Online Marketing Can Supercharge Your Sales

Some small firms are able to sell upwards of $10 million worth of goods and services without the help of an in-house or outsourced marketing department. How is this possible? It happens when a small team of professionals, all of whom have other key responsibilities, devote an hour each day to Internet marketing efforts.

Law firms, medical practices, CPA firms and technical design professionals are leveraging the power of the net to bolster sales. From about 2010 onward, it became possible for people with few marketing skills to launch a business and become profitable in a short period of time. What was impossible a generation ago is now a reality.

How can your small firm use common Internet marketing strategies to pay the bills and earn a nice profit at the same time? Here’s how: keep an eye on the following areas and make sure someone knows how to achieve the core objective of each task:

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Any company that doesn’t have at least one part of their website set up to leverage the power of content marketing is missing the boat. Not only can you draw in more customers with relevant, topical content items, you can use the same articles as guest-blog pieces on popular sites in your own industry.



There are two major aspects of SEO. The first, is your off-page SEO, which involves the outreach and ability to acquire thoughtful links back to your desired page(s). Then you have your on-page SEO, which is the more technical aspect to keeping your website in the good graces of the various search engines. You will want to be especially mindful of the staff you have dedicated towards keeping your on-page SEO optimized and up-to-date.

You will want your team to actively stay on top of your title tags, meta tags. Then make sure there are other involved on optimizing page speed and overall uptime. For the more technically intricate items, like the ability to monitor IIS servers, you may choose to outsource to a company better suited in this area.

Social Media

social media

There’s always one person on a startup team that has solid social media skills. Whether those talents were acquired in a classroom or from hundreds of hours on Facebook makes no difference. Leverage the skills of any team members who are SM wizards and your business will feel the boost in short order. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are just a few of the most effective SM options for getting the word out about what your company does and what your core products are.

Optimizing for Conversion

There’s an art to getting website visitors to stay. It’s even more of a challenge to turn those who spend time on your corporate site to buy something. Optimizing your site for quick, effective conversion is one way to rev up sales and profits. What does it take to create a site that converts? Two of the main components of the mix are a seamless shopping cart and landing pages that funnel visitors directly to points of sale via calls to action.



The old horse of modern-day marketing is still around and still getting the job done. If you know how to build a decent-sized list of authentic contacts, avoid the urge to spam and know how to write good copy, email marketing can be a boon to any size business.

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