We all know that KissAnime is one of the best anime video view site. Do you want to know the KissAnime alternatives? We have gathered few best KissAnime alternatives for streaming anime videos online. These sites are also best in providing good videos quality, interface, and various anime series.

KissAnime Alternatives

About KissAnime

Live Site: https://kissanime.si/

KissAnime Alternatives

KissAnime is one of the popular Anime streaming site over the internet. This will offer various videos that are available with HD quality (High Definition). However, there is no doubt that KissAnime is the most lovable site for most of the people. The best thing is that there is no need of any Sign up to watch videos. But to create your favorite list and to share your favorite videos with your friends, you need to sign up the KissAnime site. You can comment under KissAnime videos to share your views over that videos.

Sometimes, the KissAnime site is not having your required video or the video quality is up to the mark or the site site in unavailable for some of the reasons. To overcome this situations, you need to know about sites that are offering the same features as KissAnime or equivalent to it.

Here, we will know about the KissAnime alternatives that are decent enough to enjoy your favorite anime videos.

KissAnime Alternatives

No more waiting, here is the list of KissAnime alternatives that will make your time occupied with your favorite anime series and videos. Go through them and let us know about your most – liked KissAnime alternative site through comments.

1. 9 Anime

9 Anime is one of the best KissAnime alternative to watch your favorite anime videos at any time. The unique part of the 9 Anime is that they upload the videos on the basis of people’s request too and they are having very large database of many anime videos.

KissAnime Alternatives

The interface of the 9 Anime is very simple and user friendly. The various menu options are present on the menu bar such as genre, newest, last update, ongoing, types, and schedule. This has many ads that are little bit frustrating but they earn money through ads other than this everything is perfect to watch the anime videos for free without any sign up.


  • You can filter the anime videos based on genre, season, year, quality, type, status, language, and sort options. This helps you to filter the anime videos and gives you the accurate results.
  • The video has options like light on / off for the better brightness view and bookmark option for quick view.
  • If you are watching anime series episodes, the auto next and auto play options will help you to watch the series uninterruptedly.
  • The info about the video is present at the bottom of the video like type, date aired, status (running series), genre, rating, duration, quality, views, and scores.
  • For some of the videos, you can switch the servers for the better view of the video.

Live Site: https://9anime.vip/

Download Availability: There is no option to download the video.

2. Chia Anime

The Chia Anime is a simple Anime video viewer which has many category lists like most popular, most recent, cartoon list, and anime list for your easy navigation. You can view different category anime videos with just a click.

KissAnime Alternatives

Not only this contains the other categories in the menu as sections. It looks like messy as there are many categories and add images. You will get all the Anime videos but due to many options and ads it looks more clumpsy. If you can focus and search properly, you can get all your favorite anime series, movies, and many other.


  • It contains a section on the homepage which shows the hot anime’s this season that showcases the trending Anime videos.
  • You can search the Anime videos with a click on the alphabet to complete search of your required video.
  • This has the option to switch the player as if the present player is not viewing the video properly or not resuming the video.
  • You can watch the video that fits for mobile screen with the help of watch via mobile option.
  • If you are watching the Anime series, on the video screen, you can see see all episodes option which helps you to choose the episode of your wish without searching for it individually.

Live Site: http://ww2.chia-anime.tv/

Download Availability: You can download the episode in MP4 video format.

3. Go Go Anime TV

The go go anime TV is having a simple menu option and with recent release featured videos on the home page and also dub section. The interface is very simple and has feature images are very clear with name and episode number for series.

KissAnime Alternatives

On scrolling down the home page, you can see some other categories such as popular ongoing update and on the right you can see on going series list. At the bottom of the home page, you can see recently added series and to the right you can see various genres.


  • Going on to the movies section, you can see the release year of the anime under feature image and name.
  • Click on the anime, you will redirect to the next page, scroll down to the watch the video.
  • You zoom in the video to watch the video even more closer and you can see this under settings option.
  • On screen, you can see menu option with three horizontal lines. You can switch the streaming server by clicking any one of it.

Live Site: https://www17.gogoanimes.tv/

Download Availability: You can download the video either 480 p, 720 p, 1080 p.

4. Kuro Ani

The kuro Ani is one of the best KissAnime alternatives. This has the unique features than any other anime sites like KissAnime. You can see menu options like anime, cartoon, popular, schedule, info, staff, donate and search.

KissAnime Alternatives

On the home screen, you can switch between anime and cartoon feature videos. This website runs on ads, so you will get a ad pop – up window while click on something else. It has fast faced team as they are uploading anime videos very quick when compared to other KissAnime alternatives. This contains videos either sub or dub for our easy understanding of other language anime videos.


