Top 25 Sites like FMovies: Fmovies Alternative

To watch movie online in high definition quality, for free, without registration – the only site that pops up in our mind is FMovies. But what if we tell you that there are many sites like FMovies? Yes, there are many websites with an easy interface like that of FMovies and allows the user to watch the Movies and even TV shows online. They are for free and you can watch it without any registration or sign-up. So making your work a lot easier, we have listed the names of the sites like FMovies. Here it goes:-

Top 10 Sites like FMovies

Get a list of sites like Fmovies. It will get you most amazing and latest movies and TV shows in no time. It took me many hours to build this list. If you find any site is not working then do let me know with your comments.

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#1. YesMovies


Quite a preferred alternative for FMovies, YesMovies is becoming quite popular. What makes it so popular? It has a vast collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and of other film industry as well along with a dynamically organised layout. In short, it is one of the best sites like FMovies to watch your movies and TV series online.

Website link:

#2. GoMovies


This is one recognized name amongst the popular websites like FMovies. What makes it so favoured among the movie buffs? The reason is that site continuously updates its database of movies consistently. With a very subtle layout, it offers the users to watch the movies in high definition quality. From action to romantic, from horror to comedy, you find a very good collection of movies of different genres.

Website link:

#3. Movie2k


This is one of the leading names when it comes to listing websites like FMovies. It allows users to watch their favourite movies and TV Shows online. In the digital world, where everything is getting speedy, Movie2K is no different. It allows users to watch their favourite movies without any registration. It offers complete “user-friendly” experience of watching movies and TV shows online.

Website link:

#4. MovieWatcher


If pure bliss is to be defined for movie buffs, then this site is their Santa Claus. It allows the users to watch the new releases and TV shows for free without any sign-up or registration. All you need to do is to enter the name of the movie in the search box like you make a wish to the Santa and TADAAA… you can have it. It’s “coming soon” section which features movies that are about to be released is quite enticing.

Website link:

#5. Rainierland


This is one of the sites where you can access the media content like movies and TV shows easily in high defined quality. The site is like FMovies and offers a wide range of feature films and TV shows. With the filters like best rated, latest added, most viewed, trending Movies and TV shows, it makes your search more easy delivering an experience that can be best defined as “GREAT”. The site also has the search bar wherein you can enter the name for the specific search.

Website link:

#6. Bmovies


This is yet another popular site like FMovies for watching movies and TV series online. There is classification based on genre, A-Z list along with Top rated on IMDB. The good thing is like FMovies there is no need for registration. The site features more than 2 streaming servers and you can easily watch the IMDB ratings and movie trailer on the site only. No need to switch the sites for accessing this information.

Website link:

#7. Movie4U



Yeah, as the name suggests, the site features an incredible collection of movies and TV shows. It’s quite a favourite of many movie buffs due to high rated features. Easy search based on categories like genres, IMDB  rating, year of release along with fewer ads in comparison to other websites like FMovies, makes it a top choice.

Website link:

#8. Movie4K


This is yet another name which is popular amongst the websites like FMovies. This is one of the biggest platforms that allow users to watch videos online. With a huge collection of movies, it will surely be your go-to website for finding movies of different genres. With a search bar that helps the users to enter their specific search, the website is gaining quite a recognition among the movie lovers.

Website link:

#9. CmoviesHD


One of the biggest problems faced by users in many sites which feature online streaming of movies for free and without sign-up is “the wrong server”. Moreover, there is only 1 streaming server which is not working and that makes it of no worth. But that’s where Cmovies is quite different as it has  4-5 streaming servers for movies. So even if one of your servers isn’t working, you can try another with just a click. This website allows users to watch the movies and TV shows online for free without any registration.

Website link:


#10. 5movies


Don’t go over the name, the website has a whole lot of collection of several anime, TV series and movies. You can watch it online even without nay sign-up. What is its USP? With a handy and clean interface and just one of two pop-ups that might annoy you while clicking on the play button, it offers everything. You can easily filter your search on criteria like genres, years, and even countries. This is one of the best alternatives for FMovies.

Website link:

#11. WolowTube


Our next pick is WolowTube which is quite a popular site for watching online movies for free. Without any registration or sign-up, you can easily watch or download your favourite movie. Registration might be the problem for many as it is one tedious task which you don’t want to spoil your mood with when all you want is to watch your favourite movie.

