If you are a game lover, you remember that the latest SIMS series is SIMS 4 that was released in September 2014. Since then we have got many updates and also the mobile game app too. The game does have some flaws but still, it was a success,and the fans are eagerly waiting for the next series ‘SIMS 5’ with some more advanced features.

For those who need a little reminder, the SIMS is a series of a video game made by EAMaxis and published under Electronic Arts. The first series was released in February 2000,and since then we had three more members added to the family. The game is a real-life simulation game and has set a record of selling more than 175 million copies. Here in this post, we are going to talk about everything we know about the SIMS 5.

SIMS 5: Release Date

‘SIMS 5’ Release Date,Rumors, and Other Details

Fans of the game are already addicted to the series of SIMS. EA has not even officially announced the production of SIMS 5. The officials made a statement way before that the making of the next series of SIMS totally depends on the success of SIMS 4. Though there are rumors about the release of SIMS 5 in 2020, we know that the makers are currently focussing on SIMS 4 and updating new content to keep the fan players satisfied.

SIMS 5: Updates

For now, the developers are focusing on the suggestions by the fans about what they would like to see in the upcoming ‘SIMS.’Here are some ideas that could be included in SIMS 5.

SIMS 5 could use some vehicles. Before SIMS 4, there were vehicles for the SIMS that they could use to go the nearby distance,but in SIMS 4, the vehicleswere removed,and we are given an option to choose where we want to go and bam! We are there. So there is no need to drive from here to there. But c’mon vehicles were so much fun than being from one place to another in a click. Don’t you think so?

The developers should also give the freedom to choose your own work with a variety more wide to selectfrom. Also, they could add pets, seasons, toddlers, and pools to make it look more appealing as of now.

Well those were our suggestions,and we really don’t know what the developers are up to and when are we going to get SIMS 5. What do you think should be added for a more lifelike experience in SIMS 5?

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