‘Knights Of Sidonia’ Season 3 Release Date Confirmed

After the successful two seasons of Knights of Sidonia or Shidonia No kisi fans are waiting for its third season. Both seasons of this anime got a high level of popularity and it is being expected that Knights of Sidonia Season 3 will come up with more interesting features and story plot. The good news is that Polygon pictures have officially declared the release of season 3 after the successful ending of season 2 in June 2015. Although currently the only declaration has been done still the announcement of release date is pending.

Knights of Sidonia is a manga series written by Tsutomu Nihei in 2009 with total 15 volumes into it by 2015. The English version of this manga series got a great success in North America released during 2015. The first season of this series was aired on 10 April 2014 which was composed of total 12 episodes after its success the next season in this series named as Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine was aired on 10 April 2015 also with 12 episodes. Both seasons were released back to back and fans really enjoyed them both but it has been very long for the third season as fans were expecting Knights of Sidonia Season 3 in somewhere 2016.

Knights Of Sidonia Season 3 Release Date

What we have seen in last seasons

The story of Knights of Sidonia is set to occur during 3394 when almost complete humanity has been overcome by the alien race which is named as Gauna. The basic aim of the race is to kill all human beings from the planet and they are always in search of any human to face this challenging situation most of the human beings become underground to save their lives and take shelter away from sights of an alien race.

In this series, there is a young garde pilot named as Nagate Tanikaze who is living underground with his grandfather and had never met any human beings except his grandfather. He is learning the abilities of pilot underground in a plane simulator but unfortunately, his grandfather dies and he has to come on the surface in search of food to live his life.

When he comes on the surface, he suddenly met with three human beings named as Shizuka Hoshiziro, Izana Shinatose, and Yuhata Midorikawa but this meeting is very short as the Sidonia again gots attacked by the Gauna’s and Nagade in stake has to use his new allies for saving the home from these invaders. In the first season during a battle Nazake destroys a Gauna ship and kills Banisuzume. All 12 episodes of season 1 got ended by June 2014 which were adapted from the starting 5 volumes of the novel.

In Knights of season 2 anime fans saw an epic battle in between Knights and Gauna’s and at last this battle ended for the sake of Sidonia but raises lots of questions without any answer. Again this season was also 12 episodes long adapted from the 5 to 10 volumes of manga series.

As the progress of series is very fast we can depict that Knights of Sidonia season 3 will be the last season of this series. This series ends in the year 2015 and now there are only total 6 volumes left in this series which can give a good and strong storyline. If we are right then this series will be going to have around 24 episodes in it if aired perfectly.

As we see there can be total 24 episodes produced and it may be possible that Polygon pictures will bring two more seasons of 12-12 episodes each, it is still a mystery whether we will see season 4 or season 3 is going to be the end of this series. As it is one of the hit series with successful two seasons so definitely producers are not going out of the budget and if Knights of Sidonia season 3 again got a hit then they may think over another fourth season of it.

There are mixed reviews on the release of third season, one portion of fans is saying that third season is going to get boring and disappointing with a so called normal ending while the other panel of fans is saying that as like previous season this will also become a major hit with turns and twists and may also continue for more seasons and will show a proper story from source material.

The writer Sadayuki Murai and director Hiroyuki Seshita have given a hint that it may be possible they will produce a movie on Knights of Sidonia. As far as the Polygon picture is concerned they never disappoint their fans with an unpleasant or boring ending so do not worry and wait for watching some interesting facts in Knights of Sidonia Season 3.

Netflix is one of the most popular applications for streaming different entertaining content they have also got rights for knights of Sidonia so if you are still not aware or has seen this anime then go through Netflix. It will give you a great pleasure and experience of watching, this anime series has also become the first anime of Netflix and definitely worth watching.

Updates related to Knights of Sidonia season 3

It is confirmed that we are going to watch season 3 but still the official date has not been announced and it is expected the premier will come during 2018. The creators of Knights of Sidonia season 3 are having enough content to make another season and according to sources, the release of it may fall somewhere during April 2018. There are also more chances that final part of series may split into two different seasons or there are chances of getting a movie on this anime as still there is silence from the side of director and creator fans has to wait a bit more for an official declaration or release date. This season will surely going to have fun with its popularity.

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