How To Connect Airpods To Alexa?

How To Connect Airpods To Alexa

Airpods have become a crucial component of our lives, that allow us to listen to hands-free music any time and at any place. Since their introduction they’ve been through many improvisations and are now everywhere, and have the convenience of sync to iPhones as well as other gadgets with Bluetooth connectivity.

There is a significant technological advancement in this technology for airports, which is now able to connect to Alexa app on your phone to play music in responses to voice commands from the users.

Connecting The AirPods With Alexa

Imagine that you’re one of those who are fond of listening to a variety of audiobooks, music, and podcasts, with the aid of smart speakers. If so you could set your AirPods working and enjoy audio to play on the AirPods instead of through a speakers using Amazon Alexa.

If you own an Amazon Echo at your home, you can install your Alexa app on your phone, then select the devices and select the AirPods to connect. Let’s talk about how to connect with Alexa along with AirPods on this page.

Making The Bluetooth Device Discoverable

This is the initial step to pair the Bluetooth headphone with Amazon echo. The first step to connect the Bluetooth headphone to Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa app is to make them searchable. For this to be done be sure to follow these step-by-step directions.

  1. Switch the on your Bluetooth headphones and hit the Bluetooth discovery icon.
  2. The AirPods you will be an tiny button on the back of the case. Click it.
  3. The Bluetooth AirPods will be detected on your smartphone.
  4. Now tell Alexa to pair my AirPods
  5. Alexa will pair with your headphones automatically..
  6. The headphones can be paired pair your headphones by sliding down from the echo screen and tapping on the settings
  7. Click Bluetooth and choose the headphones.
  8. The headphones will connect to Amazon echo as well as the music will be streamed from to the AirPods rather than the phone’s speaker.

Adding The Device To The Alexa App

With the Airpods as well as using the Amazon Alexa app, things become a lot more personal. You can stream films on Prime during your commute or at your time by using Bluetooth headphones, and experience an individual experience. Following are step-by step instructions for pairing the Alexa app to AirPods.

  1. Launch the Alexa application and then open the lid of the case
  2. The case’s button is pressed for about three minutes to enter pairing mode.
  3. Make sure your findings by confirming that your blue light blinks
  4. Choose the pop-up message If you don’t receive the pop-up notice, follow these directions.
  • Explore more options and then add a the device
  • Click on Amazon Echo and then select the device.
  • You have the option of choosing between one 1st generation and 2 2nd generation echo buds.
  • Accept the pairing request via phone
  • Follow the on-screen directions to connect AirPods. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair AirPods to your Amazon Alexa.

Using Amazon Alexa With The AirPods

Following are step-by step instructions on how to use the amazon Alexa using the AirPods.

  1. Switch on the headphones and connect them to the smartphone.
  2. Launch using the Amazon Alexa app and then launch the application to connect your headphones.
  3. Change the purpose of the button on the headset to the Amazon Alexa button.
  4. Press your headphone’s button to access your Amazon Alexa app. Amazon Alexa app
  5. Click the button to enter audio
  6. The button should be pressed two times to cancel the audio input

Note that if don’t make audio inputs for a short period of time then Alexa will cancel your voice input. Alexa audio inputs will be automatically stop.

Switching Over From The Headphone Mode To The Speaker Mode

If you’d like your family and friends to enjoy the music you’ve heard via your headphones, switch off the Bluetooth headphone and the music will shift onto the internal speaker. If you’d like to switch to the connected Bluetooth speaker, you’ll need adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Tap the echo show menu and tap the settings
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Select the speaker you wish to switch to.
  4. Alexa won’t disconnect from the device, and will be able to pair with the latest speaker.

Disconnecting The Airpods From The Amazon Echo Show

We have now talked about connecting the Bluetooth AirPods with the Amazon Alexa app, it’s crucial to understand how to unplug the Bluetooth headphones from the echo show in case you’ve decided to not use this feature on your phone.

  1. Tap Settings from the swipe-down menu on the screen of the Amazon Echo Show.
  2. Click on Bluetooth and then tap the information button just below the Bluetooth headphone.
  3. Disconnect the device to stop listening to music with the AirPods. It is however recommended to keep the device on the Bluetooth device list.
  4. Next, click “forget device” to eliminate the device completely.

It is important to note that if have removed the headphone completely then you must follow the steps to pair the Bluetooth headphone to Amazon echo. Amazon echo once again.

Troubleshooting Options

After connecting with the AirPods together with Amazon Alexa app, you only need to press the button on your headphone for a conversation with Alexa. Then, you can utilize the app to perform tasks like playing music, read news or details you’re interested in, without having to use the phone directly.

If you’re Alexa app isn’t working and it says that the mobile device isn’t connected, or prompts to open the app and try it again You must ensure that you have followed all steps required to connect the Alexa to the Airpods.

If you continue to encounter problems, you can delete the information on your device that is registered in the app and then delete the data that is stored on the phone. Connect the headphones to the phone and then start the whole process again.

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