20 Free Movies Download Websites Without Registration 2020

We have one question for all the movie buffs out there – what is the thing you dearly want? Free Movies Download Websites Without Registration! This is surely the answer. We all do miss those days when torrents were in. However, they are now illegal and could land you in severe trouble. That is where Netflix and Amazon take the show. However, they charge a lot. Hence, the need for cheaper and easier options. Enjoying movies without having to fill in your details and paying a fortune, is purely a bliss. We are sure all of you would agree to that. After all, who doesn’t want to watch the latest episode of their favorite series or the new movie that has just been released online!

Therefore, we have compiled this list of the top 10 websites that allow free movies download websites without registration. These websites are a safe haven for all those movie freaks and helps them save a lot of their money.

List of free movies download websites without registration….

Sites to download Free Movie Online No Sign up Required

Advice: Just take care of the difference between Google ads and the direct download link. If you have opened the google ads mistakenly, just visit back to the website and find the real downloading link of that movie.

List of Free Movies Download Websites Without Registration 2020

These sites are enough to entertain you all the day. Just download movies or shows from these sites and bang on each of your holiday. No need to follow any registration process. Just go to the site and search for your favorite movie or show. You can online stream or download directly to your device. Most of the sites update frequently so you can get the latest movies without any hassle.

Let’s get started with Sites to download Free Movie Online where no sign up required.

1. Popcornflix

popcorn flix

In this list the first site about which we are going to discuss is Popcornflix, it is one of the best place to stream online HD movies. Popcornflix keeps on adding new content regularly which gives a great time to its users. Once you go through it there you will find more than 1500 movies of different types like horror, comedy, drama, Documentaries, action, family, romance and thrillers. You are free to stream any of them and the best thing which is provided by this site is you need not to do any kind of registration or sign up, just go through the site, search your favorite content and start watching.

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2. 123 Movies

The next most popular and best site to stream movies is 123 Movies, due to various proxies and VPN’s this site has got the legacy of online free movies, it is a site where you will get the collection of all latest movies with a quite impressive library where you can find all of your favorite content to watch. For watching movies on this site you do not even need to register, sign up or pay any charges not even in starting or in further duration. All of the best contents are available free of cost on this amazing site. Another best feature which attracts user more toward this site is the availability of content in different languages. On 123 movies, you can get the worldwide collection of movies and TV shows in several languages like Korean, Tamil, Hindi, Chines, Kannada etc.

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3. Crackle


If you are fond of watching online TV shows, movies, web shows then crackle will be the best option for you. Sony Pictures Entertainment owned this site and provides best free content to scroll with some advertising platforms. You can stream good quality movies, videos on this site, when you start Crackle, it will recommend sign up but it is not necessary to do so, you will automatically get access to stream online although based on your choice you can also go to sign up procedure as it allows you to maintain a watch list with your preferences.

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4. YouTube


It is one of the vast network spread throughout the world, there you can find more than thousands of videos, TV shows, movies to watch online without any registration or sign up procedure. This platform allows you to access any content free of cost available in it, you may also get some paid videos on YouTube. It is not necessary that you got the one for which you are looking but there are more chances to get your searched content on YouTube and once found you can stream the HD movies directly there, absolutely free.

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5. Los Movies

For movie lovers, this site is like a dream where they can find a high quality copy of any latest movie. This site provides you all high rated newly released movies as soon as possible. You can find more than 300 movies of different types there which can be streamed online with good audio video quality, quantity, design, updates etc. If you love to watch new movies as early they release then this will be the good option for you, go through it and stream any content there.

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6. Viewster


Viewster provides you a huge stock of online movies, not only movies you can also get your favorite TV shows on this site. As it is completely free of charge and any problem you can even find lots of unknown movies in this heap, it is not bad to have a try with those movies in your free time as nothing is chargeable. The only thing that can bother you are advertisements. We can go through these ads for having the pleasure of free movie downloads no registration.

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7. Putlocker

Registrations or Sign up seems wastage of time and if you do not want to go through them then Putlocker will going to be one of the free movies download websites without registrationyou can simply visit Putlocker and can stream not only movies even your favorite TV shows. There you can get new and old both types of movies which can be filtered out by release year, alphabet, genre etc. or you can search by your choice directly in the search bar. The thing which makes Putlocker different from other sites is that here you will get the brief introduction of the movie which you are going to watch so that you can get an idea will it be relevant to you or not. So, go through searching read the plot of a movie and watch them in high quality on this site.

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8. Amazon Prime

amazon prime

This the most trending site among users where you can get all of your favorite content without any hustle. Amazon prime allows you to watch any movie online without even performing any kind of registration or sign up, once you go through it there you will find a wide collection of movies. The only drawback is you can avail this opportunity only for 30 days as Amazon primes provide a free trial of 30 days and for the continuation of service you need to pay subscription amount but I think there is no problem in streaming best quality latest movies free of cost there for a whole month. You can get all latest movies in a very great quality here yeah true that you cannot enjoy it free for longer but a month duration is also quite good for enjoying such good contents, you should once try it.

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9. Cosmo Tube

The another site in this list about which we are going to know is Cosmo Tube. it is also one of the good online free movies streaming sites which provides all latest and old movies to meet the desire of users. You can simply stream any movie by visiting the site, searching for your favorite movie, click on it and start moving it is very simple. You need not to go through any registration or sign up procedure. You can stream a very good collection of latest movies and TV shows on this site which can even be filtered based on different factors especially on your choices like which type of movie you want to stream drama, action, horror, romance, comedy or any biopic you will get everything there. You can even get your favorite TV shows or catch up missed episodes of past events.

