Top 10+ Sites like Solarmovie / Solarmovie Alternatives

One of the best things about the movie sites like SolarMovie is that they provide the much-needed entertainment for the public. And that too for free. It is really easy to watch the movies online with the help of these sites.

The online websites work just like the other search engines sites. All you gotta do is type in the name of the movie that you want to watch and then you will be awarded numerous options . And the best part is, all these sites like solarmovie are free so you don’t really have to spend any money on them.

You can say like when the solarmovie is there whey do we need of them. I would say, what if you want to watch movie instantly, and the site is down. Then you search for solarmovie alternatives. Hence, we have created a list of sites like solarmovie.

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Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie

There are only a handful of movie streaming websites and SolarMovie is certainly one of them. with such an amazing site to provide wonderful movies to watch, this site proves to be an inspiration to the other movie streaming sites where you can watch some movies for free.

The SolarMovie site is an aggregation of numerous other free movie sites that are found online. This in a way makes the browsing a lot easier as you have so many options to choose from.

Technology has advanced in such a way that we don’t have to depend on the televisions for providing us with good movies. With amazing sites like SolarMovie, the online movie watching has become a lot easier.

Most of the movie buffs nowadays have the amazing opportunity to watch free movies online. A movie, as soon as it is released, gets posted these movie sites. You have so many different options. From chick flicks to romantic comedies and thrillers to horror movies, you have the complete list in here.

All you need to do is visit the site and get whatever you want. Most people are the loyal customers of these online movie streaming websites. They prefer watching/ downloading movies from the online sites rather than watching it on TV. This is certainly a positive element for the online movie sites.

One thing is for sure, that SolarMovie an efficient site that provides the movie buffs with an opportunity to watch the movies that they want, online. But as amazing as the site is, SolarMovie doesn’t always have the movie that you might want. There are some limitations.

SolarMovie sometimes fails to get the movie that you need to see. And for that reason, it is important to know about the other websites that provide the same features as SolarMovie. These sites can be an excellent alternative to SolarMovie as you will get what you want on these sites.

We are here with a list of names of the sites like SolarMovie that provide online movie streaming for free. All you have to do is visit the websites and start watching your favourite movies.

#1 Hulu


SolarMovie doesn’t always have the movies that you want to see, but it is still considered to be a great package. And when you want to see the movies that you don’t get on SolarMovie, there is amazing site like somarmovie, which is Hulu.

Hulu is an amazing website where you can watch pretty much any video that you want to see. And that includes movies as well. Also, it is kind of a live TV as well. From channels that run your favorite sitcoms, you can choose anything you want from Hulu.


#2 Movie Watcher


Now get access to every single TV series, Sitcom, movies and pretty much every single video that you would want to see. The Movie Watcher gets you a free pass to movie land by bringing these amazing videos right to your computer.

It is on this site that you will get to watch every single movie that has been released or is about to be released and that too at a lightning fast speed. This site is like the ‘godfather’ of online movie streaming sites and is an excellent SolarMovie alternative. Try out the Movie Watcher once you won’t be able to go back to the other sites.



#3 Bob Movies

There is another alternative to solarmovie. I found this site through my research.  Bob movies is an amazing site. You can watch favorite movies which are categorized in different genre, years, and country. To make movie search more convenient, the alphabetical sorting is also given at the left panel.

All the movies are in HD quality. With high speed Internet, you can enjoy any movie. If you want to download them, just register yourself, and the download mode activates on your account. It is one of the best websites to stream movies online as well as download them on your device.



#4 Vumoo


Now, most people don’t just want a site that provides countless movies only. The generation of today wants more when it comes to online streaming. And for them, Vumoo is an amazing site to try. Not only do you get the choicest of movies in here, but the documentary collection of this particular online movie site is absolutely fantastic. And that’s not even the best part.

The best part is that it is absolutely free. Yes, you can watch unlimited movies and videos for free with Vumoo. Just get yourself registered with your account and you are all set to enter the world of free movie streaming online. The collection of the movies are amazing in Vumoo, going 60, 000 movies in the list. The quality is amazing as well. So go ahead and try it. This site works as an alternative to SolarMovie.



#5 Haloa Movies


Lesser ads and high-quality movies…that’s the dream for every online movie watcher. And that dream comes true when you watch a movie from the Haloa Movies. This site is not really the same as the sites that are similar to SolarMovie. In this particular site, you get the details for the movie that you are going to watch. It helps you to catch on the storyline first. Isn’t it great? Well, Haloa Movies can be an amazing alternative to SolarMovie, but the only thing lacking here is that they don’t have the TV series.



#6 Rainierland


Now, this is not what you are thinking. It is not like the other ordinary movie streaming sites like SolarMovie. Rather, it is something that is even better than that. Imagine if you had access to the movies and the TV series that you liked. This is what Rainierland does for you.

It provides the ultimate favourite series and movies that are specialized according to the taste of the users. It is here that they get the shows that they actually like and not just some compensatory videos. All you have to do here is name your category and choose the series or the movie that you want to watch. It is a completely convenient option for the user.


#7 Yify


When it comes to streaming movies online, one thing that people are the most concerned about is the quality of the movies that make or break the appeal of it. If you have a bad quality streaming then why would you even choose that site?

Well, for people who believe that quality wins in a match with quantity, Yify is a site that is the best fit for them. Proved to be an amazing SolarMovie alternative, this particular site has the highest quality movies in store for you to watch online. You get HD movies, and that’s just the cherry on the  cake. The actual great thing about this site is that all the movies that you get to see are absolutely free of cost. So what are you waiting for?



#8 New Movies Online


Get access to superb movies online with this amazing website, the New Movies Online. For movie buffs, this is the perfect website as you can choose your favourite film from the different genres available here. Also, language is no barrier here as his site has movies from different parts of the world. In the mood for something different? Then you can definitely watch a movie of different language from this particular site that has the best movies and biographies for you.


#9 Movies4u


Another great site for movie lovers, this particular site is an amazing one for those who want high-quality movies and TV shows to watch. This site, with its amazing collection of movies, makes every single user feel satisfied and happy after each movie-watching experience.

Movies4u is certainly a great SolarMovie alternative as it has got some great shows and movies for you to stream online. Now get all the movies for free in here. All you have to do is register here and you can pick any movie you want from the list.



#10 Yes Movies


This site is another great site that provides the favourite movies of the users. You can now say yes to the movies that you would like to watch with the help of YesMovies, as they have got a wonderful collection of well-known movies sorted out for you. This makes the website a popular option for people who are looking for sites like SolarMovie. Competent and efficient in providing with the classiest movies, the collection of this site is based on the IMDb ratings, genre and everything else.



#11 Movie4k


When it comes to choosing sites like SolarMovie, Movies4k is certainly a wonderful option for movie lovers. This particular site has amazing movies that you would want to see on a movie night. Although the site does not provide online streaming, it offers you a list of links where you will get the same movie. The efficiency of the website is so muchthat you’ll even get the oldest of the movies in here.


Final Words:

You don’t have to do much nowadays if you want to watch a movie. Just go to one of these sites like solarmovie and select a genre which suits you, pick a movie to watch and you are all ready to watch it.

I did my best to find the solarmovie alternatives. If you find any other relevant site that we can add to this list, do a comment below my mentioning the name of the site.

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