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Polyvinyl Records is an independent record label based out of Champaign, IL & San Francisco, CA. Polyvinyl is home to a wide range of artists including of Montreal, Japandroids, Deerhoof, and more!

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Feel free to look around. Stay as long as you’d like. The first thing you’ll notice is that nowhere else does music travel faster from our ears to yours!

Sign up today from anywhere in the world and you'll immediately become a member of Polyvinyl Clubhouse -- an exclusive club curated by Polyvinyl and catering to fans of our diverse family of bands (like of Montreal, Japandroids, Deerhoof, Owen, STRKFR, Xiu Xiu, American Football, Braid, and many, many more).

We make it easy for you to stay connected with our bands and releases. No need to remember release dates. Just sit back and let us do all the work. We’ll make sure that several times each month, your inbox (and sometimes home mailbox) is filled with new and exclusive goodies.  

Subscriptions are month-to-month, allowing you to cancel at anytime -- but honestly, why would you want to miss out on...

- Music. (Duh!) A lot of it. You’ll receive 3 digital releases just for signing up + at least 3 more digital releases every month. This includes: every single new Polyvinyl release before street date, classics from our discography, live sets, rare/unreleased tracks, demos, and other exclusive music available only to fine Polyvinyl Clubhouse members like yourself.

- E-Store Discounts. Yeah, that's right -- in addition to all the music, we help you save real money on the physical stuff from www.polyvinylrecords.com/store too.

- Automatic entry into exclusive contests and giveaways. T-shirts, test pressings, tickets, and other things that don't start with "T".

- 24/7 access to your content for streaming and downloading (320 MP3 and WAV files) from any computer.

- Loyalty rewards (our favorite part)

  • Every 3 months, receive a coupon for 20% off in the Polyvinyl E-Store.
  • Every 12 months, we'll ship you a free Polyvinyl LP or CD of your choosing from our E-Store.