Hey, did you ever get a message on chrome browser screen stating – “Rats! WebGL hit a snag”?

Well, this is our today’s topic we are going to talk about.

If you see this message in chrome while browsing any site then it happens due to WebGL. Let me share more details on it.

WebGL Hit A Snag Error

WebGl is WebGL?

WebGL stand for Web Graphic Library which is popularly knows as WebGL. It is an Javascript api that allows any compatible browser to render the interactive 3D and 2D computer graphics without any need of third party extensions.

The JavaScript which is having all the WebGL codes executes with the help of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on your PC.

There is a non-profit group behind Webgl called Khronos Group, responsible for designing and managing “Web Graphics Library”.

Usage of WebGL?

WebGL is widely  used in gaming. Since it is gaining popularity across the web, the people have started using it for charting data, map visualizations, and presentations.

WebGL usually sends the data to your computer’s GPU which further executes the code for rendering 3D and 2D graphics. The huge popularity of WebGL is allowing the more growth in the field of computer graphics designs.

If you want to learn more about the WebGL, follow this link. It has some important knowledge about it.

Now we continue with fixing Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag error….

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How to Fix Rats! WebGL Hit a Snag?

Sometimes, while using the webgl, an error occurs on the screen stating that ‘webgl is not supported’.  An error message displays on the screen which says that Rats! WebGL hit a snag. All this happen while surfing over chrome browser.

The error message keeps showing on the screen even after reloading the page or trying to access another page. Each calling of webGL ends on this error “Rats! WebGL hit a snag”.

Here you should keep in mind that it’s not a continuous error. It will only reflect on the screen while you try to make continuous attempts to access WebGL.

Solution #1

This error can be resolved by disabling the hardware accelerated graphics from the Setting section in the chrome browser. The procedure is given below….

Go to chrome://settings/

Scroll down and Click on Advanced.

Find an option “use hardware acceleration when available”  under system heading and disable it.

solution 1

Finally Restart chrome browser….

Solution #2

Open a new tab in your chrome browser.

Type chrome://flags and press enter.

Now click on Reset all to default and relaunch chrome.

It should resolve WebGL Hit A Snag Google Chrome error.

Solution #3

Enter the URL Chrome://GPU

Now navigate through the heading Problems detected, check for the warnings highlighted in the red color.

Here you can figure out the problem that causes the error pop on the screen every time. As far as I know the first 2 solutions should clear the error. In case, they don’t, you can try the last one.

Final words:

I hope you got the solution of the error  Rats! WebGL hit a snag. Now you don’t have to search for how do i get rid of webGL? The above solution can do remove the error.


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