Does Nest Yale Lock Work With Alexa?

Does Nest Yale Lock Work With Alexa?

The Google Nest Yale Lock is secure, tamper-proof lock that lets you control access to your home and security via smartphones or tablets. It allows you to open and close your doors remotely set up the guest’s entry, automate locking your door and also provides a 10 day record of the time the time when the door was opened and who did it.

Many Nest products work with Alexa. You can also make use of the Nest device to manage you Amazon Alexa Speakers. Nest products, such as their cameras, video doorbells as well as thermostats can be operated by Alexa. But this feature isn’t yet accessible with Nest x Yale locks. Nest x Yale lock.

Can The Nest X Yale Lock Be Controlled Through Voice Commands?

The fact that the Alexa assistant function isn’t accessible for this lock Nest x Yale lock does not mean that the lock can’t be controlled by voice. The Next x Yale lock was built to allow voice commands using Google Assistant.

All you require is a device that can support Google Assistant, such as an Android phone or Google Home speaker. Google Assistant assists you with tasks like closing your doors, verifying whether your door is locked and creating a lock routine. The lock can be unlocked by using voice commands isn’t possible, and it was designed in this way to protect against uninvited guests and strangers.

If you want to make use of the voice command feature to operate you Nest x Yale lock, first you must install Google Assistant. The app will be accessible on specific devices like your Android phone, Google Home speakers, Google Nest speakers and displays as well as Google Nest Hub. For Apple products , such as the iPhone and iPad, Google Assistant has to be downloaded through the app store as it’s not built-in to these devices. Nest x Yale lock Nest Yale lock features an inbuilt application that has for you to connect to Google Assistant via your phone, or google assistant connected speakers.

How To Connect Your Nest X Yale Lock To Google Assistant

In order to connect your Nest x Yale lock to Google Assistant, you need to make sure you have a reliable internet connection and that the devices have been configured. When both requirements are fulfilled, you must access the settings for Google Assistant for your Google Assistant-enabled smartphone or tablet.

You can do this by simply saying “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.” When you have the Assistant settings page is open you can navigate through “Devices” and select “Add a device”. The list of available devices pop up, and you’ll be required to choose the Nest or Yale Lock from among them. After the devices are connected, you must press”Done” to confirm the connection “Done” button. After you have connected them, you are able to utilize voice commands with Google Assistant to lock your door, make your own routine for locking every night, and monitor the status of your lock.

When you connect the lock you have with Google Assistant, you need ensure that you are connecting to an account with your Nest Owner account. Without an owner account you won’t be capable of connecting the Nest Device to Google Assistant. The own account will be the one that you set up the first time you set to set up the Nest Home.

Useful Voice Commands For Your Nest X Yale Lock

When your Nest device is connected with Google Assistant, you can begin with voice prompts to determine the functions on your phone. Google Assistant can be used to manage other Nest products, such as Nest Thermostats, Nest Hello Video Doorbells, Nest Cameras along with the Nest Secure Alarm System.

Google Assistant acts like your personal assistant that assists with managing the smart devices of your home. Below is a listing of voice commands which can be used to control using your Nest or x Yale Lock:

  • Hey Google You can lock the front door!
  • Hey Google is the front door unlocked?
  • Hey Google. Goodnight
  • Hey Google How many times did the door remain unlocked this morning?

Nest X Yale Lock Alerts And Notifications

It is worth noting that the Nest x Yale lock comes with a notification function that lets you personalize the types of notifications you wish to receive. With the Nest Application you can activate or deactivate various types of notifications.

The lock also comes with an history section in the Nest application that lets you view a 10-day record of the people who have been through or exiting the doors along with the precise times. It can also be configured so that you receive a message to your mobile for the following events:

  • If your lock isn’t working, it’s on battery, it is time to replace it.
  • If an insecure password is entered into your lock, it will be re-entry five times.
  • If the door has been secured or removed by a person The application will inform that person’s name who did it since everyone is assigned a password unique to them.
  • If the lock has been off for longer than 10 minutes

Purchase an item like the Nest x Yale Lock is a smart investment because it is an excellent accessory to any smart house. Instead of the typical keyhole and key system the lock has an electronic keypad that has numbers. This will eliminate the possibility of shady thieves or suspect strangers trying to access the lock.

You will be informed about anyone who is coming to or leaving your property. The nest application permits you to distribute distinct passwords to anyone you wish to allow access to your home. Alongside giving access to people however, you have the option of blocking access to them by taking their passwords so that they cannot access the door. The Google Nest x Yale lock it is not necessary to be concerned about losing or misplacing your keys , or being able to pick your lock. This lock will not only improve your life but it also helps make your home safer as well.

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