Hulu Not Working On Vizio Smart TV: How To Fix In Minutes

Hulu Not Working On Vizio Smart TV

Hulu is among my top streaming sites online because it offers all of my top shows all in one place.

In the middle of this month, following working for a long time I decided to stay home and binge-watch every show I’ve missed on.

But I was shocked when I realized that Hulu wasn’t working with my Vizio Smart TV. I could see all my plans being discarded.

The application was restarted, I tried restarting it again program connecting to the Wi-Fi and restarting the TV however, nothing worked.

The screen could not move beyond it’s Hulu branding screen. I left it in place for a short time also, in the hope that the application was having difficulties loading. But in the end, after just 10 minutes looking on the monitor, I realized that nothing occurred.

This is the moment I decided to search the web for an answer.

There were several other Hulu users who had encountered the issue at some moment and there were several troubleshooting strategies that I could use to resolve this.

To avoid the hassle of searching through all the available information available on the web, I’ve created a comprehensive listing of all solutions that are available in this article.

If Hulu isn’t working for the Vizio Smart TV, check the model of the TV as many earlier Vizio TV models aren’t suitable for Hulu. Additionally make sure you check for geo-restrictions.

If your model of TV supports Hulu and you do not have geo-restrictions, I’ve suggested other solutions such as clearing the cache on your TV or factory reset of your TV and installing Hulu. Hulu application.

Find out which Vizio TV Model you Own

While Hulu works with a majority of Vizio TVs, the service has stopped supporting certain Vizio VIA models.

So, before jumping onto the conclusion that there’s something wrong with your connection to the internet or that the Hulu application isn’t working make sure that you Vizio TV works with Hulu or not.

If you own an Vizio TV that you purchased in 2011 or after, you are able to utilize the remote to verify the model as well as the serial number. Take these actions:

  • The Menu button is located from the remote.
  • Choose System (or “Help” in older versions) and then click OK.
  • Visit System Information and press ok.

The model number as well as the serial number will appear on the initial two lines of system’s details.

Vizio VIA TVs that no More Support Hulu Plus

As previously mentioned, Hulu does not work on a variety of Vizio VIA devices. If you notice that the Hulu application isn’t running on the TV you have, then you might be interested in looking through the list of devices that don’t support Hulu.

If your Vizio TV you have doesn’t support Hulu or Hulu Plus, it may be time to upgrade your TV. Try using any other streaming platform , such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Start you Vizio TV through the Menu

If you are sure that the Vizio TV model you’re having trouble with Hulu but you’re not able to access the application You may need restart your Vizio TV. 

An easy method of doing this is to press on the power button in order to switch off the TV off and after that pressing it to switch the TV on.

If this method isn’t working for you, you can try the following technique:

  • Turn the volume down button and input buttons on your television.
  • Continue pressing these buttons for 15 minutes.
  • Following this, you’ll be prompted to click”Input.
  • When you are asked when you are, press the button until you are prompted to do so for 10 second.
  • The TV will re-start after a short time.

Disconnect Your Vizio TV and then Plug It back in

If your TV’s reboot doesn’t work, unplug it from power sources and then wait for a couple of minutes. Then, plug it back in and switch it on.

If there’s a problem or glitch with the Hulu application, this process can fix it.

You can power cycle your Network

Smart TVs heavily rely on updates to software along with app updates as well as a reliable internet connection, issues and glitches aren’t typical.

There’s a chance that your Hulu application isn’t working due to a similar issue.

The most efficient method of refreshing the system is to perform the power cycle. Take these actions:

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Remove it from its power outlet.
  • At least two minutes,
  • Plug the TV back into the power outlet.
  • Switch it on.

This will update all systems and most likely resolve any bugs or glitches that could be hindering the Hulu application from functioning effectively.

Make sure you have an Update to the Software to your Vizio TV

Another factor that could be affecting the performance of your Hulu application is the outdated software.

While the majority of Smart TVs refresh their operating system, there are times due to an unstable internet connectivity or some other problem, the device fails to upgrade its software.

In these situations it’s your responsibility to update your software manually. A software version that is outdated could cause a variety of issues, including issues with security and malfunctioning programs.

