How to Connect Alexa to WiFi (With or Without App) ?

How to Connect Alexa to WiFi, With or Without the App

The first thing you have to complete after purchasing your Alexa device is connect it to an WiFi network. Therefore, if you change your WiFi network, or try to connect the Alexa gadget in a different area that uses the same WiFi network, it isn’t working. Here’s how you make sure you connect to connect your Alexa gadget to a different WiFi network using and without an app.

Does Alexa Need WiFi?

Alexa devices require the WiFi connection in order to work. If you ask Alexa an inquiry or make the voice command the audio file is transmitted to Amazon’s cloud through the WiFi network. It is then processed and transferred back to your device via WiFi, so that Alexa is able to answer your query or respond to your demand.

How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi Network With the App

In order to connect Alexa to an existing WiFi network, you must open your Alexa app and then tap devices. Then , select Echo & Alexa and select the Alexa device you wish to connect to a different WiFi network. Then, click Switch under the WiFi Network and then enter the password to WiFi for the network.

  1. Start and launch the Amazon Alexa App. The Alexa app can be downloaded Alexa app for your tablet or smartphone from the Apple App Store and and Google Play Store .Be aware that there are numerous fake Alexa apps available, so make sure that you install Alexa’s Alexa application via AMZN Mobile LLC.
  2. Then tap Devices. This will appear in the lower-right edge of the screen.
  3. Then, choose Echo & Alexa. You will see this at the top right part of your display. 
  4. Select the Alexa device that you wish to connect to a brand new WiFi network. If you do not see your device listed return to the Devices screen and choose All Devices . This is just to the right Echo & Alexa . If you’re still not seeing any device on your system, then you could be required to reset it, and make it an entirely new device. Be aware that if you can’t remember the device’s brand name then you may ask “Alexa, what is your device name.”
  5. Next, tap Status. This will display the WiFi service your phone is connected to.
  6. Next, tap Change. Then, go on Wireless Network in the section underneath the Wireless.
  7. After that, press and hold the button of your gadget. It’s the button that has the dot symbol on the at the top of your Echo device.
  8. When your device is set up you can press to continue. It will be clear that the gadget is setup when its ring indicator goes orange and then spins. Additionally the Alexa device will announce, “Now in setup mode. Follow the directions within the Alexa application.” 
  9. Select your Alexa device from the list. 
  10. Next, select your brand new WiFi network. If If you don’t see your WiFi network show up within a few seconds then tap Rescan Network close to the upper right corner on your display.Note: To get the best outcomes, make sure your tablet or smartphone are linked to the WiFi connection you’d like to connect to your Alexa device to.
  11. Enter your WiFi password, then click Connect
  12. Then just sit back and wait until to wait for your Alexa device to join the brand new WiFi network. It can take several minutes. It can take a few minutes. Alexa device will notify you once it has been connected to the latest WiFi network.

If you are unable to utilize the mobile application for connecting Alexa to WiFi the best alternative is to do it using your browser. Here’s how to link Alexa via WiFi without using the application:

How to Connect Alexa to a New WiFi Network Without the App

For connecting Alexa to the new WiFi network, without using the app, visit and log in. Click Settings > Create an additional device and choose your device. After that, put the device into pairing mode and connect to your WiFi network. Then, select the new network and type in your password.

  1. Start a browser on the internet and visit This can be done using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and any other.
  2. After that, log into then your Amazon account. Log in using you Amazon account’s username as well as password. If you do not possess an Amazon account Click the Create an account Amazon Account button in the lower right corner of the screen. 
  3. Then, click Settings. This will be displayed in the left-hand part of the screen. If you do not find this option, either expand the window of your browser or zoom out from your web page. 
  4. Select to set up the device as a new one.. 
  5. Then, choose the type of Alexa device you’d like to connect to the new WiFi network. There are more choices when scrolling to the bottom.
  6. Then Click for Continue. 
  7. Then, plug your Alexa device to an electrical supply. 
  8. Wait for the light on the ring to turn to orange.Take note that if you do not notice your device’s light ring turn orange, then select Do you not see the light ring? Then , you’ll see which button you need to press to activate your device. Most of the time you’ll need to hold and press the button on the dot that is located in the middle on the top of the Echo device.
  9. Then, connect to a network that has an AmazonXXX format. After closing your browser then, connect to your device’s or your computer’s WiFi networks. If you’re using an Windows10 computer to configure Alexa and other devices, you can tap the WiFi icon located in the bottom right area of the screen. If you’re using an Mac and you’re using a Mac, you’ll see the WiFi icon in the upper-right corner in the upper right corner of your screen. If you’re on either a tablet or phone then navigate into Settings > Wi-Fi. There you’ll find the WiFi network listed in all the accessible WiFi networks.
  10. Return to your web browser and click Continue. After connecting to the WiFi network, you’ll be greeted with a message that reads, “Your computer is connected” to your Alexa device.
  11. Select the WiFi network that you would like to join Alexa to. If you select a already saved connection, then you may bypass the following step.
  12. Then, enter your WiFi password, then select connect..
  13. And then you’ll have to be patient for the Alexa device to join the brand new WiFi network. When you’re done you can test the network by asking Alexa an inquiry. For example, you could ask “Alexa, what’s the weather like tomorrow?”

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