Is Game of Thrones Season 8 the Last Season?

Alas, yes, Season 8 is the last season of Game of Thrones. And, there would be 6 episodes in the last season but they are going to be longer than before. Sadly, this is going to be an endgame for these characters and Westeros.

Is the Trailer of Game of Thrones Season 8 out?

We don’t have the Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer yet but HBO has released a few seconds footage. The video starts with Daenerys asking, “Shall we begin?” Jon Snow asks her: “So what happens now?” She replies: “Something extraordinary.”

What Answers are We Looking for in Game of Thrones Season 8?

Is Game of Thrones Season 8 the Last Season

Well, we all know that it’s going to be The Great War between the living and the dead. And as the Night King is across the wallwith a dragon and a huge army of dead, the war can be expected to start really soon. Based on Season 7, we are expecting to get the answers to the following questions.

Is Cersei Actually Pregnant?

We all know that nothing can rule out Cersei. She said that she was pregnant when she saw Jaime’s loyalty was diminishing. She might have said it to convince Jaime to stay on her side. But in the last episode of Season 7, when Cersei said that she might not help Daenerys and Jon and she would let the dead army kill her enemies and that she won’t have to deal with them,Jaime left King’s Landing and Cersei.But is she really pregnant or just said it impulsively is a question we hope to get answered.

What will Happen with Jon and Daenerys?

Well, we also have a hint about it too that it’s not going to end well for them. The last episode of the last season ends with Daenerys going to Jon’s room. They love each other but they don’t know the reality of Jon’s parents. Bran Stark has seen the past and he knows now that Jon is not a bastard and that he is the rightful heir of the throne. Now, when Jon and Daenerys get to know about this, will they feel the same way about each other?

What is Tyrion Up to?

In the last episode, when Daenerys goes into Jon’s room, we see Tyrion lurking around their room with a confused look. Was that a look of being worried about their relationship or was that a look of tension regarding the conversation that took place with his sister earlier in King’s Landing. He got to know about Cersei’s pregnancy (that Cersei deliberately told him about) and also about the death of Tommen and Myrcella. Is he going back to team Lannister and betray Daenerys? Well, I think we will find out in season 8 for sure.

Who among the main Character will turn intoWhite Walkers?

Well, as the Night King is already across the wall that too on a dragon, there is going to be a fight real soon. Westeros could become a battlefield and if this happens, there could be some of the main characters that could turn into white walkers and fight against the livings. We can hope it won’t happen but the makers are always delighted to surprise the audiences.

Is Bran Stark actually The Night King?

Since the last season was out, there are different theories on the internet about who could be the Night King and the most popular one is Bran being the Night King. The theory proposes that Bran warged into the Man who was caught by the Children of the Forest and turned into a White Walker. Bran trapped into that body and could not come out. Who knows what it actually gonna turn out?

How will the Show End?

This is the biggest question of all time. In every season, when I thought that this particular character is going to be the hero and will remain till the end of the show, he got killed in the very next episode. The fact is, every episode of every season excites and surprises us. So, whatever you think is going to be the end of the show, I bet it is going to be otherwise. For now, I can only say that be prepared for the Long Night.

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