To upgrade to the latest version of your Vizio TV software, follow these steps:

  • Switch on the TV and ensure it is connected to an internet connection that is stable.
  • Select the menu option and choose from the menu and select System option.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, ‘Check for Updates’ and then click OK.
  • The system will then begin searching for updates.
  • If there’s an update the update will be displayed in the update section.
  • Click it and then click OK. The update will take a while to be installed.

The TV will start up automatically. After the system has turned on, you can try the Hulu application again.

Manually update Your Vizio TV Firmware with a Flash Drive

You can also upgrade your Vizio TV with the flash drive. This method is particularly effective in the absence of an internet connection that is reliable.

Download the Firmware upgrade via Vizio support website. Vizio support site.

After you have obtained the ZIP file go through these steps:

  • Download your .zip file and save the files on an external flash drive. Be sure that there is nothing other than the drive.
  • Turn off the TV and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Place the flash drive into the USB outlet located at the rear of the television and connect the power cord. do not switch on the TV for a while.
  • The LED indicator on in front of your TV will begin flashing. The end of the process is indicated by a steady LED light.
  • When the process is complete you can turn off the TV and navigate on to the menu.
  • Make sure that the firmware has been updated . Go to System Settings and then System Information.

Uninstall then Reinstall Hulu App Hulu App

If the issue persists then you may need to install the Hulu application to the Vizio Smart TV.

This can help to clear out temporary bugs and glitches that affect the performance of the application.

To install the Hulu application Follow these steps:

  • Visit App Store on Vizio TV.
  • Look for the Hulu application.
  • On the app’s page Click the uninstall button to uninstall the app.
  • When the process is finished when the process is complete, the uninstall button transforms to an installation button.
  • Click on the Install button and wait until the installation process is complete.

After the app has been installed, log in using your credentials to see whether the app is working.

Find out about geo-restrictions.

If you’re Hulu application doesn’t work, you should check for any geo-restrictions which could hinder the application from running for your television.

Be aware the fact that Hulu is a geo-restricted app and is available only within the US.

If there is a VPN in place or you are trying to connect to the app from outside the US You will receive an error message that says “Sorry, Hulu is not available in your region.”

Use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions

If you are unable to access the Hulu application due to an area-based restriction, you could get around this issue by using an VPN.

The procedure is fairly easy. All you need to install is an VPN software on the TV by using an app.

After installing the app then configure it to set the VPN to a server within the US and then activate it.

If you notice that the Hulu application is not working on the Vizio TV is not working because of a restriction on location then VPN to connect VPN can resolve the issue.

Clean your TV’s cache

Smart TVs are limited in storage , and the build-up of cache could affect their performance. It could also cause certain glitches and bugs.

If, after having tried the steps mentioned in the article, you’re still unable to connect to your Hulu app, you can try clearing your TV’s cache.

These steps are to be followed:

  • Click the Menu button to go to System
  • Choose Reset and Admin. Then proceed through to Clear Memory. Click OK.
  • Scroll to the right and click on Clear Memory/FactoryDefaults
  • It will ask you to type in your PIN. You can add 0000 which will be the standard. Click OK.

This will remove the cache on the Vizio TV and will fix many of the issues.

Factory Reset your Vizio TV

The last option to fix the Hulu application that is installed on the Vizio TV is resetting your TV. It is important to note that this deletes all default settings apps, settings, and saved information.

To reset factory settings on to factory reset your Vizio TV follow these steps:

  • Hit the Menu button, and go to System
  • Choose Reset and Admin, then select Reset Factory Defaults
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • You must wait for the process to be completed.

You’ll need to install the Hulu application and sign into the database.


Problems with your Smart TV that you are unable to resolve are often difficult to resolve. If you’re Hulu app is not working as in the middle of nowhere, there’s an opportunity that it’s an issue with the connection.

It is possible that you are experiencing lower speed due to rush hour or it could be a server-side issue in your internet provider.

Additionally ensure that you verify if there’s issues with or on the Hulu server. Similar issues have stopped users from accessing the Hulu application previously.

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