  • The schedule option on the menu bar, shows the information of the scheduled anime release date.
  • This site also has unique random option which shows the shuffled anime series / movies to watch randomly.
  • The cartoon and anime videos are separated for the quick access to your favorite videos.
  • When you go to anime / cartoon / popular menu sections, you can see filter option to search a video based on letter, sort by, type, status, year, season, and genre which provides you the finer results.
  • You can change the server on clicking sub / dub option present at the bottom of the window. In some of the videos, you can find the servers having sub / dub option.

Live Site: https://ww1.kuroani.me/

Download Availability:Only online streaming, there is no download option.

5. Otaku Stream

This is the best KissAnime alternative as it has many options to know about anime list, ongoing anime, and anime movies. You can change the site theme to dark anime by clicking light / dark option.

KissAnime Alternatives

You can know the best and trending anime using menu options like trending and popular.


  • At the bottom of home page, you can see scrolling newly added anime’s list, and stagnant trending anime’s.
  • On the home page bottom, you can look after the filter option to search anime according to genre, premiere, language, and so on.
  • You can bookmark your favorite video and can report the video if you have any issues with the video.
  • If you are unable to play video, on the top left of the video you can see streaming option click on it to get set of players, click one by one and check which is playing the video. If the quality of one of the player is not fine go with shifting the player.

Live Site: https://otakustream.tv/

Download Availability: You can download the videos using the button under the video.

6. Anime Freak TV

The Anime Freak TV is the simple anime video watcher as it menu options are hidden under top left corner menu icon. On the home screen, you can see large featured images of the latest updated videos.

KissAnime Alternatives

However, on scrolling down you can see the ongoing series list. If you are looking for particular anime video use search bar.


  • Under menu section there are options like ongoing, winter 2019, anime list, browse by genre, latest episodes, latest anime, and popular anime.
  • On clicking on the feature image of the anime video, scroll down to watch all the series episodes of the series. Click on the episode you need to watch and enjoy your anime video.
  • Here, on the video also you can all episodes option on top right corner of the video.
  • The next and prev button on the bottom of video help to switch between videos. This mainly helps to watch series with ease.

Live Site: https://www.animefreak.tv/

Download Availability: There is no video download option.

7. Anime Season

This is one best KissAnime alternatives for the anime lovers. It has an appealing look and has many anime series collection. On the home page there are menu options like movies, full show listing, genres, and random.

KissAnime Alternatives

The featured images on the home screen are about new anime episodes.


  • On scrolling down home page you can see recently added anime section and ongoing anime series on the right.
  • You can see whether the video is sub or dub on the featured image.
  • If you can’t play the video change the video mirrors present on the video.
  • There are next and prev option as they are useful to watch the anime series with ease.

Live Site: https://animeseason.org/

Download Availability: No

8. Anime Series

The interface of anime series is very user friendly. This contains ads on the screen and pop – up ads emerge on clicks. Even though this site is very easy to use and will not look like clumsy as other sites.

KissAnime Alternatives

On home screen, you can see recently added sub, dub, and most popular options. You can also see the on going series on the home screen at the featured images.


  • There is an option to search anime based on the alphabets.
  • The anime, anime movies, winter 2019 anime, anime calendar, and popular menu sections help to make your search and videos view very simple.
  • You can download the video from various mirror links. The quality of the video varies based on your selection and availability
  • There is an option to zoom – in the video up to 2X times.
  • There is an option to share on social media sites and can comment your opinion.

Live Site: https://www5.animeseries.co/

Download Availability: Yes there is download option

9. Anime Frenzy

The Anime Frenzy is the best KissAnime alternative to vie anime and cartoon videos. The best part is that the home page contains the option to see the featured images of anime and cartoon.

KissAnime Alternatives

On going to the bottom of the home screen the ongoing list of anime series is available. The schedule menu option gives you the information regarding the upcoming anime / cartoon videos.


  • In the anime menu option, you can filter the search with language, sort by, and letter option to get your required video.
  • If you are looking for a particular genre of anime videos, the genre section will help you out.
  • In case, if you are not particular go to the random section to view videos randomly.
  • While you click on the anime video feature image, the directed page showcases about some information regarding the video and episodes of the series.
  • It contains a new section of new 18+ only. This is not safe for kids.
  • There are no much options for the video window. You can watch the video in full-screen, can view prev & next video, and can refresh the video.
  • The best option is that the Sub – Dub option below the video as it help to change the video to view either in dubbed version or with subtitles.

