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Magix Movie Edit Pro Review 2020

If you are into video editing field then probably you may hear the word “Magix movie edit pro 2019.” This is a premium level video editing software which allows you to edit videos and make a movie. This is not a free tool, but it is an excellent tool which offers 30 days trial period experience.

If you want to make your videos look better and if you are a vlogger then you are going to definitely love this because it makes your work quickly by adding transition effects to your videos. If you are fond of documentaries then you will love it because of its storyboard type video editing enhancement and even the title card effects.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

Let’s go into the in-depth analysis, and the features this video editing program is offering and let’s come to a conclusion to have an opinion on this product.

Here is an honest review of Magix movie edit pro.

What is Magix movie edit pro?

Magix movie edit pro is an entry-level or medium-level video editing program. You can also cut and edit movies by using this program and the official Magix claims, and they guide us with everything.

The program is a paid software to use, but you can get a free 30 days free trial to test it. The Basic version costs $69.99, the Plus version costs $99.99, and the Premium version runs for $129.99. However, most of the people love the interface and the features it is providing. But, we will suggest you try with the trial version. It can be like a superior video editing program with reasonable price, but you may see a lot of premium-level video effects and transitions in this program.READ  Viddyoze Coupon Code, Discount [90% OFF]

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is an excellent choice for the people who play with video editing and who make vlogs. It comes with various movie effects which can be used for any video clips. And with the free version, you can export up to three minutes of the movie or edited video length, and you can decide the usability and customization.

Unfortunately, this video editing software is only available for Windows users. It is not available for macOS users as the official website says. You need Windows 7 or higher version to use this software.

How to use Magix movie edit Pro?

Before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this video editing program, you must know how to use it, and then you can come up with the features it offers. I have been using this platform to edit my YouTube videos, and I am very impressed with the features.

One thing you have to remember is this video editing program has three different options to purchase. It offers basic pro version, plus version, and premium version.

I am using Magix movie edit pro which is the basic version of this video editing software. Alright, let’s talk about the features and the amazing transitions it has.

  •  Music Maker
  •  Image stabilization
  •  Chroma key
  •  Free templates
  •  Free templates
  •  Export
  •  External sharing


The most vital thing that comes with this video editing program is the music maker. Using this music maker you can create, and you can produce fresh music, or you can use it free music to modify it. Anyways with Music Maker program is a different it software that means you have to install it separately, but when you are installing the Magix movie edit pro, you can also install this music maker.


Youtubers and bloggers who are making videos and sharing it on YouTube will take full advantage of this music maker because they can create free music.

People suffer from copyright music to use to their videos, but they have to use some music to attract more audience with the quality informative video. We have free music maker software for Windows and Apple as well.

2# Smooth Image Stabilization

Smooth Image stabilization

Using the image stabilization feature, you can make any video stable. Of course, a lot of mobiles have the feature to stabilize the videos while recording, but it crops more when it shakes more.

We also have a Google image stabilization feature in Google photos itself. But a dedicated image stabilization feature from any video editing software works better than the free image stabilization methods. Even a smartphone with EIS feature cannot complete with this video editing stabilization feature.

3# Easy Chroma Key

Easy Chroma Key

One of the main features every video editing software should have is Chroma key removal. A lot of people use a green screen, and they have to key it with additional videos which will create a beautiful impact and mainly in the case of documentaries and short films. in this modern era, everyone is like to use the stock videos in their movies and green screen or blue screen, which is the famous word everyone can hear when they are into the video editing field.

So to remove the green screen are the blue screen or any other full screen, you need this feature. And as per my review, this is working perfectly fine, and I am delighted with this feature. A lot of video editing programs also have the same feature, but this is way behind it because it is properly eliminating the green screen from the original videos.

You can also adjust the saturation or hue to adjust more, which brings naturality in eliminating the green color.

4# Beautiful Templates

Beautiful Templates

The best thing about this video editing software is, it provides pre-built templates which can be used to make effects to your videos and to create new title cards. You can and collect any template to make effects on any video or any title card. All these transitions under title card effects are extremely beautiful, and mainly for the film look, you can have different shades of title cards with transition effects.

You cannot manually make a moment or track any object, but you can select these preloaded transition effects which will bring the film look to your videos.

5# Export Made Easy

Export Made Easy

You can export your videos in many formats like AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG video, MAGIX video, QuickTime movie, uncompressed movie, MPEG-4, HEVC, etc. You can also export the video in audio format which will only save the audio. You can save the audio in MP3 or WAV format.

Exporter time is lazy but easy, and I am very happy with the progression.

6# External Sharing

External Sharing

You can also directly share your edited video with the top online video sharing platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. This is the unique feature which personally I like because most of the video editing programs don’t offer this. When it comes to the quality of video when exported to these video-sharing platforms, I am surprised. The video quality is really good, and the effects are very smooth.


When we highlight the pros of this video editing software:-

User-friendly Interface

It performs all the essential tasks any video editing program can make and also the medium level editing like removing the green screen from the video and premium effects with storyboard type editing area. any beginner can understand this.


MAGIX provides excellent support with a lot of online tutorials and classes. If you have a problem with the editing process, then you can ask them directly, and you can also watch their YouTube tutorials to know the process.

MAGIX team sharing the knowledge by teaching the people with the customizations and features they have. You will find the best tutorials from the company itself, and also you can find tutorials from outside. It deserves appreciation for its support.


Let’s know the Cons of this video editing software.

Price –

We can not say that the price is very high, but the price of Magix movie edit pro is a little high. The overall experience is good with this video editing software except for the price. Nero Video is a reliable option which is available for nearly half the price of the basic version of Magix movie edit pro. But ultimately this video editing software has some unique features like supporting the 4K videos to edit, which is the selling point of this premium video editing software.

What made MMEP special?

As we said above, supporting the 4K video formats and having NewBlue/HitFilm effects are the main selling points of these video editing software. A lot of video editing programs support only 1080p videos are 2K videos, but this is something bigger than them. You can directly import the 4K videos to edit in this video editing software.


As our bottom line, we recommend this video editing program to only those people who want a different experience in video editing. At this price, you can also get some other best video editing tools. None of these video editing applications are perfect in the market. You can try different video editing software to enhance your experience in video editing and experience every program which can envelop your skills. If you are a video editor by profession, then we will definitely recommend you to try this product. The user interface is cleaned but not the defective and supporting the 4K videos is the point to consider.

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