Luaka Bop's Checkered Table Cloth

The lovechild of Yale Evelev and David Byrne, Luaka Bop has been hugely responsible in the world music resurgence.

When you sign up for Luaka Bop on, you're embarking on a monthly subscription of rarities, new releases & merchandise galore, delivered straight to your inbox and home mailbox.

The deal:
- Receive the best of Luaka Bop's 23 year catalog, handpicked from the vault and served with exclusive content and rare extra material.
- Get unreleased remixes, live sets, demos, odds & ends - it's all fair game. If we think it's worth our time, we want you to have it.
- Spectacular merchandise, better than any other product you can find at your local China Town market or wholesaler 
The fine print:
- All files available for stream or download (WAV & high quality MP3 in 320). Access your music from any computer at any time, for the rest of your life!
The bonus:
- At six months of membership we'll send you a t-shirt. IN YOUR SIZE!
Special sign-up bonus:
Anyone who signs up in August will get the very limited Luaka Bop keychain, designed by David Byrne and not available in stores, delivered straight to your home mailbox and to be worn with the most valuable asset in your home - your keys!
The keychain has a pretty spectacular history, which you can read about in our member updates