How To Control Lights With Alexa?

How To Control Lights With Alexa

If you haven’t been acquainted with Alexa already, it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with her and welcome her to her to your home. Alexa is the intelligent virtual assistant that is built in an Amazon device and you can install her as an application for your phone on the go to accomplish your tasks.

Alexa assists with a variety of tasks that were performed manually until recently. Lighting control is a simple task that could be assigned to Alexa and there are many features and settings that can be combined to transform your home into an intelligent home. Here we delve deep into it.

What Lights Work With Alexa?

Luckily, Alexa can work with many different light bulbs, which means you should not fret about switching any lighting fixture in your home once you’ve decided to take Alexa home. Alexa. Here are some to get you started.

Normal Light Bulb

Smart lights such as the bulb from Philips Hue are easy to control using Alexa. The bulb comes in various shades, and when you have a Hue Hub, it can be controlled remotely using Alexa. Alexa app.

Ring Smart Bulb

The company Ring makes smart bulbs that are equipped together with surveillance cameras. It is compatible with Alexa very similar with other bulbs. Its greatest benefit is that it is able to be used along with different Ring lights, paving the way to create an enticing Ring of security within your place of business. For more advanced features, such as scheduling schedules and mobile notifications the Ring Bridge can be bought.

LED Strip Lights

The bright light fixtures are attractive and bring colour to any room whether it’s a kids’ room or another. The waterproof design and weatherproof construction makes them an ideal choice for outdoor use. The strip will adhere on any surface with adhesive tape. If you’re fixing the strip outside, you might consider a different solution than just a tape. It’s true, the LED lights allow you to make sixteen million colors with Alexa by activating smart life’s Alexa Skill.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are those that are mounted on the ceiling or wall directly. If you have multiple these lights in your room they will provide a classy look that is not often seen in other lighting. The smart switch that controls the lights is connected to the exact Wi-Fi connection that is used by Alex light, and that’s how you can command your voice to control the lights to turn them off and on. Alexa could also dim the lights or change the hue to give different moods to the area. Additionally, there is a way to combine the recessed lights so that they can be controlled by a single command. This means, for instance when you’re looking to have to create a theater experience in your living room, you could request Alexa to activate the recessed lights near the TV , and dim the lights on every other.

What Is Needed To Control Lights With Alexa?

There are a few items that you should keep around to ensure that controlling your lights using Alexa is a breeze. The first item on the list is the smart switch for your wall as well as an intelligent light bulb or smart plug. smart outlet You need one of these. The second thing you need is the Alexa application that is installed on your smartphone or device such as Amazon Echo with built-in Alexa. If all of these are in place you can manage the lights in few steps.

There are a variety of kinds of smart plugs that are available that you can pick the one that best fits your budget. If you’re a lover of Amazon You can select their plugs. Alexa can be used with a variety of smart bulbs, and Philips Hue is a well-known one. Because they offer both colored and white bulbs is a bit expensive. However, the bulbs do not compromise on quality, and they have many attributes as well. They’re extremely reliable in making amazing light, whether they colored or white.

The third option to explore can be the switch on your wall, which requires a hub that plugs directly into the router. If you’re not satisfied about the thought of using a hub you can opt to the TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug that works perfectly with Alexa. However, the issue is that it might not work with ceiling lighting. To fix the problem you can purchase small Wi-Fi devices that can fit inside your wall switches.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for an electrical wall switch, a lamp, or even a electrical wall outlet, controlling it via Alexa isn’t a difficult task. Therefore, any of these three options is the right choice.

How To Control Recessed Lights With Alexa?

You should be aware that Alexa operates on the Wi-Fi network. That means, when you speak your request will be sent to Amazon’s cloud through wi-fi. The request is processed and returned, so that Alexa is able to complete the task you have assigned her. If you have recessed lights in your house, simply join them on the Wi-Fi connection and you’re completed.

The recessed lights come with wall switches that allow them to be controlled by hand. We are aware of how they function. If the switches were smart, they could connect to Wi-Fi to allow them to work with virtual assistants such as Alexa.

Download the appropriate application then connect your switch Wi-Fi in a couple of steps. Try asking Alexa to turn to dim or on the in-recessed lighting. You’ll be amazed by how quickly Alexa can set the right mood for the space.

How To Control Philips Hue Lights With Alexa?

The colors you can find when using Philips lighting fixtures are amazing and what more do you require to control them using Alexa? Sure, Philips hue lights are compatible with Alexa which means that you can control them without hassle. Here’s how.

It is necessary to download the Alexa application Downloading an Alexa application first. After opening the app you will see three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner. Tap on the icon then select to open the Smart Home option. Now tap Add Device. It will display every smart device you own. Find the Philips hue light and connect it so that you voice can regulate the brightness.

How To Control Govee Lights With Alexa?

Govee Smart LED strip lights are so appealing that they can turn any space into a festive atmosphere. You just need to speak commands to activate these bright light strips to illuminate your home immediately.

In order for the lights to function make use of an adapter that connects them to the source of power. Next step downloading the Govee application. Launch the app and then create an account on Govee if you do not have one yet. When you log into the app, you’ll go to the Govee app’s home screen. Hit the “+’ icon located in the upper left corner to include Govee lights. Govee lights.

After that, look over the intelligent lighting database to locate the model number for the lamp. Select it to ensure that the app is linked to the light. If you want, alter the names of the lights so that they are simpler to remember. Connect the light via Wi-Fi, making sure you have the right router channel at 2.4Ghz.