Live Site: https://ww2.animefrenzy.eu/

Download Availability: There is no option to download

10. Ani Watcher

The Ani Watcher is having many more menu options like random, anime list, ongoing series, newly added, recommendations, Aots, movies / DVA, and cartoon list. Here, the interface of the site is user friendly.

KissAnime Alternatives

The home page contains the trending episodes and ongoing series for the easy navigation.


  • The menu options are unique in this site that help you to watch your favorite video with easy navigation.
  • However, the anime list, Movies / DVA, cartoon list are given in the form of alphabetical order list. In the anime list you can choose the genre.
  • The ongoing series, random, newly added, recommendation in the form of featured images.
  • All the series episodes and related videos are gathered at one place for your easy view of your favorite anime video.
  • You can download the video and there are many mirror links.
  • Under settings you can change the quality view of the video.
  • There are many streaming options in the form of menu bar on the video. You can change video streaming with the help of it.

Live Site: https://aniwatcher.com/

Download Availability: Under video there is an option to download.

11. Anime Pahe

This is one of the simple anime video site like KissAnime. The home page contains some of the featured images. The anime menu option is the way to get into all the anime videos as there is no more options.

KissAnime Alternatives

This is the user friendly interface without any ads and the clarity of the featured images and the video clarity is one of the plus points to this site. The main draw back of this site is that it doesn’t have categories.


  • On going to anime menu option, you will navigate to screen which contains alphabetical order anime list view. You can have go through the starting letter of the anime video to search and view it.
  • You can view the summary of the video and some more information regarding the video.
  • The anime series episodes are available at one place. This makes easy to view interested episode without any hassle.
  • You have click on reload icon and later click on the play icon present parallel to the video timeline.
  • The video contains the option to change video quality and you can change the streaming server of your wish.
  • Here, there is an episode section to change the episodes on the same window without going back.

Live Site: https://animepahe.com/

Download Availability: You can download the video and can choose the quality of the video.

12. Anime Park

The Anime park is one of the best sites like KissAnime with very comfortable interface. You can view the new episodes and various genres on the home screen. This site pop – ups too many ads as that is the source of income for the site owners.

KissAnime Alternatives

Under the feature image you can see the name and release year of the video.


  • On clicking on the anime series, you will navigate to the page that contains the information regarding the video like type, status, release data, and genre. This also contains all the list of the series videos.
  • Under settings you can change the quality of the video.
  • You can change the servers of the video for better viewing or in case of unavailability of the server.

Live Site: https://www.animepark.net/

Download Availability: You can download through various servers (which offers various qualities).

13. Anime Planet

Anime planet is the variant site when compared to other KissAnime alternatives. It gives you the complete information like anime season charts, anime online, anime recommendations, browse all anime, and top anime list. This contains almost 45,000+ legal anime videos. This is the professionally designed site which looks like premium but it is a free site.

KissAnime Alternatives

If you want to connect with the anime people like who love to watch manga and anime online. You can join the Anime planet community.


  • In Anime planet you can see separate menu options for Anime, Manga, characters, and community.
  • On home page on scrolling down, you can see popular anime this week, winter 2019 anime,  and newest anime recommendations.
  • To watch videos you must contain latest flash player.

Live Site: https://www.anime-planet.com/

Download Availability: No

14. Anime Land (Dubbed TV)

The anime land is one of the best KissAnime alternatives but the ads are little bit frustrating. This is a simple site with less number of options. The major drawback of this site is there is no filter option as well as no category / genre search option.

KissAnime Alternatives

Other than too many ads and filter options, this is very good site to watch anime videos as they are having good number of collection.


  • There are menu options like dubbed anime list, and anime movie to view all the category list at one place.
  • You can view the aired anime series along with episodes number’s on the anime list page.
  • The Dragon ball super, Naruto shippuden, and One piece series are provided as menu option for quick view. All the episodes are also given at one place to watch episodes as per your wish.
  • You will have option to change between HD and non – HD on the video screen.

Live Site:

Download Availability: Yes, you can download the episode. The option is present under the name of the Anime video viewing page.

Few More Sites

Wrapping It Up

We hope that the KissAnime alternatives helped you to watch your favorite anime series without any worries. If the site is down you will get error, so try after some time. In some of the cases, the site may be completely out of service. We have tried all the sites personally, checked everything and provided you all the details what we found while using them. We have added some more sites without any additional information as they are also good sites, providing anime videos, and some sites may require signup to watch videos.

Everyone may not be comfortable to watch anime videos through Kiss Anime site. They may look for alternative sites to watch anime videos with utmost comfort and flexibility.

Do you know any more sites that are also providing anime videos? Share with us in the comments section. If you have any queries regarding the sites features or any other, let us know in the comments section. We are always happy to help you.

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