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10. Vidics


Vidics is the last site of our list about which we are going to share with you, as till now we got many sites which allow streaming latest as well as old movies free of cost without any fed up process of sign up similarly Vidics is also one of these popular sites which allow us to go through our favorite content either movies or TV shows. If you are tired of searching for your desired movie then go to this site you will definitely find the related search although you cannot stream movies directly on Vidics but it will suggest you some 7-8 different links of other sites where you can find your favorite movie. Do not worry! These sites also serve free streaming of online movies with high quality and quantity and same these sites will also not ask you for any registration or anything else.

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11. The Internet Archive


This website became popular overnight. It is quite famous in the movie download world and has established a name for itself already. This website has been winning the hearts of many and is a favorite for movie overs. The site has a plethora of movies, videos, music, books and more, making it a serious attraction for content lovers. You can easily download any number of books, videos and movies etc without any kind of hitches. And, all that for FREE!

Talking about its technical aspects, the website is very well designed and is pretty user friendly. The navigation on the website is smooth and easy to use. All you need to do is search for your desirable movie or series and open the download link. Based on your choice of download quality, you can go ahead and download it. However, what we would also like to tell you is that if you are trying to download a large file, better check your internet connection for faster speeds, failing which the download could stop midway! Apart from this, there is absolutely nothing that you need to worry about while using The Internet Archive.

Link: https://archive.org/details/movies

12. House Movie

house movie

This is another platform that we would recommend for automatic download of free movies. The website has a great collection of most loved movies and series, TV shows etc. You can not only download the movies but can also stream online. The website allows the users to select the movies according to their choice of genre, duration, IMDB rating and more. What’s great about this website is the fact that the library is very regularly updated and new serials and movies keep getting added frequently. So, your movie quota for the week is sorted! Isn’t it?

Link: https://housemovie.to

13. Open Culture

open culture

For all those movie fanatics who are only and only into culture movies, this website is a boon! If you totally love culture movies and want to watch any education of culture related movies, this is the place! This website is great for those who want to read any business related books or are looking for online textbooks, audios and language guides too. The only thing you wouldn’t find here is other genres. There is no horror or sci-fi or love stories here. But, if you want to enjoy Charlie Chaplin, who needs anything else! If you are new to this movie world, this website is perfect for you and you can easily get used to this. Downloading works in a similar fashion as most of the other sites.

Link: http://www.openculture.com

14. Movie Watcher

movie watcher

For all those movie enthusiasts who love following Hollywood movies and TV shows and series, Movie Watcher is just for them! This website allows free movies download without registration. It is a completely free website that has genres of content, ranging from movies, TV shows and series. You can find movies by year of release, genre, duration of movie, listed out on the website. This website is again optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets.

Link: https://www.moviewatcher.site



This website is popular for its high quality content. It has a lot of videos, music, movies and shows that you can watch, that too in HD and also 4K modes of quality. The directory is very well-maintained and organized and you will not have any issue using its search bar to find the movie you are looking for!


16. Movies Joy

If you want to download the latest Hollywood movies in good quality, this website is the best for you! This is the latest favorite addition to the list. You can download and live stream almost any movie of any category. The library is huge and has a wide collection of movies of different genres. Not only this, but they keep updating their library very frequently and that means, MORE AND MORE MOVIES! The website also has a rating feature that lists out movies based on their date of addition and the ones that are the most popular. This helps you save a fortune of a time in selecting the movies. Another amazing thing about this website is, you can also download HD GAMES for free! Isn’t that awesome?

Link: https://www.moviesjoy.net

17. Retrovision


This is another of our favourite free movie download sites. The website has a large collection of different movies- all for free! Their collection includes thrillers, romance, comedy, adventure, horror, sci-fi and more! Not only this, but they also have a number of English series, TV shows, books and music available online for its users. The website is device optimized and can be easily used on your mobile phone and tablets too! Isn’t that simply great and convenient? The page has its search bar at the bottom, where you need to type in the name of the movie that you are looking for. The download process is quite simple and easy and doesn’t take much time. What is the concern is that they do take a lot of time before updating their collections.

Link: https://retrovision.tv

18. Classic Cinema Online

classic cinema online

Do you love watching classics and blockbusters? A lot of the websites will only show you the recent hit movies or max up to the previous 20-30 years! But, not this site! Classic cinema online gives you a list of long-loved movies, classic and blockbusters dating back to the era of black and white movies too! They have excellently grouped the movies into different genres like teens, silent, etc. The quality of the movies is excellent and there is a very big collection of movies as well, ranging from drama, romance, horror, mystery etc. What we would, however, like for the admins to improve is that they should work on updating the libraries sooner!

Link: http://www.classiccinemaonline.com

19. Movies Found Online

movies found online

Another global website to download movies, music, series, TV Shows and videos for free is moviesfoundonline.com. This platform has a wider base of variety and also offers stand up comedy shows and documentaries, along with the regular content mentioned above. The website gives you the option of checking out the long list of available sub-genres in each of the above categories. You can enjoy any type of movie according to your choice- sci-fi, thriller, comedy, adventure etc. On this platform, content is uploaded directly by movie producers and the owners of the various accounts. The content reflects on the website only after being approved by the admin of the groups. Therefore, you can count on the safety and cyber-security of this website.

Link: https://moviesfoundonline.com

20. Cmovies HD

cmovies hd

Last but not the least, this is another great website to download free Hollywood movies and web series. It gives you high quality HD content in different genres and forms like TV shows, movies, series, music videos etc. You can explore this website to find a list of fresh movies, that you may not find elsewhere.

Link: https://www5.cmovieshd.bz

Ending Words…..

This is our list of the the top 10 free movies download websites without registration! Do try these out and let us know how it turned out for you! We are sure these websites will tickle the movie buff hidden inside you. Go on and enjoy your weekend! You can thank us later!

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