Monster Museum Season 2 – Release Date 2018

Monster Museum Season 2 release date

One of the best Japanese sci-fi from the series of manga is Monster Museum which achieved a great success after its release in the trend of the anime adaptation. This fantasy anime show was written by the Okayadoand was debuted on At-X on 7 July 2015, and just after its release, this series got an extreme success on Japanese TV channels and on other Tokyo MX.

The first season of this great anime show is enclosed with 12 episodes with each end for 25 minutes. This show is being broadcast by Crunchyroll with a license for release in the United States. This manga has been written with total 12 volumes from which the last one appeared in Japan on 13 April. As these anime shows never last with only one season because producers always want to explore such shows. As we know that the first season of Monster Museum got a big hit so it is definitely for sure producers will bring the second season for which fans are waiting from so long and eager to know the release date of Monster Museum Season 2.

When the last episode of this season aired there were clear indications that it will get continued in future and come up with a new season and after realizing this fans are waiting desperately for the second season. During the last episode of the first season at 16:20 a secret message was also there which says “NIKI KETTEI” the mean of it is season 2 is coming which shows the confirmation of Monster Museum Season 2 release. But before being so excited we should also make one thing clear that there was an if before this statement which says that season 2 may come or may not come it is not for sure but more probably it will be aired very soon.

Monster Museum Manga

Monster Museum Season 2 release date

In 2012, Monster Museum Manga release its first volume and by 2013 it becomes one of the best manga series in the world. After getting excited from success of first volume a poll was ran by the production company related to the anime of this manga series and around 90% of fans answered as “yes” by giving a green light for the anime season and by July 2015 it got released with total 12 episodes which ran up to September 2015.

The first season of Monster museum is produced on the first and second volume in which they focused more over the introduction of characters and their chemistry with each other. Without the much broad concept of Monster Museum 1, fans loved it a lot. After the success of first season rumors were spread for the second season that it will release in 2016 but unfortunately, this does not happen. Then later in September 2017, the producers confirm for the working of season 2 but it has been so long that fans are waiting a lot. As it has been announced officially that second season will release so we can wait for it and for making sure this season will going to be amazing.

Plot Overview of Monster Museum

The story of Monster Museum starts from Japan where lots of monsters are living which was declared by the government of that place. All those mythological figures living in that area always hide their original identity from other members of society especially their existence.

For discovering a weather of peace and harmony among human being and these creatures government of that place releases a policy known as “ Interspecies Cultural Exchange Act “ in which a liminal and human will not fight. But unfortunately, this policy backfires on an antagonist Kimihito Kurusu who is a young student who is away from his parents and living alone here. After some time he got a contact from Ms. Smith who is the exchange program coordinator and she asks her for keeping a liminal with him known as Miia.

Miia is a creature with a half snake and half human body with the length of around 26 feet but still, she is not very much scary not for the Kimihito and nor for the audience. Very soon after living with each other both of them becomes very good friends and the number of members in their friendship got increased when other girls also join them named as Suu, Papi, Lala, Cerea, Mero, and Rachnee.

Their friendship takes a turn when Miia falls in love for Kimihito and eager to get marry with him and this love turns into a triangle when Papi also falls in love with Kimihito who is very talkative and is a half eagle and half human. Then for more fun another girls named as Cerea who is a centaur and has dominating personality, who at first do not like Kimihito but soon she also falls in love with him and gave a very strong competition to Miia because of her very persuasive nature.

The fourth girl in their friend circle named as Suu who has a half amoeba and the half-human body has a very special condition in which her mental and physical abilities got changed when comes in contact with water and a lot of water is harmful to her and can kill her. Another special condition she has in which objects can pass through her body and remain inside her body fluid and for a change, she also starts developing the feeling for Kimihito.

If we talk about another fifth girl named as Rachnee and one of the current most special character of this world, she has a body of a half spider and half human and has the perfect look in this anime series. She also has a persuasive personality like other and also loves to play often pranks on other by weaving some web traps.

In the end, the last girl about which we wanted to introduce you is Lala who looks like a fairy Dullahan of iris but she can not keep her head on the body. In starting everyone thought that she is a grim reaper who wants to take the soul of Kimithio but later they all found her as an innocent girl and later in the manga series it revealed that they were right she is a Grim Reaper.

Monster Museum Season 2 release date

Till now total 12 volumes have been published for this manga series and there is too much to adapt as a source. As there is nothing much in the first season except introduction, lots of things are still needed to be happen like their adventure, revealing of different hidden things and for developing all of this fans are waiting for the Monster Museum Season 2 and there are lots of chances that season 2 will get aired in the year 2018. The second season will be going to be very interesting as there may be a tough competition between girls for being married with Kimihito lets see who will win this battle.


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