Vizio Smart TV. If you’re still having problems, let us know by leaving a comment in the section.

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