Website Link:

#12. Niter


Another favourite of many movie Buffs, this website is quite like FMovies. What are the most distinctive features of Niter? It is free from all those annoying advertisements. You can enter your desired movie or genre in the search box and TADAA… it’s there. Moreover, the website features some of the Netflix exclusives as well. So you can enjoy that too and for free.

Website Link:

#13. YoMovies

As quirky as its name, this website is one of the most popular names amongst sites like FMovies. Apart from letting the users see the incredible movies from its vast collection, the website also allows the downloading of these movies in HD. Movie buffs, there is more as you don’t have to sign up for all this fun.  Films from Hollywood, from Bollywood and even Hindi dubbed movies of several other different languages- you can get everything you’re looking for here.

Website link:

#14. VexMovies


VexMovies which has enclaved its names amongst top sites like FMovies is where you find pure bliss in the form of feature films. With its incredible layout, it offers the users to watch the movie without any distractions. Movies are filtered on the basis of the genre and with the advanced search which is the most likeable feature of the site; you can find your movie within few seconds.

Website link:

#15. GoStream


This site is quite similar to that of FMovies. You can access all the media content which primarily includes Movies and TV shows without any registration and for free. One of the most likeable features of the site is it allows to play movies with just a click without any disturbing pop-ups or annoying advertisements. Filters like Top listed on IMDB, most viewed, on the basis of the genre make the search very easy. This is one of the top choices when it comes to movie sites like FMovies.

Website link:

#16. 123MoviesHub


A proxy sit of the 123Movies, this site is quite similar to FMovies vies-a-vi features. You don’t need to register for downloading movies for free. This site is quite popular for its collection of new releases. All the necessary information like the trailer of the movies, its rating on IMDB, the duration of the movie along with language and country can easily be found here. Categories are quite handy as well and you can easily find what you are looking for.

Website link:

#17. PutLocker


Featuring top listed movies on IMDB, Putlocker is another name popular amongst sites like FMovies. The good thing about the site is it has a large collection of movies which are filtered on the basis of their genre and country. You can find the movies streaming in HD, SD and CAM video quality. It has quite similar features as that of FMovies.

Website link:

#18. HouseMovie


Listing itself amongst the top 25 websites like FMovies, HouseMovie is considerably the preferred choice of many movie lovers. The reason being it has the most exquisite collection of several movies and TV serials in high defined quality. With an appealing layout, it also allows the user to watch and download the media content for free and without any registration.

Website link:

#19. Solarmovie


This is quite a popular name amongst Movie buffs as it is one of their favourite platforms to watch full-length movies and to download it in high quality. You don’t have to sign up as well. The only thing you need is an ad blocker extension as the site features many ads and pop-ups that might annoy you. With a huge collection of movies which are categorized on the basis of genre and country, you can get TV shows as well.

Website link:

#20. IOMovies


This is one of the best alternatives for sites like FMovies. The websites are one of the biggest platforms where you can find the latest movies and TV shows. The homepage of the website features some most viewed and top rated movies. What makes is so popular? The website has fewer ads unlike other sites and it allows the search of the movie based on genre as well.

Website link:

#21. FixTor


This is one of the popular alternatives for FMovies as it allows the users to access the media content without any fuss. What are the features that make it so popular? HD video quality, no need to sign up along with fast streaming and the vast collection of movies and TV shows, everything you need is here. it superfast streaming of movies with no interruptions make it a favourite and go to the site of many movie aficionadi.

Website link:

#22. Yify TV

Yify TV

If you’re looking for sites like FMovies or its best alternatives, then your search can surely be ended with Yify TV. Offering the movies in high definition quality, you can watch them and download them as well. It provides the users with 4-5 streaming links to choose from along with IMDB ratings, cast, directors, and even synopsis of movies. You can watch the trailer of the movie as well which makes it quite a favourite site for many movie lovers.

Website link:


#23. M4UFree


What makes it listed amongst the most popular websites like FMovies? Like the FMovies, the website also features two streaming servers of movies and TV series. You can easily search for your movie owing to tits filter like genre based, release year, most watched, trending, etc. Also, you can search for specific movies in its search bar. High defined videos without any registration, isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Website link:

#24. PutLocker9


This is yet another popular platform for movie watching like FMovies. One of the many best things about the site is that it not only features the movies but TV shows as well. With an interface that is easy to understand, it will surely be your favourite site to watch the movie or any TV series. Also, the movies are well organized in different categories that help you to filter your search.

Website link:

So, now you have got 25 more options to look for when all you need is the dose of your favourite movie or TV show and of course a big bowl of popcorn.

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