Top 10 Sites like Rainierland

Are you fond of watching new movies or TV shows and videos? If yes, then Rainierland or sites like Rainierland are the perfect platforms you can look for.

Undoubtedly, rainier land is one of the amazing movie sites on the internet. If you feel irritated from the advertisements that display on the screen while watching a movie, then you’ll definitely love the simple interface of the site. Here, you can find the movies or shows in full HD quality without any interruption of the ads.

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Rainierland and sites like Rainierland is just a complete package of entertainment where you merely don’t find movies but your favorite TV shows and series as well.  However, if you ever find the point where you are running out of movies, then here we are discussing the alternatives or we can say other sites similar to Rainierland you can opt for:

Sites like Rainierland


Though, there are a lot of Rainierland alternative, here we are discussing top 10 sites which you can choose for watching your favorite movie and TV shows. Every site has its own key highlights. So have a look:



Putlocker is on the top rank among the list of best site like Rainierland. It deserves to be on the top position due to its huge collection of movie records. As most people are used to the earlier version of the Putlocker site, they find the new one bit confusing. But there is no need to worry as the movies can be browsed directly on the movie sections and the same is with TV shows.

It is like a library of most latest and classic release of movies on the internet. The amazing highlights of Putlocker are:

  • It has an element of providing brilliant HD quality videos and movies.
  • It is a deposit of movies arranged from various sources and it allows you to download movies in any quality of your choice.
  • It is incorporated with a new URL system which is completely functional and you can search and get any movie of your choice.



Fmovies is also the best site other than rainierland. This website is perfect for both streaming and installing new movies in best quality. The site hosts the movies and shows in numerous languages. This is also a good a Rainierland alternative.

There are various extensions as well for Fmovies such as & Fmovies. Is. In case, you find difficulty in accessibility of the site, you can make use of the extensions. The other superior features of the site are:

  • The site provides you the movies and TV shows in 13 different dialects.
  • The best feature of this site is it contains very less number of advertisements so that you can watch the movies hassle-free.


3. XMOVIES 8 (


Xmovies 8 is the outstanding site amongst the sites like Rainierland. Moreover, you don’t need to worry; it doesn’t upload the adult content despite of its name.

It is like other sites and the database is quite vast. You can stream and download the latest movies easily on the internet. Let’s look over some stunning features of the site:

  • The site provides you with the movies of various genres such as horror, comedy, thriller, romantic etc.
  • The unique feature of the site is that you can search for the movie by director’s name as well. In fact, you can browse them movies by writer, actor, and year names also.
  • Also, you can search the movies which on the latest trend on the site and can watch the most top ranked movies. This will also result in time saving and conveniences for the users.




Hubmovie is considered to be the quickest and most ideal site among all the sites other than rainier land.  You can watch the movies and shows in HD quality. The site is quite simple and easy to understand.  It is suggestible for you to even switch from your TV subscription to this superb site. The highlights of the respective site are:

  • The site is meant not only for the movies but it keeps up the entertainment shows too.
  • It allows to you put a request of the movie which is not available on the site so that it can be uploaded soon.
  • It gives you the full update of upcoming movies and full TV shows schedule so that you are fully informed about the duration of your coming favorite show.
  • The site allows you to filter the movies and shows of various genres and kinds.



Looking for another perfect site other than rainierland, Geeker is the most ideal approach. Geeker has a wide collection of the films, music, PDFs, e-books etc. Being a good alternative to Rainierland, it offers an inside and out the administration for media downloads on the web. The key features of the site are:

  • You can browse fully HD quality motion pictures over here.
  • Here you can install and download music boundlessly. You can enjoy unlimited music over here.
  • You can browse top TV shows and not only this; it allows you to check multiple e-books, PDFs etc.



new movies

The next best movie streaming site like rainierland is New Movies. Whenever you are getting bored, the site comes up with the most amazing entertaining contents in your life. You can watch all the movies in supreme quality through the site. The stunning highlights of the new movies site are:

  • The site is not only a movie streaming site but also a TV show streaming site where you can watch your latest and favorite TV show.
  • The interface of the site is too simple and doesn’t involve any confusion for the users.
  • You will not be getting interrupted with the advertisements that appear while you are watching movies and shows.
  • You can also choose from the classifications of movies such as thriller, activity, family, animation etc.


Movie flixter is one of the most loved sites like rainierland. If you are looking for a site that do not requires any account creation or registration process or anything, then movie flixter is the ideal approach for the same. Also, it provides you with the HD quality movie link for free of cost alike other sites. The features of this site are:

  • The site do not upload the movie directly, instead it merely provides the link through which you can watch your favorite movie online in HD quality.
  • There are no formalities to be completed for watching the show on the site and also it is free of cost.



watch free

Watch free is one of the most diversified sites among all the sites like rainierland. Also, it fully justifies its name ‘Watch free’ as you can watch movies here for free of cost.  The site is also fully updated and you can browse all the movies easily on it. The features of the site are:

  • The site also host few TV shows and TV series also besides movies.
  • The site is easily accessible and you will discover the route to various areas.
  • Watch free excels in every part related to entertainment that means it hosts every kind of movie such as thriller, history, comic drama and many more.
  • There is no need for creation of any account or registration for using the site.


house movie

Housemovie is a site just like rainierland. This site is becoming popular day by day . Some of the key highlights of Housemovie are:

  • It is a site not just for watching movies but also for TV shows and series
  • The site is timely updated and there are no complexities indulged in it. Therefore, it is easy to understand.
  • The site is very much composed and you just have to tap on the respective movie or show that you want to watch and you will find numerous streaming links of the same.
  • Additionally, the site also shows some news with respect to the movie or show that appears.


movie watcher

Movie watcher is undoubtedly an amazing choice for movie streaming among sites like rainierland. Movie watcher watches out the quality and quantity of everything related to the entertainment stuff, be it any little show or a popular and latest movie. The superior highlights of movie watcher are discussed below:

  • The site not only acts as a means of entertainment for you but also helps you to increase your knowledge related to the movies. It keeps you updated about the release of upcoming movies and TV shows with their respective duration.
  • You can search for your most loved flicks over here. They are backed with different genres such as drama, history, MP3 biographies etc.
  • It also keeps you updated with the TV shows so that user cannot miss even a single episode of their favorite TV shows.

Conclusion:  There are numerous sites that act as Rainierland alternative. You can get a thousand of other sites like rainierland on the web. Since, we have discussed the best 10 sites which you can opt for in case you are running of movies and shows. All the above discussed sites are user friendly and there are no complexities involved in any of them. So, have a look on the amazing features of the respective sites and choose according to your choice.

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