How To Add SHOWTIME App To Vizio Smart TV? (2 Ways)

The popularity for smart televisions has increased over the last few years due to people are looking for everything with just a click. Smart TVs mean that viewers no longer need to download additional apps on their smartphones , or join streaming platforms in order to view videos on laptop screens. However Vizio is among the most popular brand names when it comes to smart TVs. If you’re a fan of SHOWTIME We’re going to show you how to add the program to your TV to stream your preferred content!

How To Add SHOWTIME App To Vizio Smart TV?

Using SHOWTIME App On Vizio Smart TV

A lot of people are unaware that SHOWTIME doesn’t work in the Vizio TV. Vizio TV as the company hasn’t yet launched a specific application for this TV. The company plans to release soon an application. However, if you’d prefer to make use of the app now, you can choose to use Google Cast or Apple AirPlay. Before we show you what to do next make sure to keep in mind that you can sign-up for the app and then use it with the Google Google Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku as well as Apple TV.

In fact, there’s an application available on Sony Smart TV, LG Smart TV, and Samsung Smart TV. The application is compatible with Xbox, Windows, and Mac. However, if you’d like to run this app with Vizio TV, we are giving you two options that you could try!

1. Utilizing Apple AirPlay

To stream the SHOWTIME application for your Vizio TV you are able to make use of Apple AirPlay models after 2016 following the steps below;

  • The first step is to need to sign-up for SHOWTIME and download the application for your iPhone or iPad.
  • After the app has been installed, you must make use of your account credentials to sign in.
  • Now you can join your TV with the same internet network you’re using to access either your iPad or iPhone
  • Next, you need to start playing an app on your SHOWTIME app, and then tap the AirPlay button.
  • When the new pop-up window appears you can click Vizio TV The content of the app will stream onto the TV screen.

If you’re not able to use AirPlay, and you are unable to access the AirPlay feature on screen, it’s most likely that your firmware isn’t changed, so ensure that to update your firmware on your Vizio TV.

2. Utilizing Google Cast

If you’re an Android user but do not possess access to iPhone or iPad You can go to use Google Cast but make sure the product was launched in the year 2016. Follow the following instructions;

  • Join SHOWTIME’s SHOWTIME account and download the application onto either your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • After the app has been installed, you must make use of your account credentials to sign in.
  • Connect your TV with the wireless network you’re using to connect your smartphone or tablet.
  • Play the show on an SHOWTIME app, and then tap on the Google Cast button
  • From the menu, choose Vizio TV. You will be able to stream videos on your TV

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