Netflix Achieved New Milestone

Netflix Achieved New Milestone

Netflix is count as one of the biggest portal to watch high definition videos online. You can take an idea of Netflix’s popularity by its 100 million subscriber’s base. But now it has achieve one more milestone here. These subscribers have watched 500 millions hours of Adam sandler movies.

There are millions of subscribers of Netflix this time and most of them love to watch the Sandler’s movies. The audience loves to spend time watching his movie on Netflix.

Since the Sandler’s movie The Rediculous 6 got released, he signed a deal with Netflix and half of a billion hours of videos of sandler’s movie has been watched already.

The actor is popular for his comedy movement and everyone loves him for it.

Watching a single actor time multiple times denotes that he has very high fan following who want to watch his movies at any cost.

Netflix is in race to cash the name of the actor and getting this up day by day.

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