2 Ways to Screen Mirror iPhone to VIZIO TV

Screen Mirror iPhone to VIZIO TV

When you are using your iPhone can be quite normal, you may have to mirror your iPhone content onto smart TVs for better watching. It is possible to attach an extra device an VIZIO TV using the HDMI cable. But, when you’re using the iOS gadget, then you will need to buy an Apple adapter to physically connect an iPhone to television.

Have you figured out the best way to connect your iPhone to a VIZIO TV wirelessly?

This post outlines 2 efficient ways to screen mirror your iPhone onto VIZIO TV. If you’re the iPhone users, you are able to make use of the default screen mirroring feature in iOS to direct your iPhone to the smart TV. Additionally, you can depend on a third-party program to enable screen mirroring to iPhone onto VIZIO TV.

  • Part 1. AirPlay iPhone to VIZIO TV
  • Part 2. Mirroring iPhones to VIZIO TV equipped with SmartCast

Part 1. How to Mirror iPhone to VIZIO TV Using AirPlay

AirPlay provides a straightforward method users of iOS users to connect their iPhone and iPad to an VIZIO TV. Be sure to use an AirPlay compatible VIZIO TV. Then, you can follow the instructions in the following steps in order to AirPlay you iPhone screen onto an VIZIO TV.

Step 1:

In the beginning, you must examine the connection to the network. Make sure that you have both iPhone and the VIZIO smart TVs connect to the exact Wi-Fi connection.

Step 2:

If you’d like to mirror your screen from your iPhone onto your screen, show your Control Center on your iOS device, then choose Screen Mirroring. Then, AirPlay will begin to identify your devices in the vicinity and show them to you.

Step 3:

If the brand name and model of your VIZIO device is displayed in screen on your iPhone screen, you are able to press it to start the screen mirror across your iPhone onto VIZIO TV. In certain situations you’ll need in entering the AirPlay passcode in order to confirm your operation. 

Part 2. Methods to screen Mirror your iPhone on VIZIO TV using SmartCast

VIZIO offers an officially-licensed screen mirroring application named VIZIO SmartCast Mobile. It allows you to cast iPhone content onto the VIZIO TV. It lets you manage all of your entertainment on your iPhone. Through VIZIO SmartCast Mobile, you can stream a variety of television shows, movies streaming music, live streams and other content through multiple apps. It is free to download through the App Store, and follow the steps below to mirror the screen of your iPhone on the VIZIO Smart TV.

Step 1:

Start your VIZIO SmartCast Mobil application to your iPhone. If you’re a first-time user you’ll need to follow the screen-based instructions to register an account. You can also click the Skip button and bypass the registration procedure.

Step 2:

In the upper left corner on the iPhone screen, click on the horizontal three line icon. Then, you can choose the option to set Up Your Device option to set up the Smartcast. Then, put your iPhone next to your VIZIO TV and then use the app to recognize it as a VIZIO device.

Step 3:

Enter on the title for the VIZIO TV to establish an connection with your iPhone and the TV. On your iPhone you must input the pairing number displayed on the TV. After that, tap the Next button to show the screen of your iPhone on that VIZIO TV.

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If you own the latest VIZIO smart TV you are able to access Control Center on your iPhone. Control Center on your iPhone and then utilize to use the Screen Mirroring feature to AirPlay iPhone to a VIZIO TV. If you haven’t been able in transferring your iPhone to an VIZIO TV with AirPlay or SmartCast, you can use the recommended SmartCast application.

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