Now-Again Deluxe

Now-Again Records, owned and operated by digger extraordinaire Egon and specializes in global funk and psychedelic grooves, both new and old.

How Now-Again Deluxe Works:

For $15 (USD) per month, you get our latest 3 releases upon signing,  and:

- Each new Now-Again release delivered digitally via email: at least one album per month. You pay the same amount whether you're delivered one album or many. And you get every album delivered two weeks before street date.
- Download your albums any time, anywhere.
- Uncompressed WAV files and 320 kbps MP3 files - no 'DRM' restrictions of any kind.
- Booklets for all new releases made available for download on our catalog pages.
- Month-to-month billing - cancel anytime you want, no questions asked.
- Subscriptions accepted from anywhere in the world.


Complimentary Copy of the Soul Cal Book

As a bonus for signing up, we will mail you a complimentary copy of our Soul-Cal CD/book - while supplies last. Soul-Cal is presented as an 80-page perfect-bound softcover book filled with rare photos and each band’s story; a 15 track CD comes in its own sleeve within.  Update: supplies have run out!

We will also be periodically rolling out our extensive back catalog and issuing previously-unreleased material exclusively for our subscribers.

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