How to Be Single and Stay Happy No Matter What


How to Be Single and Stay Happy No Matter What

Many of us are taught that love and close relationship with someone is the most precious gift life could ever give us. At some point, it is great: romantic relationships make us more responsible, teach us to tolerate and compromise, which leads to mutual respect. But is romantic love so important and vital as it’s praised in poetry, novels, and even in speeches of politicians?

Throughout history, humanity has been convinced it is impossible to be single and happy. The singles are treated as black sheep in society. is going to ruin this myth and tell you how to be single and happy.

Step 1. Admit That Not All Couples Are Truly Happy

The importance of being in a relationship with someone is too overrated. That’s why millions of men and women sacrifice their own happiness for staying together, no matter how toxic their romance or marriage is. The society told us to find joy in relationship, but it only makes sense when people are ready to do their best and make their joint life ideal for both.

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Step 2. Value your freedom

Being in a relationship requires compromise and respect to partners’ wishes and interests. We definitely do not encourage you to be egocentrics, but there is an ultimate pleasure in doing what you want. Many people think being single and happy is impossible because sooner or later you will get bored of your loneliness. In fact, sometimes you really have to do things you don’t want to do, and this why it’s important to admit the singles can find joy in doing what they wish. Just think about it: you can spend more time on hobbies, studies, and career with no accusations you pay not enough attention to someone.

Step 3. Enjoy Friendship and New Connections

Learning to be single and happy requires getting closer with friends and other people around you. Sometimes it is hard to make because of jealousy and boundaries that go from partners. Dating is time-consuming, and sometimes new romantic relationship makes us forget about friends. It is good when a partners is your closest friend and you spend much time in a company of common pals, but unfortunately, it’s more difficult to stay in a circle of old friends. Too many, persons, too many interests, too different mindsets.

Step 4. Treat Yourself

We bet you definitely had this feeling – staying at home and do nothing, watching TV-show, playing a videogame, having a bubble-bath, and cooking delicious food you can eat alone! It is also more pleasant to pay more attention to your appearance and style. We assure you it’s absolutely normal. Despite humans are social creatures, they need to spend some time alone anyway. When you are in relationship, sometimes such desires may seem strange and selfish to your partner. If you don’t discuss such needs in advance, your relationship will be a nightmare.

Step 5. Enjoy the Money Benefits

Each man or woman who faced a problem of giving presents will understand us. There are too many holidays that suck out our money. Actually, marketers make us buy presents on each of big holidays in a year, not including dating anniversaries, engagements, and parents’ birthday. Moreover, too many problems in relationships are caused by money issues: who is going to pay in a restaurant, what share of joint budget to save, etc. How to be happy and single? Just admit you will have more money to satisfy your desires and reach your goals. However, money is definitely not the bets priority.

Step 6. Think Optimistically

If you have problems in maintaining long-lasting romantic relationship or just do not feel a strong need in dating someone, don’t get upset. Remember you only live once and there’s no time to spend it on whining. Discover new horizons, meet new people, improve your skills, and love will find you sooner or later.

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