Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3: ‘2018’ Release Date Update


Shinmai Maou no testament season 3 is one of the most popular international TV series and an action based fantasy anime series which is taken from the Testut Uesu light novel series. In total two seasons has been aired and now fans are waiting for the next season, the first season of Shinmai Maou no testament was aired on 7th January 2015 with the back to back release of the second season on 9th October 2015 with total twelve and ten episodes. Both seasons got tremendous hit with huge popularity worldwide and great ratings.

Shinmai Maou no testament or the testament of Sister New Devil is most awaited anime series which is inevitable and has raised lots of question whether the fans are going to see season 3 or not and if yes then when? There are lots of rumors related to Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3 release and the good news for anime lovers is we are going to see this series very soon in the year 2019.


What is Testament of Sister New Devil anime?

If you have not seen or do not know what is there in this series than let us give you a brief introduction to it. The writer of this novel series is Tetsuto Uesu although in this series there is not much logic or a screened story but still it is one of the most demanded and popular anime series just due to its amazing characters, from the time of 2012 when light novel was released there has been total 10 volumes in market and after that this series was adapted by manga series and achieve huge success in Japan.

In 2015 the making of Shinmai Maou no Testament was started after watching great success rate of both light novel and manga series and after release, this anime gather a huge fan base beyond expectations which results in back to back the release of two seasons with total 22 episodes within two years. As told earlier first season got aired from January 2015 to March 2015 with total 12 episodes and the second season got aired in the same year 2015 with total 10 episodes after back to back seasons fans were hoping next season in 2016 but unfortunately this did not happen without any official information. By the year 2017 the producers of Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3, Madman entertainment officially announced that they are working on the release of next season with proper casting and screenplay which is on the way.

Story and casting of Shinmai Maou no Testament

There is nothing a lot to learn about this anime series, it is just like normal anime story of a young boy who is there in this anime series doing lots of unrealistic things and has to save himself from other beautiful and cute girls in the anime. The story of Shinmai Maou no Testament is quite relative to the life of a young boy Basara Tojo who possess a cursed sword due to which he became infamous in his village later after facing lots of difficulties his father Jin Tojo married with another woman who has two daughter Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse, Jin introduce Basara with his stepsisters.

Everything was going smoothly till it was discovered that both girls are abnormal the elder Mio Naruse is a demon child who possesses lots of supernatural powers while the another Maria Naruse is there to help mio she in her service. Mio wants to rule over the underworld and she is there with this destination. Her main objective is to overthrow the Lord Leohart a demon and then get back her kingdom. Later as the story moves ahead another aspect comes out, Basara who is the hero of this anime series is the enemy of demon clan and belongs to the Hero clan

Maria knows some magic tricks and by using them she wanted to play a trick of a master-slave in which her motive is to make Mio the master and Basara the slave of her but fortunately she spells wrong magical words and everything becomes opposite, Basara becomes master and Mio become the slave of him.

Due to this accidental reversal of magic trick, Basara gets able to know each and every location and acts of Mio. She forcibly has to perform all tasks given by Basara as she can not disobey him, in case of refusal something irrelevant happens, this can only be seen in anime. Later with the continuation of this dramatic story, Tojo Naruse group expands by the joining of other more girls from which one is Yuki Nonaka the childhood friend of Basara who is also having the crush on him.

After some time being lived with Basara the younger sister of Yuki Nonaka, Kurumi Nonaka also develops some attractive feelings for Basara and he becomes the crush of her. Another girl in this list of Basara fan following is Chisato Hasegawa, she is an angel and a school nurse in front of others who also fall for Basara. In this way the story is moving ahead and there are chances that in Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3 we are going to see some more girls in this list and maybe a battle happens among all them for Basara or who knows Mio or Maria also starts falling for him, everything can be cleared when the season will air.

Updates Related To Release Date of Season 3

The light novel of this series is in total having 10 volumes from which we have seen 4 volumes in season 1 and 2 so it is clear that producers are having enough content for Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3 but still its been three years fans are waiting for next season.

The production team of Shinmai Maou no Testament season 3, IMS has officially confirmed that they are working on next season and will bring it shortly as there is no official announcement related to the release date as the production starts in 2018 so we can expect next season during the fall of 2019.


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