Sidemen Net Worth Revealed 2023 – The Impressive Wealth of 7 British YouTubers

The Sidemen – a band of 7 British YouTubers who took the internet by storm. Their hilarious antics and camaraderie have earned them over 17 million subscribers and counting.

But how much are these online entertainers really worth? Let’s take a look at the remarkable riches of the Sidemen.

Sidemen Net Worth


Starting out in 2013 as a group of guys just playing video games online, the Sidemen have morphed into YouTube royalty. With popular series like their football challenges and scary escape rooms, they know how to keep their viewers engaged.

These seven British creators have mastered the YouTube game and make bank from ads, sponsorships, merchandise and more. Find out how much each Sidemen member is worth today.

The Richest Sidemen Members

The Sidemen members rake in the big bucks from their collective and individual YouTube channels. But which member is the richest? Let’s count down the Sidemen members’ net worths from lowest to highest:

7. Tobjizzle – $1 Million

With his hilarious personalities and commentary, Tobi Brown (aka Tobjizzle) has earned about $1 million. As one of the newer Sidemen members, he has plenty of time to grow his fortune.

6. Behzinga – $5 Million

Known for his FIFA videos and goofy humor, Ethan Payne (Behzinga) has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Not too shabby!

5. Zerkaa – $5 Million

Josh Bradley (Zerkaa) has amassed around $5 million from his GTA content and contributions to the Sidemen.

4. Vikkstar123 – $10 Million

Vikram Barn (Vikkstar123) is one of the more popular Sidemen with over 8 million YouTube subscribers. His net worth is estimated at $10 million and counting.

3. W2S – $12 Million

Harry Lewis (W2S) is worth approximately $12 million thanks to his hilarious challenges, vlogs and FIFA gameplay videos.

2. Miniminter – $18 Million

With his witty banter and consistency, Simon Minter (Miniminter) has built an impressive $18 million net worth.

1. KSI – $20 Million

As the most famous of the Sidemen, Olajide Olatunji (KSI) tops the list with a $20 million fortune. His boxing matches and music career have boosted his wealth significantly.

? How did the Sidemen get so rich? Let’s break down their revenue sources.

How The Sidemen Make Their Money

The Sidemen have mastered making money on YouTube and beyond. Here are the main sources contributing to their impressive net worths:

YouTube Ad Revenue

With over 17 million subscribers and millions of views per month, the Sidemen earn big from YouTube ads alone. They likely make anywhere from $2-5 million yearly from their collective channel. The members also monetize their massively popular individual channels.


The Sidemen Clothing merch line is a huge moneymaker, generating up to $2 million annually. From hoodies to hats, their designs fly off the (virtual) shelves.


These guys get sponsored left and right. Promoting brands like EA Sports, Elgato and more earns them a tidy sum. Sponsorship deals can easily net 6 figures for creators of this size.


In 2019, the Sidemen published the book “Sidemen: The Book” which became a #1 Sunday Times bestseller. The book added nicely to their bank accounts.


KSI’s music career has been a lucrative endeavor, earning him millions of streams and landing him on the UK charts.


KSI’s boxing matches against Joe Weller and Logan Paul brought in multi-million dollar paydays. Even his losing effort against Logan earned him up to $10 million.

Sidemen By The Numbers

Let’s look at some key stats that highlight the incredible success of the Sidemen:

  • 130+ million combined YouTube subscribers
  • 18.9 million subscribers on their joint Sidemen channel
  • Over 5 billion views on their Sidemen channel
  • 57 million monthly views on the Sidemen channel
  • $3-5 million estimated yearly earnings from their shared channel
  • $26 million total estimated net worth

It’s clear the Sidemen know how to succeed on YouTube and leverage their internet fame into fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about the Sidemen and their wealth:

How Did The Sidemen Meet?

Most of the guys went to school together or met through the gaming community. KSI and Miniminter attended the same high school, for example.

Who Is The Youngest Sidemen Member?

At 25 years old, Tobjizzle is the youngest Sideman.

Are The Sidemen Millionaires?

Yes, all seven Sidemen members are millionaires, with net worths ranging from $1 million to $20 million each.

Who Is The Richest YouTuber?

With an estimated net worth of $20 million, KSI is the richest Sideman and one of the wealthiest YouTubers overall.

Who Has The Most Subscribers On YouTube?

KSI has the most YouTube subscribers out of the Sidemen with over 23 million. The group as a whole has over 130 million total subscribers.

How Much Money Do The Sidemen Make A Year?

Collectively, the Sidemen likely earn $10-15 million per year from their various income sources like YouTube, merchandise, sponsorships and more.

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The Sidemen have ascended to the top of the YouTube world thanks to their hilarious group dynamic and entertaining video concepts. With over 130 million subscribers between them, these seven Brits have built an online entertainment empire.

Led by superstars like KSI and Miniminter, the Sidemen brand rakes in big money from YouTube ads, merchandise sales, sponsorships, books and other business ventures. Each member is now a multimillionaire, with KSI topping the list at an astounding $20 million net worth.

The Sidemen serve as inspirations for aspiring YouTubers everywhere. They show that with talent, creativity and teamwork, you can turn messing around online into millions in the bank. This magnificent seven from the UK continues to push the boundaries of YouTube fame and turn their passions into astonishing profits.

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