After the lights have been hooked up to Govee app, launch the Alexa app, and then add the Govee capability to the app. Then click to enable. The app will prompt you to join the already-created Govee account. Follow the steps to complete the connection . you will be able to control your Govee lights using Alexa.Ring Floodlight Camera Motion ( Amazon )

How To Control Ring Floodlight Cam With Alexa?

Ring floodlight cameras, the combination of a camera and outdoor lightare beneficial to ensure that your home is safe always. These cameras are motion-activated, and they notify you when something isn’t correct. The most appealing feature is the fact that this is able to be controlled with Alexa and let us discover how.

On the Alexa app, click the three horizontal bars that are located in the left upper corner. The menu will appear that you must tap Skills and Games. Look for Ring and, when you find it, click to turn it on. Sign into your Ring account and link it to your Alexa account. In the next stage, press the Find Devices link to locate the devices of the ring. Connect the device you want to connect and verify whether the ring floodlight camera is responding to your voice messages.

How To Control Ceiling Lights With Alexa?

As with the other lights mentioned previously, Ceiling lights can be controlled via Alexa using a couple of simple steps. It is always necessary to download first the Alexa program first. After opening the app, you’ll see Devices on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on that button. The next page, you will see an + icon which should be pressed after. Now tap Add Device. Choose the ceiling light you would like to control. Then connect them to let Alexa take over the task for you.Image source:

FAQs (Related Question):

How Do I Control Groups Of Lights With Alexa?

The idea of grouping lights is an excellent idea, and we’d like to give a big kudos to the person who came up with it. There’s nothing better such as this to set the perfect mood or atmosphere created in your preferred space. In this way, you won’t need to turn on and off various lighting sources.

Launch your Alexa App on your phone, then tap the Devices button, then the + symbol located at the top right corner of the screen. Then, press Add Group and either create the group from scratch or choose an existing group. The lights will be assigned to the group and select Save. You can now control this group of lights using one voice command with Alexa.

Can Alexa Schedule Lights?

Like you do with your routine tasks, it’s possible to create a similar schedule for Alexa to ensure that she completes certain tasks frequently without your assistance. The Alexa app comes with the feature routines which allows you to do exactly that. Let’s take a look at how this could be achieved.

Click the Devices label on the Alexa app, then select plugs from the right side of the screen and select the device you wish to manage. After that, create an Routine, and tap the + icon at the right side of the screen. Then, tap the + icon close to When this Happens, and choose the Schedule. Choose the time that you would like the lights to switch off/on as well as the times of week. Finally tap Create after which you have successfully programmed the lights.

Can Alexa Control Normal Lights?

Yes, Alexa can control normal lights. Install your light bulb first and then download an Alexa app if you haven’t yet. Open the app and tap on Devices. There is the Lights button, in the event that Alexa has already set up your lights. Click this button to view all the lights on display. Select for the light’s name and the next screen lets you to change the brightness using the aid of an adjustment slider. All you have to do is send your instructions to Alexa and she’ll do the rest.

Can You Turn On The Lights With Alexa Remotely?

Remotely turning on the lights is possible using Alexa. This is particularly useful when you’re not home, but you do not want to make this too obvious. The feature known as Away Lighting allows you to turn off and on lights at scheduled times even when you’re absent for several days.

Navigate to the Guard settings within the Alexa app, and then press the Gear icon located in the upper right corner. Select Away Lighting, then select the desired lighting to control from the section Lights. You can enable the Away Lighting option and control the lights from a distance.

Can Alexa Control Multiple Lights?

Absolutely, Alexa is able to control several lights by grouping them. This is time-saving since you do not have to issue separate commands to each light. For instance two lights on the porch that are the Light 1 as well as Light 2 could be combined into the group known as porch lights, and then switch them off or on.

Can Alexa Turn The Lights On At A Certain Time?

The feature of routines in the Alexa app allows you to switch on the lights at a particular time every day. It is possible to create an appointment to define when you’d like your lights to come turned on. Select Schedule to choose the time at which you want to turn on the light as well as the days during the week when the time it will happen.

How Do You Have Alexa Turn On The Lights When I Get Home?

It’s the most comfortable if you arrive at your residence and the lights on the driveway turn on to greet you. This can be accomplished by smart lighting that is equipped with triggers that are based on location.

If you already have Philips Hue lights installed, for example, launch the Hue application and then click the Routines button and then tap Home & Away. Select Coming Home, then select the lights you wish to turn to turn on, along with the settings for brightness and color. The slider is located in the Location-aware section that must be turned to one setting. Make sure you grant permission to the app to store the location information of your phone. When you return home, your lights will automatically turn on.

Can Alexa Turn On The Lights When I’m Not Home?

If you’re looking to give the illusion that you’re at homeeven though it’s not, Alexa can help you by doing this. The feature dubbed Away Lighting lets the lights switch on and off according to certain times that you specify. Click the Gear icon on the app, then select Away Lighting and then enable it. There is a section called Light where you can pick the lights that you want to program to turn off or on at certain dates.

Life is now a breeze thanks to the intelligent assistant Alexa. From turning off lights and grouping lights, or setting them up to dim them, there’s no limitation to the fun of playing with lights because of Alexa. Controlling the lights is only one of the features offered by Alexa however there are many other things you can do by using her. It’s not a surprise that this assistant has transformed your home into an intelligent one that is just like yours. Find the appropriate feature and the appropriate button to press, and you will be on for the duration of your life.

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