One piece 914, Spoilers and Release Date

Hey guys! We are back with another post of One Piece. In this post, we’ll be discussing the release date for One Piece 914 raw. Before I give you all the spoilers of the next chapter, let’s talk about the previous chapters. Oda has definitely given constant quality chapters previously. Due to this high quality, expectations are really high for the upcoming chapters.

The previous chapters have given us very interesting information. We were introduced to Monkey D Luffy and Zoro fight basil Hawkins. Basil had excellent abilities as killing him was a big task. He obtained such powers from the Wara Wara no mi fruit, also called as the devil fruit. Roronoa Zoro was a very easy target for him. The scene where luffy ignored what Zoro had to say about Nidai ketetsu, was one of my favourite. Overall, the chapter was really good and funny.

One piece 914, Spoilers and release date

The Awaited return of Law

A spoiler on the previous chapter. We would see O Tama being healed, How Zoro is seriously injured. We were also introduced to the Heart Pirates, group of Trafalgar D law. So for sure, we would see Trafalgar law and another supernova. This is going to be very interesting.

The curiosity is still alive. That is why Basil Hawkins let Zoro and Luffy get away. He could have easily chased them, But he choose the other option. Hawkins would surely betray Kaido, that’s what I believe.  I am waiting to see Trafalgar D water law in his Wano style look, and let’s see what unveils in this coming chapter.

One Piece 914 Release Date

There are many other website that are not officially connected to us, but if you come across any such mangas and read some scanlations for free. However, please wait for the official release by doing so you would help the anime and manga community. The release has been awaited by the fans. Oda must have definitely planned a big and super interesting surprise for all the fans waiting out there. I also want to see all the others reuniting along with Trafalgar. The official release date of this chapter is 20 August 2018 but One Piece 914 Raw scans will be available prior to that.

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